Ethan Lindsay

United States

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The County that rose to Power and Fame

The prologue of The County that rose to Power and Fame

German and Sue Livingston has popularity because they are well known for their uniqueness in their imagination and their wealth. One afternoon in the wilderness, Brian looks all around the wilderness and finds peace right there in the forest. That night everything falls silent. Brian has his headlamp so that he can see everything. After Brian's adventure, he decides to go home. At his house, his family is hiding because they want to surprise him on his birthday. "Today is Brian's 10th birthday. Last year he was 9 years old." His older sister Hope said softly to her younger sister Anna. "I can't believe he turned double digits this year. I think we shouldn't be hiding anymore because he isn't here yet. We probably should tell our parents and our younger brother Brady that he is still not here yet."  Anna said quickly and softly. " Yeah,...