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I'm inactive except for competitions. I'm active on prose if you want to see me there.

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It almost seems stupid
to leave such a wonderful place
because of new guidelines.

These guidelines restrict
everything, I loved about this website.

For anyone who is new here
when you opened the dashboard
there was an abundance

of contests, q&a, appreciation posts,
thank you, and community conversations.
It was amazing. Being on this

website was one of my favorite things.
But they took away the color of the community.
The community was yellow.

The feedback was red.
The website's...

Seeking Peer Reviews

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A Collection Of Letters Never Sent

PROMPT: Letter Writing Competition 2020

Letter 1: Last Letter to Aunt Merinda

Dear Aunt Merinda,

I've thought a lot about what I should say in this letter, considering it will be my last. I've written it more than once.

I didn't know you wrote poetry until someone said you did at your funeral. I didn't like the speaker at your funeral. I didn't like how he told us that it would all be okay, how we should celebrate the times we had with you, how...
Seeking Peer Reviews

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