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#boredwriter | Yet another competition

Hello Lovelies! 'Tis I, J.A.M, back with a competition. I know there are many contests going on as of right now, and I'm sorry to be yet another one, but... I'm a little stuck, okay XD Let's just get right into it.

Prompt 1: The wall between us.

Make yet another love story. There could be a literal wall between them, or it could be figurative. Either way works for me. Give many descriptions and feelings. Captivate and create! I'd prefer this to be a story, but poems are accepted.

Prompt 2: An angel with the devil's horns

Tell me about something so beautiful it hurt. Whether this is a person, and object, or an emotion, i don't care. Be creative. I honestly can't wait to see everyone's take one this!

Prompt 3: The monsters under the bed sleep in the dark.

The monsters are supposed to come out in the night, but these monsters appear in...

I love you, but I hope with all my might that you don’t love me back. | Short Story

“I love you, but I hope with all my might that you don’t love me back."

Those were your first words after seeing me for the first time in a year. You're dark hair falls into your face, your golden eyes glowing, longing for me to understand what was going on in your head. The rain poured around us, making the moment sadder than it needed to be. My body had already been shaking in the frigid weather, but now it was quaking with something else. Anger. Annoyance. Sadness.

"How can you ever hope that?!" I shouted, blinking back tears. "You're so selfish!"

"Juliette," you plead. "Please, please tell me you hate me. Tell me to go away. To get lost."

"I can't do that," I choke out, hugging myself protectively. You were so ignorant. You were allowed to love me, but I couldn't love you? You'd left me hanging for and entire year after kissing me. You left...

Detachment Is Cold, and Bitter |#126

It's such a cold feeling.
It's no feeling at all.
My body is completely numb.
The pain was too much for me to bear.
I shut it off.
I fall into a void of deep,
It's brutal.
Even as your lips press against mine in earnest,
I can't respond.
Because I don't feel them.
I don't want to.
I'm fine with a gaping hole in my chest.
I prefer it to the torture you put me through.
    I like it empty.
It's like a cage for my mind.
No thoughts.
No opinions.
It's all just black and white.
Everything is monotone.
It's peaceful.
It's robotic.
Simple things.
Stare out the window.
It's what happens when you shatter my heart,
And I have to pretend it's all okay.
It's not.
I'm withering away.
You haven't noticed.

What Happens In The Woods | Chapter Three



I glared at the woman before me, my hands fidgeting at my sides. "What?! There's two of you?" I hiss. "Go away! You're trespassing."

She chuckled humorlessly, flicking her wrist at her male counterpart. "We," she growled, "aren't leaving until one of the Lyncasters shows up. Step aside." She walked past me and into the house, hitting my shoulder as she went. I ground my teeth together, slamming the french doors shut just as the guy started to follow her and locking them. He tried the doorknob, scowling at me through the windows when nothing happened. I stuck my tongue out and stalked after the woman.

"What do you even want with Vince and Devon?" I asked her, watching her plop down on the rugged couch. I mentally noted that they needed a new one, and I would search for a replacement when I went out shopping. She...

I Lost My Papa Today. I Loved Him So Much

I lose my papa today due to heart failure. I want to share bits of our time together. Some that I've heard from others, and some that I remember. My heart reaches out to anyone during this time. 

Age: One

My papa cuddles me to his chest, both of us content to just be there. My grandma sits on the other side of the room, a forced smile on her face. My parents, aunts and uncles are all sitting outside, playing with my cousins. It was a normal day at the family house. My family and I didn't live in the state. We had to travel through many states to get to them. My papa and I enjoy our evening nap together, pleased to just be together.

Age: Four

I run across the yard towards the fish pond, my little feet moving faster as I near my papa. He smiles, throwing another handful of fish food into the green water,...

Burn With You | I Don't Think This Is A Poem. I Don't Know What It Is

    The ring in the palm on my hand shines up at me,
It's diamond glistening like a thousand stars
    As the flames rise around me like an aura of power.
You're on the other side of the fire,
    Violet eyes watching me in awe.
The situation may be dire,
    But that didn't stop you from falling to your knees as you saw
My dark wings flare around me in regret and anguish,
    Charred feathers floating to the ground.
I let out a sob,
    Letting the flames engulf me,
And their warmth caress every curve of my body.
    I clutch the ring to my chest,
My wings folding around me protectively.
    I can see you through the torn flesh of my wings,
Your ashen face wet with hot tears.
    You try to take a step towards me, 
But I force the flames in your direction.
    You have to step back before the flames devour you whole,
Before the flames melt you...

Genevieve Elizabeth Greer, Room 481, Subject number 72, Age: 14. Failed Subject. Extermination by gas and fire | #Howdy

I peer out of a small window embedded into the large white door to my cell, my calloused hands on the doorknob earnestly jiggling it in hopes it would open the door. Why haven't you done it yet!? the voice in my head screams for the quadrillionth time this morning. Let me out... let me out.. let me out.

I kick the door, hands tugging at my hair as I pace away from it. GET ME OUT! the voice shrieks, making my ears ring. I plug them, curling up on the floor and rocking back and forth. LET ME OUT! I whimper and start pulling at my hair again, trying my hardest not to cry. I stare around the blank room. The white ceiling had one light bulb that was impossible to reach, the floor was plain white mats, and the walls were cold white concrete. Everywhere I look, I see white. How I hate that color. White. So boring....

What Happens In The Woods | Chapter Two

Other Chapters: Chapter One


I chewed on my steak, looking out the french doors leading to the backyard, staring into the woodland surrounding us. Vince and Devon were laughing about something or another again, low rumbling sounds that were like a cat's purr. I swallowed the piece of food in my mouth before shoving the plate of steak, green beans, and potatoes away. It tasted good, and it was warm in my stomach, but I couldn't bring myself to eat it. My father was all about diets, and slim figures. Something you would assume a psycho mother would care about. I always ate chicken salad for dinner. Even when the maids made ramen, or fish for the guests, father always placed salad in front of me. When I was at other peoples houses while my father was out on business, I was still fed from a green menu. More salads. Eating steak was a strange experience. It was chewy,...

What Happens In The Woods | Chapter One To The New Series

I stared out the tinted windows of my father's Bentley, watching an oncoming vehicle fly by us with a whoosh. The radio had been blasting through my headphones the whole seven hour ride, filling up the deafening silence between my father and I. Trees shrouded the rolling hills, obscuring whatever houses were among them. We drove past at least three dozen driveways before my father slowed to a roll, his right blinker on. I pull off my headphones, and power them down as he pulls into the winding path up to a baby blue house on the side of a steep hill. I squirm in my seat. I'd never been a fan of mountain-like places. I preferred flat land. Something like the salt flats we lived nearby. 

My father parked the car in front of a two car garage, leaving the engine running. That meant he'd be taking off as soon as he saw me inside. He steps out...


Home Away From Home

I miss it.
The place where larks sing high above my head,
And the fish swim far below.
The stepping stones beneath my feet,
Smooth after many years of harsh waters.
I miss the smell of pine in my nose,
And the sound of a roaring river rushing past me.
The place where I can taste the cotton-candy sky.
I miss the place where white fluffy clouds roll overhead,
And a cool breeze hugs you on a warm summer day.
The place where deer wander,
And squirrels squabble.
I miss the calls of the great beast,
Their cries ringing loud in my ears,
The surrounding mountains letting it echo.
I miss the feel of the grass beneath my feet,
The flowers dotting the land as far as the eye could see.
The feel of an exotic fruit's syrup on your parched tongue,
I miss it.
I haven't been there,
I don't know that anyone has,
But I can see...

50 Marvelous People Have Followed This Strange Lady Right Here

How has this happened!? 50 absolutely amazing people hath followed this weird person who is writing this. Yes, that would be me. XD

I can't thank you all enough. The people who were there since my very first time on WtW, and the people who came long after. Either way, I appreciate your support and helping hands. 

Here are my 50 followers that I dedicate this piece to:

Hailie Ogden
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Love you all so very much. Even those who are seeing this that aren't following. You're all...

Our Friendship Was Toxic

"I just can't, okay! It's impossible. You're so good at everything and I hate you for it. You show off all the time, and you always take the spotlight!"

I just stare at her, a metal ball of anger and anxiety rolling in the pit of my stomach. She was always like this! She was always mad at me for having a life. 

"They're my friends!" she spat, her pale, vein-y face becoming red. "They used to pay attention to me, but ever since you showed up, it's been all about you!" She pulled her blonde hair out of her thin face and into a low ponytail. "It's always, Oh, she's depressed. Oh, she's crying. Oh, she's in pain. Oh, let me go say hi to her. Oh, I got her a present. Oh, this, oh that. I want you gone!"

I blink at her once, balling my hands into fists by my sides. Her eyes were level with mine...

If you make yet another cry, You'll never ever ever ever see again the light.

Hello my lovely girl.
Won't you let your dearest darling in?
You've shut me out.
You don't see what we could have been.

        I want nothing to do with you.
        For good reason, Sir.

Don't be rude, mademoiselle.
I only fooled around with her.

        You've cried at my window,
        For nights on end.
        Leave me alone, dear Sir.
        I'm an iron rod that won't bend.

Silly child.
You're nothing more than a feather.

        I wear freaking leather.
That has nothing to do with whatever I said.
        Just let me go to bed.
My lovely girl I won't let you.
Therefore you can't.
I know you like me too.
That's what I heard when you went crying to your aunt.

        How were you there?
You don't know?
Oh dear.

        How'd you get past my brothers and my pet?
What I'm about to...

The Stars Are The Limit

I look up at the night sky. My back is pressed flat against the hard Earth, hands clasped over my belly. I smile softly in the dim light of the moon, leaning my head against my lover's. She hums quietly, her dark hair flayed out in a halo around her head. She points up to the stars and giggles, "Look, Orion!" She turns her head in my direction, a grin lighting up her features. I look up at the constellation she's pointing to and nod. "And there's Taurus," she sings, pointing nearby to constellation Orion. Sure enough, the Taurus constellation gleams in the dark sky, 

"You're going to be the best astronomer in existence, Harper," I say, kissing her cheek. She giggles breathlessly, turning to give me one on the lips. I grin, sitting up so I can get a better look at her. Her tan skin has a certain celestial glow to it, and her amber eyes sparkle in...

Dear Sister

Hello dear sister,
I know I haven't met in you,
Not in the mortal world,
But I know you've met me.
You like to travel with us,
Dear sister.
My family has seen you.
Or has it been their imagination?
Ducking behind furniture,
And sitting by the poolside.
Walking down the hallways,
And appearing in the basement.
Dear sister,
I wish you didn't leave.
It wasn't your choice,
I know,
But I still wish it were different.
Twenty days shy of a year older than me,
Dear sister.
I'm the replacement.
It should have been you.
The middle child.
The only girl.
I'm sure we'll be good friends when I meet you.
Though you may be too pure for me.
Dear sister,
I cry for Mom's loss when she brings you up.
We talk about you a lot, 
You know.
To lose a child you've been carrying for nine months...
Imagine the pain.
Dear sister,
Would we have been the...

What Once Was | #AllinNowin

Everything changed when she showed up. It was as if my world made sense now. That missing part of me I had been search for since before I could remember was suddenly... there. Love at first sight, some would say. I wouldn't believe that as much, but I supposed it was possible. I watch her through heavy lids. Her slim figure was curved in all the right places. A smile was plastered to her face, and the twinkle in her eyes made me feel warm inside. She was with a mixed group. Guys and girls were all around her. One girl had an arm wrapped around her shoulders, and another had taken her hand in theirs. The guys loomed over them from behind, laughing loudly. One gave her a peck on the cheek as she swatted at them playfully. A dainty movement made with her pale hand. She looked content. Happy.

One of my own friends, Jordyn, caught me staring and slapped...

I Forgot What It Felt Like | #champion

I forgot what pain felt like the moment you looked at me,
A smile dancing on your cherry red lips,
Your long hair the color of honey,
Hands on your hips.
My whole world disappeared for a moment.
It was just you,
And just me,
I felt new.
I forgot what it felt like to breathe,
The air rushing out of my lungs,
When you laugh,
And stop by biting your tongue.
My feet move on their own,
Towards you,
My eyes meeting,
Yours of bright blue.
But just as I reach for your hand,
Our fingertips brushing,
You pull away,
Leaving the wound in my heart open and gushing.
What I forgot has now returned,
Gravity pulling me down to my knees,
As sorrow fills the cavity,
In my chest.

I forgot what it felt like.

Only In My Dreams | Chapter One | Part Two?

I blink up at the night sky, my hands in my lap and my feet swinging over the edge of the pier. The air was full of salt and the smell of funnel cake from the nearby carnival. People screamed as the roller coasters dropped, raising their hands in the air. A chilly breeze flowed around me, gently blowing strands of my dark hair in my face. I shifted slightly. The carnival was where I was supposed to be. I was supposed to be spending time with my family and friends. However, I enjoyed the peace of the docks. The boats bobbed on the water; the slow movement was lulling.

A few workers still milled about on the pier, but none of them disturbed me. They were preparing to go home, and were used to me dropping by to stick my toes in the water for a while. I was an enigma to them. They never knew where I came...

I Want To Make A New Series For You All | Survey | PLEASE DON'T SKIP

Hello Lovelies! Yes, I know, I know. We all miss "It Was You All Along". I have the work safely stored thanks to a good friend of mine who went digging for it. However, I'm not re-posting it on WtW. I'm keeping the reasons to myself, and I"m sad that I honestly can't do it, but I'm hopefully going to make another series for you guys to enjoy. Now... I produced a pilot for Jupiter Springs, but I'm having a problem with that storyline right now, so I have to put it on hold. I was wondering if you guys wanted to give me vague ideas of what you want more of? Romance? Suspense? A bit of both? Soulmates? An unlikely duo? I don't know. Juts start throwing things out there. XD Seriously love you guys, and appreciate the support so much. It means the world to me. Stay safe, happy writing, and I'll talk with you guys soon! Buh-bye!

I Came Back To Reality

My eyes fluttered open. Sitting up, I propped myself on my elbow, a wave of nausea rolling over me. My eyes dart around the room honing in on the faces. I recognized all over them from way back when. I groaned as a sharp pain jabbed in my head. I raised my hand, and waiting for the teacher to call on me. She looked at me, her usually kind eyes full of malice. She was the kindest of all the teachers in fifth grade, but she suddenly seemed so... spiteful. She asked me what was wrong, beady eyes staring me down. The rest of my fifth grade class turned to look at me, their eyes blank; faces expressionless. 

Feeling uncomfortable, I quickly asked if I could go to the nurse. It was a common question from me. Not that I wanted to leave the classroom, but because I was a sickly child. My stomach churned as I started to retch....

The Answers To All Your Questions! | QnA Closed

Hello Lovelies! I won't take long to get started. I'm super excited to answer these for you guys! Just want to say that you can ask me anything whenever you want. You don't need a QnA to get an answer out of me lol. I seriously love talking to you guys, and supporting/helping you. Without further ado, lets get on with some answers:

Tushar Mandhan:
If you were a product, what would your tagline be?
Beware! This product is to be kept a safe distance from children. Is unable to contain itself and may steal them from you.

If you could be any person around the globe and time, who you would be?
Myself. I can't imagine being anyone else. Plus, I'm glad to experience what I have and will never take it for granted. However, if I had to choose someone other than me, it'd be my Great Grandma Flo. She lived through the great depression, lost...

Open Prompt

It's In My House

It's nighttime and the stars are covered by clouds.
The moon is yellow and dull.
It's been five hours since I laid down;
Three days since I've slept.
There's something that runs past my door at night,
Flinging itself down the stairs and bolting back up.
It's too loud to be my cats.
It's to hurried and clumsy. 
I can hear doors opening and closing.
No one admits to being outside my door in the middle of the night.
What is it?
When we talked about putting cameras in the hallway,
The noises stopped for a couple nights,
But when my family said I was sleep deprived, 
They came back.
Sometimes, they stop outside my door and wait,
Their breathing heard from the other side.
Often it sounds like the TV is on, 
But that's not right.
Because my parents went to sleep hours ago. 
Footsteps in the attic, running above my bedroom and stopping by the attic access. 

How It Was Supposed To Be | #bitofbliss_1

I touch up his hair before placing the crown back on his head. Trey Allaires, prince of Meava Commonwealth, heir to the throne. I'm the only maid left in the room, and my palms are becoming sweaty because I'm in his highness' room. With him. Alone. It's not like it hasn't happened before. He and I grew up together. The rebellious prince who hung out with the children in the kingdom square. I latched onto him quickly. A charmer he was. 

We got a little older before he asked me to come work as a maid for him. It took a months worth of convincing before I gave in. Trey shirked his duties every day for a few hours to hang out with me. In that time, we'd become something more. 

He turns to look at me over his shoulder as I step away, silently letting him know I'm done. His silver eyes stare deep into mine, his dark...

We're All The Same

It's sad really...
All the people in the world,
Loath to love one another,
It's not hard.
Think of them as your brother,
Your sister.
We look different,
But we all have a body.
We talk different,
But we all breathe the same air.
We think different,
But we're all learning.
It's sad really...
How people can hate so easily.
Shouting war cries before the battle has started.
We dress differently,
But we're all wearing skin.
We cope differently,
But we're all surviving.
We see differently,
But we still have imagination.
We're not so different.
You just have to see that.
We're all created in the same image,
Come from the same place,
And get old,
And eventually pass.
We're a people.
Realize it while you can.

Start of Summer

"I didn't mean to!"

"Sure you didn't!"

"Aspen! You know I didn't!"

"Whatever you say, Kelsey."

His dark eyes stared deep into mine, sparkling with humor even though his voice was stern. The front of Aspen's white shirt was soaked after I accidentally hit him with a water balloon. His sister, Maple, slapped me on the back. "You got 'im good!" she howled. Aspen glared daggers at her, but she didn't seem to mind. Music blasted from the speakers behind us, and the smell of the BBQ was so sweet it was almost nauseating. 

"Why are you laughing!?" Aspen shrieked, lunging for her. They wrestled on the ground for a moment before he relented. "You're practically throwing me to the wolves," he muttered. 

"What?" Maple teased, winking at me. "We just gave certain people a look at what's under that shirt."

I felt my face become red, and I looked away. White shirts and water didn't mix well. It'd become...

Pilot | Jupiter Springs

Tap. Tap. 
    Tap, tap, tap.
    I leaped down the old staircase, landing on the cobblestone at the very bottom. The howls of the hounds after me persisted as they continued to chase me. My breath came out in ragged pants, telling me to stop, that my lungs couldn’t keep up with me, but my feet urged me on, refusing to stop. Adrenaline rushed through my veins. It was the only thing keeping me from collapsing right there and then in the gloomy back-streets of the town named Jupiter Springs. The name fit well. All the landscape around home was red as the dawn; or as red as the blood shed by millions of people over the years. 
    Pressing forward through the darkness, I ran past doors marked with the blood and tears of the townspeople. The hounds grew closer still, and I could hear their owners, blood-thirsty Neptune Riverians, shouting at one another...

Friends and Foe

Your body,
On the ground.
Battered and broken,
Hair splayed around your head like a halo.
Eyes wide,
Staring through the veil I could not see.
And a man,
Tall and dark,
Eyes sharp as knives,
Staring at your limp figure,
Daring to laugh.
My hands shake in rage,
And Hopelessness,
And despair,
As I step towards you,
And towards him.
Your skin,
Once flushed,
Is ashen grey,
And cold.
A bitter wind rustles the leaves,
On the dying trees,
All around us.
Hiding us from the outside,
And trapping us within.
I can't believe you called him friend,
And called me foe.
All I wanted to do was protect,
And forget,
But you were always upset,
With me.
And now...
You're gone,
And I can't hold you in my arms,
Not anymore.
I can't breathe you back to life,
And say everything will be alright.
This is why I told you to stay away.
From him.

All the Same to You

All you do is talk.
Talk about love,
Sometimes I think you forget sadness exists.
Like when you broke my heart in two,
And walked away without a tear.
Like when you smiled,
When you told me it was over.
Talk about love.
I don't think you know what it means.
I don't think you know what any emotion is.
Does that matter to you?
Because life goes on for you,
And not for me.
Do you even care to feel?
At all?
Because last I checked,
The only thing you ever do is smile.
No laughing,
No throwing a fit.
It's not normal...
Talk about love...
I used to think I loved you,
But I can see you never felt the same way.
'Cause when it comes to you,
There's only one way,
And that's forward.
Without any fear,
Or anguish.
It's all the same to you.
Talk about...

I Don't Want It Back, I Won't Take It Back

I gave my heart to you,
My soul to you,
And my all to you.

I don't want it back.

Even when you break it,
Shatter it,
And destroy it.

I won't want it back.

You'll yell at me,
Plead with me,
And scream at me,

But I won't take it back.

You'll leave with it,
Walk away with it,
And continue on with it,

Because it's yours and I won't take it back