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"Stay faithful to the stories in your head."
-Paula Hawkins
Member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
Firm believer that life is worth living

Message from Writer

The Poet's Escape:
Written by me
"Her escape from her troubles
Was unusual to others.
Most people would not understand
But with a paper and a pen in hand,
She could conquer the world.
Perhaps it was the way the pen twirled,
Swirling as words began to form.
She could feel her wings begin to soar.
She could be a hero without a cape,
For very few know the poet's escape."

Published Work

The Lonely Ones

After the rampant storm is over
When all that's left is mindless posers
And children cry in the ebony night
You try to tell me it will be alright
But it's too hard for me to know
A pathway to the way back home
Careless teardrops fill the earth
Kindness denies its second birth
Hoping, one day I can find the sun
Or let go of all the lonely ones
Maybe I'll feel that light soon, or
Eternal despair drips from each pore

How Can I?

Why does my heart
Have to do this to me?
I'm holding onto something
That never even could be.
It's hard to understand
Since life changes so fast.
I just keep on searching
For something that will last.
Still, my heart is beating
Too fast and too strong.
How can I recover
If I can't move on?


The words you carelessly said
Crept over, entwined
What was left of my head

The lies dripping from your lips
Engulfed, devoured,
The faith I let slip

The promises that you had broken
Sliced, gashed
My stitches right open

The dreadful feeling you gave
Immersed, conquered
The rest of my brain

The moment we were apart
Clouded, destroyed
The truth in my heart

Still, you won't enslave me
I am much stronger
And it's hard to break me.

Every Time

Every time I close my eyes
I dream and I fantasize
Of a world where I am seen

Every time I open the door,
I hope I won't be noticed.
I hope they don't see me,
Because when they do
They only notice what is wrong,
And never what is true.

Every time I close my eyes
I picture a life where
I am loved.
And I ask the stars above
For a new life.
Where I can smile
Where every time I wish 
My dreams come true.

Alone and Hidden

Far away from the world,
That's where I love to be.
Lost in my own thoughts,
Dreaming of somewhere perfect.

Away from the distractions
Of an everyday life.
Away from all of the mistakes 
That I have ever made.

I love to hide away,
And lose myself.
Inside the wonders of the human mind.


My fingers touch the stone cold glass,
I watch and wait for it to pass.
Wishing I could go back and see
The person who meant so much to me.

They say with time, the pain will heal.
But with each day it feels more real.
It's like I'll only lose this game,
You're trapped here in this picture frame.

Poetry and Spoken Word Competition 2020

There is a Light

There is a light.
What a foolish thing to say!
We are lost in the dark.
You will never say
That we can find a light.
Someday, you will know
That in the end, it's all hopeless.
No one will believe
What you say.
Everyone will hear
The mourning and weeping of our souls.
Everyone will forget
There is a light.
There's no where to turn to.
It's a joke when they say,
Hold on, you'll find your way!
Let everything go.
Don't you dare
Believe you can find the light.