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Halopoet (Pakistan) published:

Sometimes love is longing.

PROMPT: Flash Fiction Competition 2020

'Congratulations, you're a lover' my bestfriend said these words to me when i started acting like a maniac. It was true, i was a lover. I fell for a celebrity 7,690 miles away from me. I wrote him letters and notes. After years of yearning for him, he stands infront of me. The notes and letters in a basket im holding. He comes closer, a bang fills the air. The content expression on his face, turns into a look of...

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To the wonderful world

PROMPT: Letter Writing Competition 2020

I don't have words to explain all that you are so the three dots took place of everything you have ever been to me, the three dots which to me are infinite. You, oh world, you hold so much beauty, and so many wonders that it would take me more than just one life to witness it all. You give me more than any human has ever thought of giving me, you give me more than the riches of...

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Halopoet (Pakistan) published:

What ME is this ME?#character quirks


1: so i have this thing that I sometimes get obsessed with a word. Like im saying it all the time. Two to three months ago it was dude, a few days ago it was DUHH and now im too sad to even speak.

2: i am reallly sensitive. Like not only in feelings, i have super sensitive taste buds and im sensitive in all the five senses and feelings.

3: panicky or overreactive for no specific reason. Like the...

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