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Everyday Magic


    Cocooned in blankets, I froze as the shadows creep forth. Slowly, I suspect for the sake of torturing me, the ghoulish figures peeled themselves off the walls and drew in closer. I could clearly see every detail of their long, pointed fingers, and desperate to escape, I flung myself away from one of them - only to find myself in the clutches of many more. Shrieking, I rolled around, and was quickly cornered by this crew of monstrosities. As slowly as they had arrived, they tore me apart, limb by limb, devouring them as if there was no tomorrow. I wept shamelessly as they did so, and unable to stand the scene of my own blood flying across the room, I squeezed my eyes shut. Suddenly, I inhaled saliva, and began choking. I heard an odd laugh, and then everything faded away.

I was panting as I opened my eyes. After I calmed down, I took a quick look over...


    Tapping my pencil on the plastic desk, I think about which of the various assignments strewn on the table I should work on until my forehead pulses with pain. I give up on being productive, and wonder about the world - there's so much to do, so much to see, and so many people to meet. The latter of those points strikes me as the greatest aspect of our society. Humans are simply so different from each other, and though they spend so much time around each other, they know next to nothing about one another. I wonder often what it is like to be one of the people surrounding me. As I lie in bed at night, I float of into my own world and wriggle into the stories of other people - or at least, the lives I imagine they lead.

    Though I am surrounded by humans, I still must wonder about them. I...