Alina Lee

United States

Perhaps I shall write something here?
But I don't know what to write
Others seem to be writing what or who they are, alright then
I am human on this planet that's not very special or talented in anyway, but I will strive to do my best :)

Peer Reviews

sinful serendipity


Wow, that vocabulary is something to be envied my your truly :P The title is so.... ok, I don't know what it means but it sounds really professional ;) This is a really great poem (is it a poem? I think so, right?) and I really like it and how you structured it :)

5 months

10 Colors that I Like

PROMPT: Enumeration

Yes, I like every singly one of these colors :)

6 months

My Name

PROMPT: All in a Name

Alright, Sara, your name is most definitely not boring. Yes, it is popular, common, but it's unique in its own way. You are a unique person so you sort of, shape, your name to become unique. If you want to think of it visually, it doesn't have an h at the end :D Anyways, that part when you said, "While I used to always turn my head whenever I heard someone say, "Sarah," I don't do that anymore. People want some other Sarah's attention, not mine." I can relate to that :) Alina isn't nearly as common as Sara, but in my skating team, there's a girl named Alena. I had missed a season, so everyone kinda forgot me :P I felt lonely at times, and I kinda of just accepted the fact that the sound "Alina or Alena" was meant for Alena and not me. It got to the point where they'd have to call my name 4 or 5 times, or call my last name with it to get my attention. If you looked at it another name was starting to become well, no longer a part of me. I sort of pushed it away to background noise. However, as time went on, I got to know more people and got accustomed to my old friends once more. My name became mine again :) Although now there's still confusion so they call me Alina Lee cuz the other Alena's last name's harder to pronounce ^^" Anyways, know that when someone says Sara or Sarah, I think of you and another person whom I was good friends with in elementary school. Perhaps I shall tell you about her sometime... this comment is turning into a writing piece within itself o-o Well, anyways, I really like how you illustrate your name, how it's the princess of a flower forest. I could really imagine you like that... minus the fancy gowns I guess :P Anyways, I believe it's time I ended this review now, goodbye and know that you are special ;)

6 months

don't hide from the storm


This is a really great piece that conveys excellent vivid images in my head, and strong feelings in my heart. (wow that does not sound like something I would say) I really enjoyed reading this you're soooo good at writing :D

6 months


PROMPT: One Sentence Story

Sorry, I'm repeating myself a lot for the questions ^^" But I like this piece :3 It's calming and sad, that can be good sometimes.

6 months

Unfinished Business

PROMPT: Poetry and Spoken Word Competition 2020

7 months

Writing Streak Challenge Week 4

PROMPT: Writing Streak Challenge Week 4