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Hi I'm CatclaKat
I love cats, politics, and writing. I also enjoy playing video games and animating.

Published Work

Anger (a poem I wrote for school)

Anger is sometimes a fire
Burning up a forrest
But when the flames begin to tire
It cools down

Crashing against the shore
Anger can be a river
But at the sea harbor
It loses its freshness

Anger will at times blow
Like the wind does
But even the tornado will slow
And start to fade

Now and then anger will hail
Throwing ice at the earth
But not for long will it prevail
Even the sun does not hide for long

Anger can fuel determination
Anger can start a war
Anger can save or destroy a nation
Anger can be a fire, river, wind, or hail

Open Prompt

Overthinking Thoughts

I blinked.
If I blinked twice, would I quattorinked? Is quattorinked a word? What if it is? Maybe Webster just never put it in the dictionary. 
I glanced at my alarm clock. 1:00 A.M. 

I think back to a conversation I had today
Did I say the wrong thing while talking to him?
What if he took it as offensive?

2:05 A.M.
I wonder if I'm an overthinker
I think they have quizzes you can take to find out
I need to search it up tomorrow
wait- it is tomorrow
but morning tomorrow I mean
but it is morning
early morning

fine I'll do it late morning
but is late morning just early afternoon

2:06 A.M.
this is going to be a long night
well, morning...


Moment of Memories

     Grass tickled my feet. It was easy to get lost in my thoughts as the sunshine grazed my arms. Clouds wisped overhead in the blue sky. The breeze chilled my cheeks for a few seconds, then slowly evaporated as rays of sun overtook. The warm afternoon seemed like the perfect time to disappear from the world and let my mind take me somewhere else.

     Memories swirled. Only a few years ago had I been playing nearby with my neighbor (and best friend). We would stand on her play structure and pretend we were sisters that had been orphaned and forced to live alone in the outdoors. We would run around and laugh until it was time for dinner. It was a year or so later on a nice summer day in June or July when I found out she was moving. I felt slightly betrayed she hadn’t told me earlier, but I didn’t realize she had...