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one last favour

why don't we go back
to the place where everything began
where the wind knows our names
and the trees were witnesses of our love

come with me
let's sit by the river
let the water take 
all our issues away

i wouldn't be asking you for this
if the rain would cooperate
and fall once and for all

because this flame in my chest
keeps growing 
even though our story is long over
my love for you doesn't fade

but now it's their happy season
and clouds don't feel like crying
so maybe reliving memories
will spark that flame in you again


it's always the same

My brain says "don't fall"
but my heart says "go ahead",
whom should I listen to
if our friendship I don't want to break?

Joke after joke,
laugh after laugh,
I find myself trapped in your charm,
how much I wish we'd talk more.

You not replying to my texts
is a sign too.
No one's really too busy,
so if you'd like to talk to me,
you would.

The stars alligned so we could meet,
but that doesn't mean we are meant to be,
because sometimes, people are meant to come to your life
and then unexpectedly leave. 
[why does this always happen to me?]


til distance tear us apart

you barely were home
always taking flights to different parts of the world
i could’ve almost forgotten your face 
if it weren’t for the polaroid I have in my nightstand 

thought distance couldn’t tear us apart
but you never calling showed otherwise 

my skin forgot the softness of your touch
my lips forgot the taste of yours

picked you up at Heathrow
it seems like there’s something you’re looking for
i guess you left your heart in Stockholm

when you came back, my heart didn’t skip a beat
and in your eyes i didn’t see the spark 
they used to have when you were with me
guess we all know what that means

there’s no one to blame
we couldn’t have seen it coming
no words needed to be said
we already knew our love was broken

looking back won’t do me any good
but sometimes i wonder what we would be like now
if we hadn’t let go of...

wish i could meet you

your songs speak to my soul
but you’ve never directed me a word
I've been dying to listen to that British accent
how can you be so far away yet so close?

those beautiful blue eyes
are full of tears now
i miss the days when they were full of happiness

you’ve suffered so much 
I know you didn’t deserve that
such a loving and caring man
whose life’s been marked by death

i wish i could hold you in my arms, 
i wish i could sing to you till you fall asleep
to tell you how amazing you are
but that’s impossible
because we’re never going to meet

and still in my dreams i get to hug you
and to see your gorgeous smile
the one I thought I had forgotten
‘cause it’s been long since you showed one

you’ll never notice me,
and that’s fine, i get it
how could you
when you’re a shining star
and I’m...

after he left

your voice was medicine for my soul
you could make my heart melt with your words
your laugh could make the stars smile
how much i wish I could have called you mine

you came so unexpectedly to my life,
like an earthquake willing to mess things up
but instead you brought happiness and calm
what a shame we were miles apart

we caught feelings so fast,
it was like an instant match
when you told me you liked me
I thought we had indeed a chance

your memories haunt me now every night
as I try to understand why you left
I attempt to fake a smile through the pain
why did you say all of those sweet stuff
when your plans didn't include to stay

"just forget about me" you once said,
but how do you expect me to do that
when the wish we'll be together again still in my heart remains?
Is it fool of me...


you changed
from night to morning
without warning
never thought you would become him

you changed
in a blink
it still stings
how you went from being amazing
to being a complete stranger

you changed
faster than the speed of light
your words feel dry
i don't even want to try

you changed 
there's no turning back
the guy i was once in love with
will remain forever in the past

two heartbreaks at once

It just took three words
to screw everything up
and now that I know that
I want to take the "I like you" back.

My heart in my throat 
tears down my cheeks.
You promised nothing would change, 
then why do you treat me differently?

Be the same guy I fell in love with,
I promise you won't hurt me. 

What truly shatters my heart into a million pieces
is the thought of you becoming as cold as the Germany's winter.
And the fear of losing you forever,
doesn't make me feel any better.

Our friendship can survive this little crush,
I know it took you by surprise, 
but please don't leave my life 
because you would actually break my heart
by doing that. 

[don't give me two heartbreaks at once]


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