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Published Work

Historical Fiction Competition 2020

The secret bond (based on a true story)

"Why should I?" I asked him, trembling. He looked so creepy with his long white hair and the black soutane. "Rosie dear, what are you doing there? Talking to yourself?" I remember Mama calling me. Why didn't she ask him to get out? Why couldn't she see him? My little mind was full of questions. "One day, you will become a great musician and I will come back again to teach you," he smiled caressing my hair and vanished into thin air. I told mother what had happened but she insisted that I was just daydreaming. Who listens to a seven year old? Nobody, right?

But this is the guy. Its him for sure. This photograph looks exactly like him. Should I tell her about the incident? No, I would rather not. "Eliza, do you know he is?" I started casually. "Oh, this? Its Mr. Liszt! Franz Liszt! He is such a great musician. Haven't...

How I met this lady

There lives a lady, whom I had never seen,
In the second floor, where I had never been
And every morning and every evening,
I heard her beautiful voice sing.

I had always wanted to meet her, but I felt rather shy,
And all my plans to meet her, ended up in a sigh.
I wished to hear her all day and everyday,
And days and months rolled away and it finally turned to be May.

I couldn’t wait any longer,
And all I wanted was to meet her
So I climbed to the second floor, where I had never been,
Wishing to see a lady, whom I had never seen.

There I saw this woman deaf and blind,
Singing aloud those words that came out from her heart and mind
She is the lady, the lady who sings,
And that’s how I met this lady with whom I exchanged rings.

A bedtime story

Once upon a time,
There lived a girl like you!
Lily was her name,
And her eyes were bright and blue.

Everyday she woke,
As early as the morning mist
And she was never in trouble,
As she was no pest.

She obeyed her parents,
And was the teacher's pet
She was loved by every kid,
And never did she fret.

She had a thousand friends,
And read good books
Such a happy life,
Gave her good looks.

Never did she lie,
And never did she cry
And never disturbed her mommy,
In the name of a bedtime story!

Its half past nine,
Lily's time to sleep
And every good girl like her,
Would have gone to sleep.

Tucking you in bed,
Let me leave now, my darling
Have a good night
And let us meet in the morning.

Flash Fiction Competition 2020

Where am I?

 What kind of a place is this? It stinks. I have been walking here for two minutes now,  and this place seems to have no end. Smelly water was all I could see.
 Hey, what's that ray of light? When did the sun become a circle, I thought, and opened the heavy circular iron plate. What? What is this? Towers and buildings everywhere? Look at those humans! Men and women wearing weird clothes? What is happening? What are those machines farting all the way? Where is the king's castle? My goodness, where am I? 

I am more

If you think I am sassy,
That's not really true
If you think I am haughty,
I would say that it's you.

You can poke me with thorns,
You can tie me with ropes,
You can kill me with bullhorns,
But you can never destroy my hopes.

You can make my head crack,
And feed it to a dog
But I am not someone you can easily smack,
I am someone worse than any rogue.

You can hold my breath,
And taunt me with your lies
You can starve me to death,
And yet I will rise.

My words can sound like a tall tale,
And can make you feel I am such a bore
Maybe I am just a little girl with a ponytail,
But inside, I am more.

Letter Writing Competition 2020

How to name it?

Dear Love,

How are you? Just now did I check your Whats-app info and guess what, it read "Last seen five years ago!" What happened? Why don't you visit me often? I miss you a lot. Hatred and Problems text me like everyday. Don't you think I need you? I am getting mad with this world. I am choking. Grandma used to say, "Whenever you need love, whenever you wish to be loved, just fly away. No matter where you are, because love is in the air... always..." Those were her last words and it was those times when we started to part. Where are you now? I can't get out to see you because of this pandemic. I am dying in here. I am alone. Isolated. Why don't you just come over? 

After you left me, Depression started knocking at my door. And if I didn't open, she would break into my window! Angercalled me every night. What...

Lost Love #mysecondcontest6

Winter is so cold,
And I can feel that I am growing old
Where are you, my fire?
Why aren't you here?

Summer isn't that hot,
When I think of you a lot
Tell me, are you just hiding?
At least tell me, do you wear my ring?

I can hear the people say,
It is raining hard everyday;
Maybe it is true,
But not more than when I cry, thinking of you.

Autumn has left the town with leaves everywhere,
I know you have disappeared, but in my heart, you are always there,
I have now understood that our love is no more than a lie,
But why can't I forget you, oh tell me why.

Everything has changed in spring;
Every tree, every plant, every sapling.
But it is only me, not blossomed, although grown
Still seeking for a guy unknown.

So here are my never-ending answers...

Howdy! All your questions were great and yeah, here are my answers! 


1. What's the worst thing you did as a kid and got away with?
I have done millions of such things! And hey, I can think of something I did which I feel so ashamed of. When I was seven, my father had ordered something online and the delivery boy was not aware of where our house was. So he rang up our mobile, which was in my hands. He verified if it was the right number and asked for a landmark to find us. At that age, I had little knowledge of what a landmark was and I simply said that ours is the only house in the street that had a neem tree!He was laughing out so loud and asked me how old I was. And do you know what I said? I said that my parents have taught me not to give my...

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Playwriting Competition 2020

What just happened?


Scene 1

{A trio bullying a teenage girl}

Seema : What do you want? Why do you guys come bullying me all the time? What is wrong with you? (weeping)
Thea : What is wrong with us? How dare you ask like that? (gives her a blow)
Roy : You know how happy I feel when I beat you? (slaps her face)
Jake : (hits her hard) Okay guys its enough for now. We may get late to college.
Thea : Yes, we can deal her tomorrow.

{They leave behind her behind crying}

Seema : Why am I like this? I am not a play-toy. (moaning)

{Memories dawned her}

Narrator : This girl Seema Dutt, was born to Shasha and Prem Dutt. She was very studious and loved forensic science. She got lots and lots of prizes and scholarships and brought pride to her family. And being a single child added to it. But at school, she...

Everyone is special #thegayagenda

       She was the talk of the 2019 Women's World Cup in France and not just for her dominant play on the field. The Golden Boot winner, the second Ballon d' or feminin winner, made headlines for her outspoken nature and colorful personality, which is nothing new for her. She has always been a little different, and she's always had a knack for backing it up on the field.
    On 5th July 1985, a girl was born, the youngest of six, but only by about eleven minutes, since her fraternal twin sister Rachael was born shortly before her. She was raised in an extremely conservative part of Northern California and
comes from a large Christian family and just so happened to grow up across the street from a church in Palo Cedro. It was their brother Brian, who introduced the twins to the sport of soccer when they were four years...

Where are you? #1stChallenge

 The day was as normal as ever, and I remember standing there with her. A beauty she was with her glossy pink lips and dark black hair. A snow white on Earth, I wondered. Her blue frock was dancing around her knees. Her eyes, her nose, those little teeth which showed up when she smiled, Oh! She was an angel for sure. I stood there perplexed and still, staring at her perfectly carved face. 
  "Why do look at me like that?",she asked.
   "Uh, nothing", I replied.
   "What is your name?" 
   "Huh, interesting. I am Saneem", she offered her hand. My nails were as dirty as hell. 
   "Oh c'mon", said she and we shook hands. 
   "How old are you?", she asked
   "21. What about you?", like an idiot, I asked that to a girl.
   "Who, me? 19 today"
   "Oh, Happy Birthday"
   "Thanks. You are the first to wish"

Writing Streak Challenge Week 3

Writing Streak Week 3 Day 1

What is a lock-down without WtW? ;)


Writing Streak Week 3, Day 5

Sometimes I wonder, Why are we here destroying life, in the name of technology and development?

Writing Streak Week 3 Day 4


It goes on...

Writing Streak Week 3 Day 3

What happens if all human beings die now, in a second?

Does the world starts transforming into a heaven again?

Writing Streak Challenge Week 3

Writing Streak Week 3 Day 1

Smile with your friend
Smile before your foe

Don't laugh just smile
But never stop smiling


I am a loser when it comes to girls

  "Hey Luke, where are you going ?" asked my brother as I cat-walked down the stairs. "None of your business", I said as I reached the door. "What will I reply if Mommy asks about you ?" he asked with a curious face. "Tell her that I went to the coffee shop to take a look at the newspaper", I replied avoiding him."Haha, I have found the answer for my question from your own mouth" he said in a surge of victory. I smiled at his innocence and marched out.
   Hi, I am Luke Glover.My friends call me "NERDY" and my family calls me "COWARDY CUSTARD". Hey, but please don't stop reading this piece after hearing about me. I have written this as my brother Alex urged me to. He told me that though I maybe a nerd sometimes, I am worthy, because he loves hearing all my embarrassed situations. Okay, now lets back...

Just like that? #cancercontrol

   "Baby, why don't you say that to me? If I meant everything to you, why don't you tell me about that?" I begged. "Saki, yes you are. You are my life. You are the reason why I live. But this is different. I have given my word to Ma. How can I break a promise?". You can never win her. She argues, she fights, yet, she loves me truly. So do I. She is someone special. She was the one who gave colour to my life. Sana meant everything to me. Everything.
   "Well, I had promised that I will hide nothing from you", I said. "That's you, not me, you Dumbo",she said slapping my shoulder. Do you know how awesome it feels when she does that?. Sana and I were in love for the past two years. We met in a playground near moon bay. Yes, it was a love at first sight. It was I who proposed her and she...

Poetry and Spoken Word Competition 2020

A friend forever

I have a lot of time to spend,
With a person like you my dear friend.
We are like two straight lines that will never bend,
Our friendship is like the sky that never has an end.

My greatest weakness
Is that I am afraid of darkness.
You took me from there,
To world full of brightness!

You help me,
During troubles
And when you do so,
Our friendship simply 

Our friendship is like a candle,
That keeps on glowing
So it is like a waterfall,
That keeps on flowing

Our friendship weathers all the storm,
That keeps on blowing
Our friendship is like a tree,
That keeps on growing

When you became my friend,
We have formed a nice pair
And if you always be with me,
I can lead a life without despair.

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Writing Streak Challenge Week 1 Day 5

   Who are we? Humans? I don't think we are. We are destroying every beautiful thing on sight. Air? Destroyed. Water? Spoiled. Land? Damaged. Nature? Dead. And what else? We are killing ourselves. We are killing those good ones who voice for justice. We are encouraging politicians who accept bribes. What is this? Is money the reason? No, its we. Why should we run after that silly money when we have enough of it? Can't we lend it for charity? Can't we help the others? Yes, we can if we believe. Yes, we can if we change. All we should is to make this single word upside-down; From 'ME' to 'WE'. Money is just a printed paper; Can we eat it? Can we drink it? A day may come when the world bulges with lots of money and no food. What will people complaint? They will say that their grandfathers and grandmothers were irresponsible. Yes. So lets start the...

Writing Streak Challenge Week 1 Day 4

   Lockdown! It isn't as horrible as it seems. Staying at home with your family is really nice. You can laugh, smile, sing and do whatever you please. You can take part in your mother's kitchen, you can help with your father's workshop, you can do some check-ins in your siblings' shelves and of course though its true or fake, you can listen to your Grandmother's stories about how naughty your Grandfather was, and you can also get to know about your Grandfather's childhood and what a great hero he was. Things are good if you don't step out. We have longed for holidays many a times, so lets use this! We don't have to look at  the silly television all the time, but we can watch a nice movie with our family. We don't have to worry about our school textbooks and can have time listening to our family's history. Come on guys, lets do this. Lets have...

Writing Streak Week 1 Day 3

   Good day everyone! I am here with a little piece of writing about that one thing we all care about; That one thing we all complain about."TIME", the scarcest resource in the world. 
   Time is one of the basic needs of mankind. Every object has three dimensions and also has a fourth dimension called time. 
   Time never stands still, although it may seem to; Time never runs past, although we are certain it does; Time never flies away, although we complain we have no time. From the president, to the last citizen, every man has got a day of 24 hours. If you waste your money, you are out of money, but if you waste your time, you have lost a part of your life. If you can't manage time, you can't manage life.
 To realize the value of:

  • One year - Ask a student who failed in the final exam
  • One month - Ask...

Writing Streak Week 1 Day 2


   Happiness, its a weird word sometimes. There are scientists who say that laughter has a positive effect on health and longevity. There are saints who ask us to spread smiles wherever we go. And we have our parents longing to see our face ever happy, with a smile so bright.
   There are people of this kind, who try to be happy in any situation and there is another category of people where they always think about the negative side. Try to get into the first group; there is a red carpet waiting for you.
   But, yeah of course sometimes a mild smile of yours can prick a heart. A laugh can evoke a revenge. There is no gain by being happy from a person's loss. So smile and make others smile. Be careful with your words and your body language, because its you who is going to change the world. Its you who is going to be an inspiration...

Writing Streak Week 1 Day 1

Kasturba, as I know...

    On 11th April 1869 in Porbandar, a girl was born to the Gujarati salesman Gokuladas Kapadia and Vrajkunwerba Kapadia. She was named Kasturba which meant "Musk". Gokuldas was a friend of Karamchand Gandhi. In order to bring their families together, 14 year old Kasturba was married to 13 year old Mohandas. Mohandas taught the illiterate Kasturba to read and write. She did not have the enthusiasm to learn further.
   In the age of 19, she gave birth to Harilal. So she was not able to accompany Gandhiji to London. Years later Manilal and Ramdas were born. In South Africa, she gained fame through her contribution to the society and through her husband's political activism.
   In 1900, her fourth son Devdas was born. When Gandhiji told that he wanted to take the oath of celibacy, she was not so satisfied, but then, when her family insisted that a loyal wife should agree with...

Endless Friendship

The day I went to my new school,
Everyone told me that it will be cool
But it was just to make me a fool 
And it really made me lose my cool.

I got no friends to make me glad,
And I felt very sad.
They all made me go mad 
And everything went so bad.

That I can't even deny;
The pain that they gave me
I thought why can't I just cry,
As it made me think why only me?

Suddenly I felt something,
Which made me smile
The stories that were haunting,
Will be with me only for a while.

The gentle breeze gave me a hand,
And wiped away my tears
The friendly ground that made me stand,
Kicked out my fears!

Its a while now,
I have one, but a nice friend.
Whatever did she sow,
Has grown into a friendship that will never have an end.


There is no 'He', without a 'She'!!!

  1. ​A young woman set on fire by a stalker in Chennai.
  2. A 15 year old girl and her mother jump out of the Jodhpur Express.
​                                                   Doesn't these kind of news sound ghastly? Don't these speak of how unsafe our country is? On one hand, we pray to the female power as Shakthi and on the other, we also witness such injustice happening to women. At one time we talk about women liberation and at another, we are mute spectators to such violence against women. Why is this? What's wrong? Are we going to correct this situation or continue to bear this. STOP! Stop this violence against women. Let not any more women and girls go through this. Wake up!
   In this modern world, women walk hand-in-hand with men and also have...

A day without Internet

   Hey guys, this is Sanjana from India and I am here with something about "A day without Internet". Seems strange right? Lets get started.Today, we live in the modern era with internet ruling us. Using Google, we can easily find the answers for anything we are not aware of. Though you have misplaced something at home, you can just ask Alexa and she is there to help. The world is now in our fingertips. Business, Banking, Money making, Marketing, Mapping and Oh, the world lives in Internet! We have exceeded the Internet of Things and are marching towards Internet of Everything. Okay, now let us come to the subject, "A DAY WITHOUT INTERNET".
   For children like me, I would say that we have lost our childhood. Yes, I remember, when we were kids, my brother and I used to wait for New Year and Christmas Eves to collect the greeting cards. We used to fight to that...