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I'm pretty chill, I can now ollie . Donna tartt is fantastic, leigh bardugo is tremendous, m.l rio is superb.... the list goes on and on and on

Published Work

take me where it's cold

I can breathe
I go under and the cold
pushes round me and I
cold, cold, cold
water into my phantom lungs
replacing warm air
with the fresh green sea

I am surrounded and surrounding
the lines between us
wash away
I am cold, cold, cold
and I can breathe. 

give me pain

give me something to write about
  give me pain so I can scratch it from my soul and make it music in your ears
  I want you to give me something to sing about, I need words to buoy the guttering tune my lips provide
  give me more and I will give you multitudes; sweet music that will make you cry sweet tears, a thousand melodies each more sickly than the last

because you gave me words to use and beauty and pain and love to turn to my will

and people to cry beside me as I screamed that

this could never be enough.   

take me with you this time

my dear, I loved you deeply
but you chose the great divide. 
how did you think I'd overcome 
that fearful night you died? 
your cheeks that once were carmine
are now an orchid white, 
your lips that whispered softly
grow paler as I write. 
you thought that it was over, 
but you only thought of you
you didn't think to ask me
if I wanted to leave here too.       


Loneliness came to my house yesterday
He stood on my doorstep and stared at me
I invited him in because I couldn’t turn him away
I said I’d give him tea and cake.
He said no, I cannot sit and eat with you
That’s what company does, I am loneliness.
I told him that we could be lonely together,
And he came in.
He sat in my chair, but I didn’t mind
I sat in company’s usual seat.
There weren’t any more seats though
So if company came, 
I’d have to turn her away.

Now i take him everywhere
I am with loneliness on the bus
I am with loneliness at parties,
I went to visit company,
But she saw loneliness by my side and sent me away.

Company doesn’t agree with loneliness, 
So she doesn’t come anymore
I don’t mind though, 
because loneliness is good enough company for me.