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"Words, in my not-so-humble opinion, are our most inexhaustible source of magic" ~ Albus Dumbledore
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Every word you write is a little fragment of you.
Each shard of your soul tells a story, the story of you, of your inner thoughts and deepest desires, a tiny nugget of raw human emotion.
And every one is worthwhile.
Every word makes the world a better place.

Keep writing; what you say makes a difference :)

- As a general rule, I look through the profiles of everyone who likes/comments/reviews my pieces, just because I might not get to read some amazing stuff otherwise :) -

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ect.13 (United Kingdom) published:

The planet will take care of itself; for now, we need to save ourselves.


Even when the Earth
sits in ruin,
life survives.
It always does.

When everything is dead,
life begins again.
Growing, evolving, creating,
like a child at play. 

After millions of years, 
the world will once again
be vibrant. Diverse. Alive.
Man will be long forgotten.

Even when the Earth 
sits in ruin,
life survives. 
Humanity doesn't. 

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