Most of the writing gets done in the middle of the night with a mug of coffee while listening to sad songs.

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That 'garbage' contain turns into a presentable 'garbage' the next day. Just WRITE.

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PROMPT: Poetry and Spoken Word Competition 2020

—My love, losing you felt like a ballerina that kept on spinning and spinning and spinning and spinning.—

 Love, you weren't supposed to be exhausting.
Like lifeless stares.
Like an over enthusiastic cousin, that stays for the weekend.
Like a good dose of cough syrup, that always makes me drowsy.
Like tears falling down in the supermarket, when our song plays.
Like memories flowing through my veins;
When I see the daffodils dancing to the notes of the wind.

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This Body


My body feels like a haunted house,
which people visit once a year.
Sometimes like an amusement park,
where my heart is a treated as a big wheel and rollercoaster all wrapped in one;
Where my love is a one day stop.
Some where in between this feels like a museum,
where everyone glances at the some artefacts and pretend to be 'cultured';
but few take the time to notice and understand.

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