"wit beyond measure is man's greatest treasure"

Published Work

Loony... Luna Lovegood

I think there is a hidden truth behind Luna Lovegood. She is one of the most beloved Harry Potter characters of all time. Even casual fans fall under her enchanting spell, yet, Luna isn't thought of in this way in the Wizarding World... she is typed as an outcast. The wonderfully ironic thing is, we open a book or turn to the screen, and we adore these unique and quirky characters. But when we meet someone in our own lives who is different or individual we ridicule them, and go home to our fandoms wishing we could meet our favourite characters. 

- a fellow Ravenclaw

Nature Takes the Stand

Significant Colours

My colour golden, like the fur coat of a Labrador.
Polyps scattered along my stony and cylindrical antler-like branches,
stemming out to at least four feet in height and six feet in diameter.
My bush-like growth providing a complex habitat for a diverse range of marine life.
When abundant, I provide shoreline protections from large waves and storms like a sturdy barricade,
through my natural formed erections.
I am natures’ genius, not man-made. Living, breathing, beautiful, and deserving of respect and accolade.
My home is the Great Barrier Reef, a natural wonder of the world. I am a living sculpture, coiled and curled.
Magnificent and glorious in my natural biology, but I have been raped and pillaged, stripped and torn.
Your powerful destruction has left we worn.
Admired for my beauty, my stunning colours. The oceans firework a-blast with life.
An exhibit, famously renowned, but taken from, neglected, abused and used, to the point I am now in strife.