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I'm renovating my Bio. Any info you think I might be missing here?

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I'm trying to get into a habit of writing regularly, so I'll be (hopefully) posting something here every Tuesday and Saturday
I'd love to review your pieces if you'd like me to. No restrictions on the content. As a chronic procrastinator, I'll probably be able to do only one review every (aforementioned) Tuesday and Saturday, so I'll review the piece of whoever asked first in the comments of whatever my LATEST work is.
Sorry. If there's a system you think might work better, do tell me about it
I also want to hear what you think about my work! As a new writer, I'm still figuring things out about what works and what doesn't, so I'll be forever grateful if you could help me in the process

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time and again


"Why do you keep stumbling?" he asked me, his calm tone finally giving away to frustration.

I laughed, and sprawled myself supine on the sidewalk. Blood spurted carelessly down my knees and all around my body. Some sort of snow angel. 


I take my time, watching a frown slowly inch its way across his face. His hand is extended stiffly between us. Maybe to help me up, maybe to keep me down.....

"I like the view from down here."

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