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I realized it couldn't hurt to publish my writings online, so here I am!

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Thank you so much for being interested in one of my pieces!
I hope you're not too disappointed
Feedback is always welcomed
& please, by all means, enjoy!

If you need a review, just ask!

Peer Reviews

us bitter shamans of ink and spell


The dark aesthetic slowly built by incredible imagery will really stick with me. Congrats for the amazing work!

1 day

the twins.

PROMPT: How to be a Good Creature

I didn't read many pieces from this prompt, but I loved the way you interpreted it! Lovely piece with a great lesson. Thank you for writing this: I do believe it might make someone (or at least me) a better creature! (if this is confusing in any way, don't hesitate to reach out)

2 days

We are the pawns

PROMPT: Flash Fiction Competition 2020

2 days


PROMPT: Farsick

The flow of the piece makes it worthy of its title! I agree: it's an aesthetic feeling which you managed to put into words and rhymes very well. Congrats!

16 days

6th Grade Crush #myrose (please read the update in the writer’s message)


Such a sweet, light-hearted piece with bits of humour! It was a pleasure to read it!! Great work!

17 days

Pretty Lies


Very good piece with a lot of potencial! Nice work!

17 days

Hearts of ink

PROMPT: The Unseen

From the first verse I was hooked! I really liked this piece: it's personal yet universal. I think the theme (writing) is also quite refreshing and I believe you managed to tackle it really well!

19 days

Harmonious Defiance | Second Draft


Great piece!! specially considering it was the first time you wrote something like this. Practice makes perfect, so just keep it up, buddy!

20 days

to ache for the home you've never known

PROMPT: Farsick

AMAZING piece about the environment!! Looking forward to seeing what you'll write next!

3 months

Writing Streak Week 1 Day 5


The rhymes are absolutely brilliant! (specially the one with the dieresis)

4 months

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5 months