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My message to the gifted young writers of Write the World:
Don’t let anyone dictate your words.

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i'm trying to be more active in the community so here take this and assign meaning to it

PROMPT: Mid-January Grab Bag

"It burns and burns and burns until it burns itself out. And then it's gone."

& the flame that she fed
with lies & anger & hatred
ate her insides out of her head
& melted through her skin
in bubbling sizzling bursts
& she cried at the heat of it
& the flame ate that too
& so she burned
& burned
& burned
until she burned herself out
& then she was gone
nothing but black charred marks ...
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Dialogue Boot Camp


"Why are you mad at me?"
"I'm not mad." I frown, defensive for some reason. "I- Why do you think I'm mad?"
Jacob gives me a flat look before turning back to the sink. I fiddle with a crusty stain on the kitchen counter. It's late; our parents are probably asleep. I came downstairs after hours of staring at the ceiling. I didn't expect to find my older brother. I especially didn't expect to find my older brother washing the...

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PROMPT: January Grab Bag

i look at you and think
it doesn't take much to feel
you work so hard
do so much
oh, how you try
and yet, you are overlooked
nobody loves you
you are bland
we want to cover you up
use your blandness
to accentuate their beauty
but they can only do so much
we can only do so much for you
why don't you work harder
do more
i can't force you to...
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