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Published Work

The Lost Letters of Panem (Collab with Rohan's Defender): Letter 14

    Dear Roise,

    You probably won't ever get this letter. I tried holding it up so that the cameras would show it, but they'll probably decide not to. So I guess I'm writing this more for my own benefit then your's.
    It's scary. The first day in the arena went nothing like I thought it would.
    I really wanted Katniss and Peeta to be my allies, but my mentor told me that I shouldn't get involved. That allies, even if I just chose Thresh as my ally, are a bad idea. Thresh's mentor agrees.
    I tried to be as inconspicuous as possible, while still letting my "quiet nature," as my mentor calls it, present itself to any possible sponsors. I worked on as many skill during Training as I could. And now, my main strategy is to evade. To avoid.
    At the Cornucopia, I grabbed as much stuff as...

Speechwriting Competition 2020

Make A Change

    We live in a messed-up world.
    A world where people are judged by their gender, or race, or religion. A world where people take guns to school and shoot children. A world where millions of people die from disease, poverty, and starvation every year.
    Yes, our world has many problems.
    But there is one problem that outweighs everything else. One problem that cannot be ignored any longer.
    What is that problem?
    How we are destroying our planet without a second thought. Without a backward glance.
    Ecosystems are disappearing. Species are going extinct. The global temperature is increasing at a rapid rate.
    Why? Why are all these horrible things happening?
    Because for generations, people have only cared for themselves. For generations, people put profit before lives, before the future! We are paying for mistakes that our ancestors made hundreds of years ago, and unless we decide to change our ways,...

Daughter of the Ocean (literally) Part 9

    I had complete faith that Rainforest knew what she was doing and that she had transported us to the right place. I was wrong. It wasn't until later that I found out she had, in fact, transported us to Konya, Turkey, which was approximately 120 miles from Antalya.
    As I had no idea that she had sent us to the wrong city, I immediately slunk to the nearest alley, dragging Leaf along with me.
    "Leaf," I whispered, "do you have any money? Mother says that money is a very useful tool in the human world; it's practically all they care about."
    He nodded. "Rainforest provided me with money, and clothes for you to change into."
    It was then that I noticed his attire.
    Leaf was wearing a green shirt and brown pants. Slung on his shoulder was a brown bag. He looked like a human, and I shuddered. ...

The Lost Letters of Panem (Collab with Rohan's Defender): Letter 12

This letter is addressed to the Gamemakers only. If you are reading this and you are not a Gamemaker, expect to be executed immediately.


You and the other Gamemakers will have to modify your strategy. The districts are getting restless. We have to satisfy them, if only temporarily. That is why I have provided extra funding, through anonymous sponsors, to Districts 3, and 5 up to 12.

As you already know, I have appointed the best stylists, Cinna and anyone else who has caught my eye, to the poorer districts. Everything is in place. Now, all that is left, is for you and the other Gamemakers to do, without being obvious about it, is let the tributes from the poorer districts win.

Also, as for the "star-crossed lovers" of District 12, kill them. But be very subtle about it. In fact, if you can, make it a big production. I would enjoy that and I'm sure the rest of...

The Academy of Minds Part 21

    "Welcome to History of Krail," the old man announced in a booming voice.
    It was kinda funny, actually, listening to the hunched old man with wild gray hair teach in a voice that belonged to someone twice his size and three times younger than him.
    Zain played with his pencil listlessly as the old man continued to speak.
    "My name is Mr. Crenshaw or sir. One or the other, or both. You may not speak to me without using one of the two. Understood?"
    "Yes, sir," the class chorused.
    "Good. Now, I want you all to find a partner and get ready because I'm going to quiz you on everything you know about the history of our wonderful, wonderful country."
    "What?" a girl in the back exclaimed.
    Mr. Crenshaw raised his eyebrows at her. "I think I might have heard you wrong. Did you...

The Life of a Fifteen-year-old Superhero Part 1

    "You!" I shout. "Drop the gun!"
    I'm in a small house on the outskirts of the city. A woman and her three children are cowering against the wall while her deranged husband aims a gun at her. He whips around and points the gun at me. "Stay out of th-" He stops. "What in the-what are you?"
    I have to admit that the outfit I'm wearing is rather strange. It's a black jumpsuit that is decorated with random flairs of color (green, blue, gold, etc.). My black hair is tied back into a ponytail. I have a mask that covers the upper part of my face but lets me see at the same time. 
    "What am I?" I smirk. "I'm a superhero."
    Before the man can move an inch, I'm rushing at him and I bat the gun out of his hands. I aim a short chop to his windpipe...

Daughter of the Ocean (literally) Part 8

    Morning came all too soon, and so did Rainforest. I woke up to find her stroking my face, her dark brown eyes watching me as if I were the most precious thing in the world.
    "Lia, sweetie, I know you have to go. I would love nothing more than to bury you in a hole and keep you to myself forever. And I'm sure your mother feels the same way."
    This, though it may seem unsettling to you, only made me love her more. "Auntie Rain-"
    "Dear," she interrupted. "If you find my daughter...please let her know that I love her. And that I'm sorry for not trying to find her sooner. Time blurs when you're eternal, and what must have seemed like forever to her isn't more than a blink of an eye for me. So...please tell her I'm sorry."
    "Of course, Auntie Rain."
    Rainforest stepped back....

The Academy of Minds Part 20

    The next day, Zain woke up. Light filtered in through his curtained windows. "Mom, Dad?" he asked blearily.
    There was a snort. "Sorry, but Mom and Dad are gone. It's your scary old uncle here."
    Somebody poked his face and Zain sat up so fast that he almost bumped heads with the amber-eyed boy leaning over him. "What are you doing?"
    The amber-eyed boy smirked. "Better question is what are you doing."
    Then, it all hit him. Lora had left the school. He didn't remember a thing about the classes he had took yesterday. But he did remember this boy...last night, he said his name was-
    Caiman shrugged. "Surprised you remember my name. What's your's?"
    "Well, Zain, if you don't start getting ready now, you're gonna be late. See, I'm a pretty good mother, too," he continued, smirking.

Cedric + Hermione Parts 19-36

Part 19

    "Come on, Hermione. Let's go."
    Hermione bit her lip. "But Ginny," she began, wringing her hands nervously, "w-"
    "No. I don't want to hear it. Look, now's not the time to have cold feet. I wish I could stay with you, but that room's only for champions and their partners. I have to go meet Neville, anyhow. Good luck."
    Ginny hurried off. Hermione's heart gave a painful thump. She looks so beautiful and she's so confident...why can't I be more like that?
    Steeling herself, Hermione stepped out from behind the wall and made her way down the stairs. As she walked, she examined the people on the ground below to distract herself.
    In the very left corner stood Harry, wearing bright green robes that matched his eyes. By his side was Parvati in an orange and pink dress. The two of them were staring at her in amazement. Hermione blushed...

Eight People To Go Part 42 #boredwriter

    "Mom, wake up!"
    Maria opened her eyes to find ten children gathered around her bed, grinning excitedly. "What is it, sweeties?" she asked, her voice still thick with sleep.
    The oldest girl let out a small laugh. "Don't tell me you forgot, Mother! It's the tenth anniversary!"
    Maria sat up, rubbing her eyes vigorously. "I did forget! Quick, darlings, out of the room so I can change!"
    The girl herded the children out of the room and a few moments later, Maria opened the door and rushed out, wearing a pale blue suit. She arranged her hair in a bun as she ran. The children loped along behind her, laughing and giggling at their flustered mother.
    Finally, Maria skidded into the reception room, almost bumping into-
    "Joanne! Sorry, I'm late. I overslept, but the kids woke me up-"

Cedric + Hermione Parts 1-18

Part 1

    "Ugh, how much longer?"
    Hermione shot Ron a dirty look. "If you don't want to study anymore, you can leave."
    Ron breathed a sigh of relief. "Great!" He grinned, running a hand through his shockingly red hair. "I was afraid you were gonna keep me here all day, Mione!"
    Hermione looked up from her book again to glare at Ron. "I'm just thinking about the future," she retorted. "The O.W.L.s are closer than you think! And don't call me that!"
    Harry's startling green eyes met Hermione's brown ones. "Come on, Hermione, the O.W.L.s are in the fifth year! We're only in the fourth!"
    Hermione quickly looked back at her book. "Yeah, whatever," she muttered. "Just leave if you don't want to study."
    Hermione couldn't resist meeting Harry's beautiful eyes one more time. "What?"
    "If you really want me to stay here...

Eight People To Go Part 41 #boredwriter

    Tristan jumped when he felt his phone vibrate. "I have to take this," he told his girlfriend, and he left her at the dining room table, entering his bedroom.
    His heart lifted when he saw the caller number. It's Drake! Maybe...maybe...
    He answered and held the phone up to his ear. "Yes?" he asked hopefully.
    Silence. And then-
    "I'm sorry."
    It wasn't Drake's voice. It was that girl's voice. Marian, or whatever her name was. It didn't matter. She had tried to kill Drake, and now, even if it wasn't on purpose, she had succeeded. He knew it the way he always knew when Drake wasn't feeling well, the way he knew when his girlfriend was lying. He knew.
    "How?" Tristan managed to choke out.
    "He died...saving me."
    Before Tristan could stop himself, the words were out. "Why? Why would he do...

Speechwriting Competition 2020

Make A Change

    We live in a messed-up world.
    A world where people are judged by their gender, or race, or religion. A world where people take guns to school and shoot children. A world where millions of people die from disease, poverty, and starvation every day.
    But there is one problem that outweighs everything else. One problem that cannot be ignored any longer.
    What is that problem?
    How little we care about our environment.
    Ecosystems are disappearing. Species are going extinct. The global temperature is increasing at a rapid rate.
    Because for generations, people have only cared for themselves. For generations, people put profit before lives, before the future! We are paying for mistakes that our ancestors made hundreds of years ago, and unless we decide to change our ways, our children will do the same.
    Many people right now don't seem to understand how urgent this is. They ignore...

Eight People To Go Part 40 #boredwriter

    "You," Maria snarled, lunging for Silas's throat.
    If Joanne hadn't yanked her back at the last moment, then Silas would have probably been throttled. Neither he nor Mr. Rogers moved as Joanne struggled to keep ahold of Maria.
    "Traitor!" Maria shrieked. "If it hadn't been for you, Drake would still be alive!"
    Silas didn't answer; he just kneeled next to Drake's body. "Forgive me," he whispered. He turned back to Maria. "Forgive me."
    Maria stopped, her eyes wide with surprise. Then she continued to try and fight off Joanne. "I won't! I won't! Joanne, we have to kill him now! Before he kills us!"
    To her surprise, Joanne shook her head. "No."
    Maria's jaw dropped. "Joanne, we have to."
    "Maria, Silas is the one that called me. He told me that you and Drake were in here and that Boss was...

The Lost Letters of Panem (Collab with Rohan's Defender): Letter 10


This is my follow-up letter. I will pick up where I left off, which is District 7.

District 7: The male tribute is barely worth mentioning. He's tall and strong, but his only skill is throwing the spear, and even his worth in that is questionable.
The female tribute might be someone worth reckoning with. She has a determined look about her, but don't worry, Father. I'll probably get one of the Careers to kill her during the Cornucopia.

District 8: It's rather amusing, Father, during Training, he injured himself and has to wear a leg cast when we enter the arena. If he hadn't hurt himself, I might have been wary of him, but as it is, he won't make it out of the arena alive.
The female tribute seems rather dull. I heard that she comes from one of the more wealthy families in District 8, and she's spent her whole childhood cooking up all sorts of...

Speechwriting Competition 2020

Make A Change

    We live in a messed-up world.
    A world where people are judged by their gender, or race, or religion. A world where people take guns to school and shoot children. A world where millions of people die from disease, poverty, and starvation every day.
    But there is one problem that outweighs everything else. One problem that cannot be ignored any longer.
    And that problem is global warming.
    Our planet is a mess. Why? Because for generations, people have only cared for themselves. For generations, people put profit before lives, before the future! We are paying for mistakes that our ancestors made hundreds of years ago, and our children will do the same unless we do something about it!
    Our generation, and the generations before us, are suffering from a lack of urgency. People in the past have banded together to change the world. Why? Why didn't they push their problems onto future generations? Because they knew...

After... After... After

Heartbreak (PLEASE REVIEW!!!!) <3

Summer break begins
Fourteen hours
On a plane
Cramped seats
Watching outdated movies
At the airport
Hugging my mom
Riding a taxi
Unpack my stuff
Kissing my baby cousin
Hugging my aunt and uncle
Going to an amusement park
Riding rollercoasters
Having fun
Packing my stuff
Riding for hours in a bus
Listening to Pentatonix
Reaching the apartment
Hugging and kissing my grandfather
Eating dinner with my family
Riding another taxi
To the hospital
Walking up the staircase
Looking at the frail frame of my grandma
Hugging and kissing her
Visiting her week after week
Riding back on the bus
Answering the phone
Waiting for news
Watching as Mom flies on an airplane
Back to the hospital
Hearing the news
Feeling the shock
Going to the funeral
Mourning the loss
Crying rivers of tears
And waiting
If I wait
Long enough
My heart
Will begin
To heal

Eight People To Go Part 39 #boredwriter

    Xander pulled the trigger and Maria felt a searing pain in her shoulder. She glanced down in surprise to see a hole in her shirt and a bloody, bullet wound. How? I saw him aiming for my head, and Xander never misses. She looked back up.
    Joanne had tackled Xander and was now wrestling with him on the ground. Maria, almost in a trance, watched them roll around on the floor. Xander was pulling at Joanne's hair, growling angrily, while Joanne shrieked in pain and scratched at his face. Xander was obviously stronger than Joanne, but he had a hard time overpowering her due to his body suit (that made him look like Boss).
    "Maria, get the gun!" Joanne cried.
    Maria spotted the gun about five feet away from the wrestling pair. She headed toward it and leaned down, picking it up with her uninjured arm. "Freeze," she said dully.

Speechwriting Competition 2020

Make A Change

    We live in a messed-up world.
    A world where people are judged by their gender, or race, or religion. A world where people take guns to school and shoot children. A world where millions of people die from disease, poverty, and starvation every day.
    But there is one problem that outweighs everything else. One problem that cannot be ignored any longer.
    And that problem is global warming.
    Our planet is a mess. Why? Because for generations, people have only cared for themselves. For generations, people put profit before lives, before the future! We are paying for mistakes that our ancestors made hundreds of years ago, and our children will do the same unless we do something about it!
    Our generation, and the generations before us, are suffering from a lack of urgency. People in the past have banded together to change the world. Why? Why didn't they push their problems onto future generations? Because they knewthat it...

Eight People To Go Part 38 #boredwriter

    Maria felt as if her whole world was crumbling. And really, it was. I loved Father, but he was horrible and now he's dead. I loved Xander, but he's an evil manipulator. And...and I loved Drake, and now he's dead, too.
    She wanted to cry out in despair, but instead, she turned to glare at Xander with a hatred that was beyond imagining. He had taken two people she loved away from her, her brother and Drake. "What now, Brother?" she spat. "What are you going to do now?"
    Xander was staring at Drake's unmoving body with an expression that held a mixture of surprise and disappointment. "Well, that's too bad." He trained his gun on her. "But I'll find another. Another way to force you to do my bidding."
    Maria laughed, a twisted grin on her face. "You can't. I won't obey you. You can threaten to kill me; you can...

Eight People To Go Part 37 #boredwriter

    Drake did his best not to tremble, but the feeling of the gun against his head was overwhelming. He wanted to turn and look at Xander, to meet his green eyes and...maybe convince him not to shoot? No, that stuff only happened in movies.
    "Why?" Maria croaked, tears flowing down her face. Her eyes locked with Drake's and he could see the terror in them.
    Xander laughed cruelly. "Nothing is keeping you here anymore now that you know I'm not being held hostage. So I'm taking Drake and holding him hostage, and this time, you will kill whoever I tell you without question and without hesitation. Why do you think I ordered you to pretend that you were dating him? I knew you would fall for him, and if you didn't, no big deal, I would just set up another handsome target for you to kill.
    "Haven't you noticed?" he continued. "Your...

Speechwriting Competition 2020

Make A Change

    We live in a messed-up world.
    A world where people are judged by their gender, or race, or religion. A world where people take guns to school and shoot children. A world where millions of people die from disease, poverty, and starvation every day.
    But there is one problem that outweighs everything else. One problem that cannot be ignored any longer.
    And that problem is global warming.
    Our planet is a mess. Why? Because for generations, people have only cared for themselves. Because people put profit before lives, before the future! We are paying for mistakes that our ancestors made hundreds of years ago, and our children will do the same unless we do something about it!
    Our generation, and the generations before us, are suffering from a lack of urgency. People in the past have banded together to change the world. Why? Why didn't they push their problems onto future generations? Because they knewthat it couldn't...

The Life of a Fifteen-year-old Superhero Part 1

    "You!" I shout. "Drop the gun!"
    I'm in a small house on the outskirts of the city. A woman and her three children are cowering against the wall while her deranged husband aims a gun at her. He whips around and points the gun at me. "Stay out of th-" He stops. "What in the-what are you?"
    I have to admit that the outfit I'm wearing is rather strange. It's a black jumpsuit that is decorated with random flairs of color (green, blue, gold, etc.). My black hair is tied back into a ponytail. I have a mask that covers the upper part of my face but lets me see at the same time. 
    "What am I?" I smirk. "I'm a superhero."
    Before the man can move an inch, I'm rushing at him and I knock the gun out of his hands. I quickly knock him out with a short...

The Lost Letters of Panem (Collab With Rohan's Defender): Letter 8


I have sized up the tributes and here is what I have discovered.

District 1: Marvel is talented with spears. His aim is impeccable, so much so that he received a nine in training. He's very dull, though, so I will send him off to do something that will be sure to get him killed.
Glimmer is very cunning. The other day, she took off her ring to practice throwing spears. Apparently, someone found it and tried to return it to her, but almost got stabbed by a poisonous spike under the gemstone. Her training score was an eight. I plan to kill her in the night after I get rid of Marvel.

District 2: I, of course, Cato, received a ten. I am the next winner of the Hunger Games.
Clove is extremely talented with knives, as you already know, and she received the same score as me. I consider it both an advantage and a disadvantage that...

Speechwriting Competition 2020

Make A Change

We live in a messed-up world. A world where people are judged by their gender, or race, or religion. A world where people take guns to school and shoot children. A world where millions of people die from disease, poverty, and starvation every day.
But there is one problem that outweighs everything else. One problem that cannot be ignored any longer.
And that problem is global warming.
Our planet is a mess. Why? Because for generations, people have only cared for themselves. Because people put profit before lives, before the future! We are paying for mistakes that our ancestors made hundreds of years ago, and our children will do the same unless we do something about it!
Our generation, and the generations before us, are suffering from a lack of urgency. Why didn't they push their problems onto future generations? Because they knew that it couldn't wait. They knewthat if they didn't face these problems now, the...


is something
are out of our
But intelligence
is also something
Hard workers
Being born
isn't always
a good thing.
People always
come to you
If you're wrong,
you feel like
you've let them
I'm always
anxious of
Not of failing
a test,
but of failing
to meet

In An Ideal World (please go easy on the criticism!)

In an ideal world,
girls wouldn't
be ashamed
of their bodies.
In an ideal world,
would cry in public
without fear of judgement.
In an ideal world,
people would accept others
regardless of
the color of their skin.
Women and men
would be treated
would be a
thing of the past
and animals
would have
their rights,
would care
about the environment.
would love each other
and value
all life.
There would be
no crime
because people
have found the root
of the problem.
Mental disease,
all the things
that turn children
into criminals.
In an ideal world,
I wouldn't be ashamed
of how I look.
I wouldn't
be so desperate
for love because
I don't love myself.
I wouldn't
be so afraid
of truly showing others
who I am.
In an ideal world,
life would be perfect.
But we're not
in an ideal world.
We live in a messed up,

How Do I Know If I Am in Love?

is a scary
With love
The heart
is a
fragile thing.
All it takes
is for someone
to drop it
and it
will shatter.
I give
my heart away
too easily
at least
I think I do...
but how do
I know if I
am in love?
Is it when
I never give up
and stay with them
Or is it when
I love them enough
to let them go?
How do
I know if I
am in love?
Is it when
I accept their flaws
without judgement?
Or is it when
I care enough
to point them out
and try to help them
change it?
How do
I know if I
am in love?
Is it when
my heart beats
out of my chest
and I
die of happiness
when they look
at me?
Or is it when
I feel comfortable
around them; comfortable
enough to be
terrifies me. ...

I am Full of Cracks

Does nobody care?
Does nobody see me?
Am I
I want to be seen, 
to be heard
But even as
tears run down my face,
I am silent
Even as
My heart shatters in my chest
I am silent
I want to cry
to scream
to yell
But I am silent
Because you told me to be
"Silence" is the order
that spills out of
your mouth
and haunts
my dreams.
And I obey
Because I am worthless
Because I do not matter
Because nobody cares
enough to see
that this little girl
is breaking.
Nobody cares
That the numbness
is starting to wear off.
Nobody cares
that my stone skin
My heart of steel
My shield
is starting to crack
And now
I wish I could go back
to not feeling anything
to not caring
But it's too late
I'm fragile
And I'm begging you ...

If My Life Were a Movie (Beth R = Original Maker)

    If my life were a movie, it would be rated PG-13 for cursing (not me cursing, but what do you expect? I live in the US of A!) and some dark themes. It would be a comedy/tragedy because at parts you can't help but laugh until milk comes out of your nose, but sometimes, your heart breaks and you want to cry until you're all dried up.
    It would be free to watch 'cause who wants to pay to watch the story of my life anyway?
    People would randomly burst out singing (mostly me), and get really weird looks because my movie ISN'T EVEN A MUSICAL! There would be absolutely no romance; I mean, not that I don't want it, but the only person who has ever liked me romantically is-well, NO ONE! But that's OK, my fictional boyfriends from books will suffice.
    Oh, and also, most of the scenes would just...

Eight People To Go Part 36 #boredwriter

    Maria stared at Xander, her eyes wide with horror. Memories flashed through her mind.

    "Xander! Xander, quick, come here!"
    "What is it, Maria?"
    "I broke the vase! Please help me hide it before Father comes!" Maria pleaded
    Just then, her father entered the room. "WHO BROKE THE VASE?" he roared.
    "It was me, Father," Xander lied. "I broke the vase. I'm sor-"
    Maria's father slapped his face, causing his sentence to end abruptly. "Go to your room right now. I will punish you later."
    Maria sent Xander a grateful look, but his back was turned.

    "Xander, can I tell you a secret?" she whispered into his ear.
    "I took money from Father's wallet. The kids at school were making fun of me for not having money to buy candy, so I took a twenty-dollar bill and bought so...

Thank You

Sometimes, I
feel like
I'm being crushed
into a little box
that society has
created for me.
I wish
that I didn't
have to abide by
society's rules.
Sometimes, I
want to be
my own person
without having to
mold myself
to others'
I wish
that I didn't care
what other people
Sometimes, I
just feel tired
'cause this world
is exhausting.
I wish 
I had more
so I could
power through
the troubles of this
I try
to put my
emotions into words.
But I can't.
And then,
I open up
this site 
And I see
"Thank you for
writing this!"
"I love
your writing!"
"I appreciate
the review!"
"I love 
reading your pieces!"
And it all fades away.
All I feel
is joy and gratefulness
that I am so lucky
to be surrounded by such
generous and supportive people.
Thank you.

Eight People To Go Part 35 #boredwriter

    Drake stood next to Xander (or Boss?), his eyes wide with shock. Where before, there had been a middle-aged, sorta wrinkly man with a round-ish belly, there was a green-eyed man about his age with a round-ish belly that was now so obviously a costume. The mask of the wrinkly old man was now on the floor.
    Maria seemed to be trembling (whether with anger or fear, Drake couldn't tell), but before she could do anything Xander whipped the gun back out of his coat and pointed at Drake's head again.
    "My, my, little sister," Xander said tauntingly. "Aren't you surprised? Would you like to know what happened?"
    Maria's eyes were blazing with fury. "You-"
    "I'll take that as a yes," Xander interrupted nonchalantly. "Little sister, do you remember the day Mother abandoned us?" He grinned, his white teeth flashing. "Probably not. But I do. I remember every single beating...

Speechwriting Competition 2020

Make A Change

    We live in a messed-up world. A world where people are judged by their gender, or race, or religion. A world where people take guns to school and shoot children. A world where millions of people die from disease, poverty, and starvation.
    Why? Why does our world have so many problems? Because for generations, people have only cared for themselves. Why is our world such a mess? Because people put profit before lives, before the future! We are paying for mistakes that our ancestors made hundreds of years ago, and our children will do the same unless we do something about it!
    Nobody is going to do it for us! We have to realize that if we want change, we have to do it ourselves. If we want our children to live in a better world, we have to do it ourselves. We have to stop piling our problems onto future generations; we need...

The Lost Letters of Panem (Collab with Rohan's Defender): Letter 6

Dear Avel and Mother and Jen,

First of all, how are you? Have you been getting enough to eat? I try to send as much money home to you as I can, but I have many expenses I have to pay here. As good as I am at what I do, they won't provide free food and shelter for me because of how new I am.

Everything here has been going pretty smoothly. I hope you understand by now why I requested District 12. The moment Portia and I saw those two, we knew that they were the ones we had to have. And, to be honest, there wasn't much competition for them. Few in the Capitol are able to see hidden beauty.

Don't worry about me. I've been laying low so far, and I sent this letter through the secret route. The Capitol will never lay eyes on this, which is a relief because I'm sure I would mysteriously...

Eight People To Go Part 34 #boredwriter

    The warehouse was completely dark except for a small lightbulb hanging from the ceiling. It flickered on and off, making the shadows on the walls run wild. The smell of mold crept its way into Drake's nose, and he choked on the putrid air. "How do we find your brother?" he whispered, his voice ragged.
    Maria held a finger up to her lips and slunk toward the middle of the warehouse. She gestured for Drake to follow her. "We need to move these," she told him, pointing to a pile of boxes in front of them.
    The two of them made quick work of it, and they were rewarded with the discovery of a trapdoor. His mouth fell open in surprise. "How did you know?"
    "Every other box was covered in dust and cobwebs, but these had none," she promptly replied. Maria got to her knees and lifted the trapdoor.

Eight People To Go Part 33 #boredwriter

    They were all silent as they got in the car and Mr. Rogers began to drive down the road. Drake and Maria didn't even make eye contact. She chewed her bottom lip. Should I really have asked him to help me? He has a life, he has a family. I don't have anything. Xander is all that I have. But...Drake isn't obligated to do anything. I should remind him of that. 
    She turned to him. " know you're not obligated to help me, right?"
    Drake smiled, his eyes softening. "I know," he replied quietly.
    "Then, why are you...? I mean, no sane person would-"
    "I'm doing this," he interrupted, "because I know that if someone had taken Tristan, I would want him back. More than anything in the world." He paused. "I've just realized that you know close to nothing about me except what you've read on the case...

The Lost Letters of Panem (Collab with Rohan's Defender): Letter 4

Dear Mr. Haymitch,

Sorry for bothering you. I know you're really busy, but I hope you'll take the time to read this. I asked, um...I think Ellie is her name?
Oh, Mom says it's Effie. I asked Effie to give it to you.
They wouldn't let us write the letter ourselves. So...I'm talking to a robot, I think?
It's a machine, darling. It types out what we're saying.
So I guess it's a machine, not a robot. I'm not sure why they won't let us write it ourselves, but I guess it doesn't really matter...
Honey, remember, you're supposed to introduce yourself.
Oh! Mom says I forgot to introduce myself! I'm, um, Primrose Everdeen. Katniss's younger sister. My name was called out first during the Reaping, do you remember? Anyway, I'm writing-uh, saying this because Mom and I wanted to ask you to take care of Katniss. We love her very much and want her to come home.
And we'd...

Eight People To Go Part 32 #boredwriter

    Silas ran a hand through his hair. "Of all ask about that. I know where he is, and I really am very grateful, but are you sure there's nothing else you would want more than that? You're asking me to betray my employer."
    Maria frowned. "And your father..."
    He looked up, and nodded quickly. "Yes, yes. My father."
    What?! Drake's jaw dropped. "Boss is your father?"
    "Yes." He turned to Maria. "Will you explain to me why you're with him? I mean, how did you even meet him?"
    Maria tilted her head. "Did Boss not tell you? Drake is my target. He wants Drake dead because you didn't like him in college."
    Wait, huh? Drake shook his head in confusion. "What are you talking about? Will and I were good friends in college."
    "You didn't tell me that!" she exclaimed.

The Lost Letters of Panem (Collab with Rohan's Defender): Letter 2

Dear Katniss,

Today is the day. Or...I should probably say tomorrow is the day. The day I finally confess my feelings to you. I'm too nervous to give this to you myself. I'll probably ask Prim or your mother to give it to you after the Reaping. I know, I know, usually, I'm pretty brave. But not when it comes to you.

I've liked you forever. I thought it was just a simple crush. That it would wear off in a week or two. It didn't. And lately, my feelings have been scaring me because...I think I love you. I've never been in love, and I'm terrified. Sure, I've liked a few girls here and there, but I knew those were flings. That they wouldn't last. But when I think about being with you...I think about us being married. And having kids.

I hope, when you receive this letter, that you don't hate me. I've been hiding my feelings because...

Eight People To Go Part 31 #boredwriter

    Maria flashed Silas a fake smile before getting up and approaching Mr. Rogers. "Mr. Rogers, have you seen my friend?"
    Mr. Rogers nodded. "Yes, he went that way." He pointed toward the buffet table.
    Maria hurried to the buffet table, eyes scanning for Drake's blond hai-there! There it was!
    In a few quick steps, she was right behind him. She grabbed him by the arm and made him turn so he was facing her. "What are you doing?" she hissed. "We're not at a playground; don't just run off whenever you see something shiny!"
    Drake's face was full of distress. "I think," he began, his voice low, "that guy in the velvet suit is trying to poison that little girl's drink."
    Maria's eyebrows almost hit the ceiling. "What?"
    "Look." Drake pointed to the presumed poisoner.
    Sure enough, the man in the velvet suit was...

Eight People To Go Part 30 #boredwriter

    Maria raised an eyebrow at Drake. "You know Silas?" She suddenly felt like smacking herself. Of course he does! That's the whole reason why Boss wants him dead! 
    Drake didn't reply; he continued to stare in shock at Silas (or maybe Will?). "W-what are you doing here?"
    Silas leaned forward, the corners of his mouth lifting ever so slightly. "I own this place. The question is: what are you doing here?"
    "I-I-" Drake spluttered.
    "He's with me," Maria cut in.
    Silas turned to Maria, his smile widening. He snapped his fingers and Mr. Rogers handed him a glass of wine. He gestured to the velvet couch beside him. "Sit, dearie."
    Maria walked over and sat next to him, careful not to touch him. Drake moved to join her but Silas held up a hand. "Not you. You can remain standing." He turned back to her. "So,...

Under Mine

Tears run down my face
Pooling at my feet 
Sobs echo through the room
Only heard by me
“Don’t cry,” they say,
“It makes you weak
and small; be strong.”
So I suck in the tears
Put on my mask
Walk on and pretend
that nothing is wrong
My heart cracks
In my chest
But nobody knows 
I want to scream
To yell
To cry

But keeping them in
Is worse than letting
Them out
At least, when I cry
I’m still me
When I pretend
I’m fine
I disappear
Day by day
I’m the only one
Who sees my
Cracked reflection
’Cause everyone else is
Too busy adjusting their
Own masks to see
Under Mine

Under Mine

Tears run down my face
Pooling at my feet
Sobs echo through the room
Only heard by me
“Crying makes
you weak," they say.
"Be strong.”
So I suck in the tears
Put on my mask
Walk on and pretend
that nothing is wrong.
My heart is
But nobody knows 
I want to scream
To yell
To cry...
But keeping them in
Is worse than letting
Them out
At least, when I cry
I’m still me
When I pretend
I’m fine,
I disappear.
Day by day,
I’m the only one
Who sees my
Cracked reflection.
’Cause everyone else is
Too busy
Adjusting their
Own masks
To see
Under Mine

Eight People To Go Part 29 #boredwriter

    Maria and Drake sat in a peaceful silence all the way through the taxi ride. After Maria had paid the driver, the two of them were left standing in front of a trashy-looking hotel.
    Drake raised an eyebrow at it. "So...what in the world made you think that this is the 'perfect place' to go right now in my puke-covered shirt?"
    "I lied," she replied simply. "I needed to get you here so we can start working on my brother's location."
    "Quiet down," Drake hissed. "Aren't their spies everywhere?" His head whipped around wildly.
    "OK, first, if there were any spies, you would have just let them know that we're aware they're watching us. Second, there are no spies; I took care of that back at Joanne's apartment."
    "What do you mean?" he asked suspiciously.
    "Why do you think we went out the back way and...

Eight People To Go Part 28 #boredwriter

    Drake sat on the couch, fidgeting with his hands nervously. What are they talking about? Why are they taking so long?
    Just then, Joanne and Maria walked back in. Drake did his best not to stare at Joanne. How is she so pretty?
    "So, Angel Boy, would you like to wash up in my bathroom?"
    Drake wanted to crawl into a hole in the ground and die. I forgot that I'm covered in puke! And I must smell awful! "A-are you sure? I-I wouldn't want to m-m-mess up your bathroom," he stammered.
    "Oh, it's no problem, darling." Joanne winked. "Come by any time and mess up my bathroom."
    He flushed red from head to toe. "T-thanks." He turned to Maria. "Come help me clean up?"
    Maria tilted her head. "Let me think...what would I like to do more, stay and chat with my wonderful roommate, or...

Eight People To Go Part 27 #boredwriter

    Needless to say, Joanne was not pleased. She flashed a pretty smile at Drake before asking if she could just "steal my lovely little roommate away for a few seconds." Drake, of course, agreed.
    "Are you stupid?" Joanne hissed. "Why did you invite him over here? Why is he covered in puke? What's going on?"
    Maria sighed. "Look," she whispered, "Drake apparently has a problem with rollercoasters. He threw up and I wanted to go to his apartment to help him clean up, but...his brother is there. And his brother...well, his brother doesn't like me very much. He's very suspicious of me."
    Joanne looked like she wanted to tear out all of her beautiful blonde hair. "Fine. He can stay for one hour. Luckily for you, I had just come back from a mission, so everything's spick and span. No dead bodies, no blood, nothing unusual."

Eight People To Go Part 26 #boredwriter

    Maria's hand was immediately crushed by Drake's. His beautiful face was deathly white, and his eyes looked like they were going to pop out of his head. He was barely breathing.
    Her heart jumped. He looks so afraid that he's making me scared.
    Words whooshed out of Drake's mouth, but Maria couldn't understand a word he was saying. The only words she caught were ""
    It broke her heart. "I'm sorry, Drake, but I can't yell loud enough for him to hear me. We're gonna have to sit through this one."
    They were slowly rising up the first hill. The rollercoaster had a clanking sound accompanying it that made Maria's heart jump up into her throat. Is it just me or is Drake's fear starting to rub off on me?
    The rest of the ride was a blur. All Maria remembered afterward was how tightly Drake was squeezing...

The Academy of Minds Part 19

    Zain jumped up to run, or he would have if it hadn't been for the fact that the two fo them were cocooned in snow. As it was, the snow collapsed on top of them. He quickly cleared away the snow that was on top of him, and then he looked frantically around for Lora. "Lora? Lora!"
    Zain looked up, and knew he was in trouble. Oh, Madame Halley was smiling and congratulating him on finding such a good hiding place. But Lora, her white pigtails twisted and mangled, was furious. Her green eyes were blazing with anger, causing him to flinch away from her.
    Madame Halley helped him up, dusted him off, and sent him off to his next class. Zain waited for Lora to come inside the building before running up beside her.
    "Are you mad at me, Lora?"
    Lora didn't answer; she just sped up a little...

If I Lived in the World of Harry Potter (P.S. MAY BE SPOILERS SO BEWARE!)

    If I lived in the world of Harry Potter (and was born at the same time as Harry Potter)...

    1. For my first ten years of life, I would do nothing but get ready to go to Hogwarts (even if I'm a Muggle! I'll sneak in there somehow!)
    2. I'd become best friends with Hermione, and scold Harry and Ron whenever they treat her badly
    3. I'd befriend all the teachers, be the only person that's nice to Draco, and be a new hybrid of Ravenpuff (I mean, I love Gryffindor, but I gotta be honest with myself)
    4. Save Cedric's life (and then later, Fred's, Lupin's, and Tonk's)
    5. Force Dumbledore to tell Harry about Voldemort in the first year (I mean, SERIOUSLY?! DUMBLEDORE, HE NEEDS TO BE TRAINED!)
    6. Prank Umbridge constantly
    7. Work for the Minister of Magic (but only if...

Journey of Coolgirl2020 (Please read footnotes!)

    "Alright, everyone, this is your favorite commentator, Roger Delansson signing on."
    "Ahem. I believe I, Jen Harrison, am everyone's favorite commentator."
    "Nope, sorry, Jen. That would be me."
    "Whatever. Let's begin. We will be looking at...Coolgirl2020. A video that shows us how she started, where she is now, and how she got there."
    "Great! And we're"
    "Coolgirl2020 starts out with a few poems. Hmm. Of average quality, I believe."
    "Wow! It looks like someone has reviewed her piece! And...she has gotten her first follower! Amazing!"
"Yes. Her team is growing bigger and bigger, it looks like. These must be very generous people; I don't see anything special, or really, any potential at all in this Coolgirl2020. From her previous stats, it seems like she can never finish anything! Imagine that. It'd be like a tennis player quitting halfway through a point!"
    "But will you...

Eight People To Go Part 25 #boredwriter

    Drake bit his lip nervously. I can't believe I agreed to this! This is crazy! Please please please let me just back out! I want to lea-
    "What's wrong, Drake?" Maria asked with a concerned face.
    "N-nothing. Just...stomachache," he lied.
    "You sure you want to do this, Drake?"
    "Yes," he squeaked. "We have to."
    "Alright. Well, no going back from here." Maria turned to the ticket booth. "Um, two tickets please."
     It's too late! Drake wailed inwardly. Noooooooooo! I should have told her about my fear of rollercoasters, but now that she's bought the tickets, there's no going back! Nooooooooooo!
The two of them knew that Boss had spies watching them, so they did their best to act every bit of the happy couple they were supposed to be. In fact, they'd even decided to go on a date! To an amusement park!

Daughter of the Ocean (literally) Part 7

    What is this place of nightmares, you ask?
    An aquarium.
    At least, that's what the humans call it.
    Tsunami was placed in a glass tank. The humans pointed and laughed while she suffered from a panic attack (she has claustrophobia). She spent three miserable days in that tank while humans watched her all day and all night. She had no privacy whatsoever, and the humans forced her to jump through hoops to get fish to eat.
    She finally got so fed up that she tried to eat some of the smaller fish that lived in the aquarium with her.
    The humans started yelling. They put on funny suits and jumped into the water. They surrounded her and one of them stabbed her with something. It made her feel really sleepy, but she fought it off and she managed to bite one of the human's legs before she passed...

The Academy of Minds Part 18

    They were outside, but in a small building. Inside the building was a miniature snowy landscape. Madame Halley cleared her throat and the whole class turned their attention to her. "You will have ten minutes before entering each obstacle. In those ten minutes, you may use any of the items that are provided here." She gestured to an array of paints, cloths, etc. "These are optional, but if you do use them, they will help you camouflage."
    "May we work in teams?" someone called out.
    Madame Halley nodded. "You may, but only teams of two. Now, hurry and get ready. I will be back in ten minutes and I will see if I can find you."
    Lora nudged Zain. "Wanna work together?"
    Zain nodded eagerly. "Sure!" I have never done this stuff before, so I definitely don't want to do it alone.
The two of them ran over...

Miscellaneous Junk I Found in my WtW Closet <3

And It's All Because of the Americans

My name is Joon Hyeon, and I hate the Americans.
     I live in North Korea. Nampo, to be exact. My country and I are in the middle of a gruesome war, and it’s all because of the Americans.
     They couldn’t keep their noses in their own business. This war could have been short and simple. But the Americans just had to help South Korea. And now, I don’t think this war will ever end.
     I knew from the beginning that it wouldn’t be easy. But I didn’t think it was gonna be impossible! I joined the army thinking I would get money and hardly have to do any work at all because by the time I get to the battlefield, the war will be over. I was wrong.
     And that’s why I am sitting in the back of an army truck, riding to my death.

Eight People To Go Part 24 #boredwriter

    Joanne watched Maria wordlessly. After a few minutes of silence, she spoke. "Maria...would you like to hear my story?"
    Maria shrugged. "If you feel like sharing it."
    "I don't, goes. My family was a mess. My father was a manipulative, dishonest; my mother had absolutely not spirit, she just did whatever she was told to do. I had no siblings or friends that helped me bear the pain, so I grew up in a home full of lies and hatred.
    "When I turned eighteen, I left my family forever. I haven't seen them to this day, twelve years later. Now, I had never had a boyfriend, but one year after I left my family, I found one. I was head over heels in love, and I mean really in love. I never saw his flaws; I considered him perfect, what every man should strive to be. I despised all other men...

Daughter of the Ocean (literally) Part 6

    It was almost like Leaf had blended with the human. His green eyes were a little bit darker than before and his hair was more black than brown. He was also stockier and his face was more angled. Before he had merged with the human, he had looked slightly younger than me; now, he look at least a few years older. When he woke up, he turned immediately to Rainforest.
    "Your orders, Mother?"
    Rainforest frowned. "Not 'Mother.' Never call me that."
    Leaf's face was impassive. "What would you prefer?"
    Rainforest waved her hand impatiently. "It doesn't matter. I'm not that one you should be paying attention to." She gestured at me. "This is Lia, and you will serve her and protect her with your life."
    He bowed his head. "Of course."
    Ocean stepped forward. "As much as I understand the need for urgency in this matter,...

The Academy of Minds Part 17

    The girl, obviously not recognizing Lora, went on, unperturbed. "You heard me. Only old people have white hair." She flipped her own red hair. "Auburn hair, now that's hair to envy."
    Lora glared at the girl. "I'd watch your mouth if I were you. Bullies never win."
    "Who said I was bullying? I'm just stating a simple, well-known fact. Oh, and pink hair," the girl continued, smirking, "is for girls who aren't confident enough to embrace red hair, so they dye their hair pink and envy red-haired girls from afar."
    Zain raised an eyebrow. "Wow, could you try any harder? Are you just begging for attention by causing a scene in the hallway?"
    The girl flushed as red as her hair. "Y-you-"
    Another girl tapped the bully's shoulder. "Jill, you're talking to Lora. You know, the one who makes people go psycho?"
    Jill's eyes widened....

Eight People To Go Part 23 #borewriter

    A week later, a doctor came in to inform Maria that she would be released, on the conditions that she would wear a cast, come back to the hospital weekly, and be very careful to not open the wound again. She agreed and left the hospital on crutches. The moment she left the building, Boss stepped forward to greet her. "Maria, it's good to see you."
    "What now?"
    "Well, I just wanted to make sure you understand that you are supposed to become Drake's girlfriend and get closer to him. And once you get close enough, kill him."
    "I understand," she replied, "but how am I supposed to do that like this? I'll have trouble getting anywhere by myself and I doubt that I'll be able to function on my own for the next month."
    Boss smiled. "Why do you think the doctors released you so early? I gave them...

Daughter of the Ocean Part 5 (literally)

    I was shocked. "What? You want me to go out in the world, filled with those filthy humans, and you want me to find these Children?"
    Rainforest shook her head. "Absolutely not, Lia, dear. It's too dangerous out there."
    "And she hasn't been trained to use her powers!" Ocean interrupted.
    Tundra rolled his eyes. "And whose fault is that?"
    "I didn't train her to use her powers because there was no need!" my mother shot back. "I will always be there to protect her, and if I'm not, I know Rainforest will!"
    "I have had some training," I told Tundra. "But it was mostly just learning how to control the water so that I can swim faster and all that."
    Steppe's green eyes were pleading. "Ocean, please. If she doesn't go, we could lose the war, and if that happens, nowhere would be safe for her." ...

The Academy of Minds Part 16

    I don't now what to do, Zain thought to himself as he hurried down the empty hallways. Am I-
    "Mr. Evans!"
    Oh no, what does she want now?
    Thankfully, it wasn't Ms. Gabriella who had called. It was Dean Xenia (followed by Lora). "Mr. Evans, I'm aware that you are on good terms with Lora, and I noticed that the two of you have the exact same schedule. I would be very grateful if you watched her and made sure that no one tries to harm her. Remember, I'm just one call away."
    Zain bit his lip. Should I tell her?
    Dean Xenia smiled. "Good day to you," she said before walking off.
    He sighed. Well, it's too late now. He turned to Lora, fidgeting nervously with his hands. " ready for class?"
    Lora stared at the ground. "Yeah," she whispered.
    Zain started...

Eight People To Go Part 22 #boredwriter

    Maria fiddled with her fingers. Drake...why is he helping me? Does he want something from me? I would ask him, but he went to find another living place with Tristan...Tristan still hasn't forgiven me. I'm not surprised. Who would? I can't believe Drake would forgive me and want to help m-
    The door opened and two burly-looking men entered the room. And they were dragging someone behind them. Someone that looked like a carbon copy of her (high cheekbones, brown hair, green eyes) except he-
    "Xander!" Maria leapt forward and wrapped her arms around him. "Are you alright?"
    Before he could answer, she suddenly pulled away. What am I doing? He...he's the one th-
    "Maria," he whispered, his eyes filled with relief and tears.
    The two men let go of Xander's arms and he collapsed onto the floor. He looked awful; he was covered with bruises and scratches,...

Daughter of the Ocean Part 4 (literally)

    Ocean's eyes blazed with anger. "You dare-"
    "Don't act so offended," Volcano interrupted, his red eyes gleaming. "This is war you're threatening us with; it's not a game. I won't be sparing anyone."
    Savannah stepped forward. "Perhaps we could comprom-"
    "Fine!" Ocean spat. "From now on, if you're not on my side and I see you trespassing on my property, I will destroy you. If you maintain that you are 'neutral' and I see you trespassing on my property, I will destroy you. And lastly, regardless of what side you are on, if you threaten me or my daughter, or anyone under my rule, I will destroy you."
    Desert sighed. "So dramatic," he complained.
    "Anyone who is neutral or a friend of the humans," Ocean continued, ignoring him, "will leave now."
    Immediately, Volcano, Desert, and many others disappeared. Once everyone had been given sufficient...

The Academy of Minds Part 15

    Zain spoke the first excuse that came to his mind.
    "I don't want to be late for my next class..."
    "Don't worry about that. I'll give you a note to take with you."
    Zain bit his lip. I really don't want to stay here alone with her...especially after I've seen how she treats Lora. But what choice do I have? He walked back to his desk and sat down. "What do you need?"
    Ms. Gabriella smiled. "Thank you, Mr. Evans. Now, whatever I say to you is strictly confidential. What's said in this room stays in this room. You understand that, right?"
    Zain nodded. "Yes."
    "I want you to get Lora to leave this school."
    His eyes widened. "What? But-"
    "Wait a second," she interrupted, holding up a finger. "Let me explain first. Lora is a very dangerous student, and I seem...

Eight People To Go Part 21 #boredwriter

    Drake watched Ashley nervously. Why is she crying? Did I do something wrong? "D-does your leg hurt?"
    Ashley shook her head, wiping her eyes. "No."
    Drake wrung his hands. " it safe to talk in here? About-uh, about you know..."
    She nodded. "Yes. Go ahead."
    How do I begin? "Why?"
    Ashley closed her eyes. "I can't tell you that."
    "Can you at least tell me your real name? I'm pretty sure Ashley isn't your real name."
    Ashley nodded without opening her eyes. "Maria. Maria is my real name."
    "Well, then, Maria...was it something I did to you? Revenge? Or did I do something to one of your loved ones? I would just like to know the reason."
    "It's through no fault of your own. If you must know, I don't even really want to kill you..."
    "Don't? Does...

Daughter of the Ocean (literally) Part 3

    I took my mother's hand and was immediately transported to a dark cavern, lit only by glowing moss. As soon as I appeared, I was swept into a giant hug. "Lia, darling, I'm so glad you're here! Happy birthday!"
    A woman with light green skin and dark green hair kissed me on the forehead. Her brown eyes were full of fondness. I smiled at her. "Hello, Rainforest," I greeted warmly.
    Rainforest shook her head. "No, darling, I told you to call me Auntie. Auntie Rain, if you must."
    Ocean cleared her throat. "Rainforest, why don't you let the others have their turn so we can get on with the Meeting?"
    She made a pouty face. "Aw, do I have to share?" Sighing, she stepped back. "Alright, long as they're quick."
    I turned to my next well-wisher. "How are you, Polar?"
    Polar had blue eyes and...

The Academy of Minds Part 14

    Zain stared at Lora, who was trembling in her seat. Could it be true? Could Lora have done all those things?
    Her eyes were full of tears. "I-I'm sorry," she cried, "I can't control it. It just...happens on its own!"
    The class didn't seem satisfied. They surrounded her, even the teacher! Ms. Gabriella was glaring at her hatefully. "She was my closest friend; I've known her since childhood! How dare you-"
    The door swung open and Dean Xenia walked in. She eyed the students (and teacher) crowding around Lora. "What's going on here?"
    Ms. Gabriella was practically spitting. "Alivanna, you didn't tell me that this was the girl who-"
    "Ms. Gabriella, please refrain from using my first name when we are in front of students. I am all for familiarity with my co-workers, but we must maintain some level of decorum at this school."
    "Dean Xenia,...

Eight People To Go Part 20 #boredwriter

    The next morning, the moment Boss came in, Maria told him her request. "I want to speak with my brother."
    Boss's eyes widened. "Right now? You're in no condition to go anywhere, and I can hardly sneak your brother in here. Do you know how hard it was to get Joanne in here? Alone? Your brother has every opportunity to escape if we bring him into this facility."
    Maria folded her arms. "I want to speak with my brother," she repeated.
    "How about over the phone?" Boss suggested.
    "Look, you can carry me there, force me to walk there, find a way for my brother to come visit me, but I want to speak with my brother, and I won't agree to kill Drake unless you do."
    Boss raised his eyebrows. "Getting a little arrogant, aren't we? You realize that I could just kill you right now for...

Daughter of the Ocean (literally) Part 2

   "Good morning, Mother," I replied.
    That day, my mother had creamy white skin, hair the color of coral, and dark blue eyes. She smiled at me, her pearl-white teeth gleaming. "My sweet Cordelia, do you happen to know what today is?" Before I could answer, she continued. "It's your birthday! Now, as per my promise, you get to make one wish each year on your birthday, and if it's within my power, I will grant it."
    "I need some more time to think about it," I lied.
    In truth, I had already decided to ask for my room to be renovated so that it wasn't full of water all the time. I had never been out of water before, except for when I was born. But the moment my father left, my mother had a palace (made out of a special kind of crystal) built deep down in the sea. I've never been...

Daughter of the Ocean (literally) Part 1

    I remember the day I was born.
    Weird, right? I mean, even to me that sounds strange. How can I remember the day I was born?
    But you see, I'm not your average teenage girl. My family is pretty norm-actually, I take that back. My father is pretty normal. He's your typical Californian guy, you know...super great until he finds out you aren't human. Then, he runs as far away as he can and never comes back.
    You know how when you don't know the name of a rock band that just became popular a week ago, people ask you if you live under a rock? Well, if anyone has been "living under a rock" all their life, it would be me. For fifteen years, I've never even set foot outside my home (or should I say, my mother's domain).
    Anyway, it would be tedious if I outlined my whole...

The Academy of Minds Part 13

    Ms. Gabriella cleared her throat and the class fell silent. "Very well. Let's begin. Oh, and also, please include a demonstration of your ability, if possible. Now, let's see...who wants to go first?"
    Nobody said anything until a spiky-haired boy with blue skin (yes, blue skin) stood up. "My name is Quince," he proclaimed loudly (though his voice had a tremor to it). "I can appear in other people's dreams, or nightmares, and I can control what they see in their dreams...or nightmares."
    Zain's eyes widened. Wow. That's cool...but also creepy.
    Ms. Gabriella smiled. "Perfect. I understand that you can't demonstrate that now, so go ahead and sit down."
    And that's the way it went, from people who could make you jump around and scream like a monkey to people who could make you want to jump off a bridge for them in seconds.
    Finally, there were...

Eight People To Go Part 19 #boredwriter

    Boss handed a folder to Maria. "This is your first target. You've spent a year training with the best of the best; I think you're ready now."
    Maria took the folder hesitantly. "W-who is he?"
    "He is an international drug dealer. He has a network across the globe, so extensive that he has contacts in every country. He makes his living off of gullible children. Three out of ten minors who suffer from addiction suffer from it because of him."
    "What's his name?"
    Boss sighed. "Didn't your teachers tell you that it's best not to know any personal information about your target?"
    "I want to know his name. Just the first name will do."
    Maria nodded and stood up. "He'll be dead within a week."
    Joanne smiled. "Congrats, Maria!" she cheered. "Ten successful eliminations all within the span of...

The Academy of Minds Part 12

    Mr. Evans eyes widened. "More?"
    Zain nodded. "Yes. Can you get Mom? I don't want to have to tell it twice."
    Once both his parents were present, Zain told them about his visions. He had told them about his first ones, and the inevitable result, so he wasn't about to hold anything back from them now.
    Mrs. Evans was flabbergasted. "I don't he going to kill you?"
    "Now, dear, let's not freak out," Mr. Evans interrupted. "Remember, so far, none of Zain's visions have come true. Like the visions about Irene? None of them came true."
    "I know, but there's still a chance-I mean, otherwise, what would his visions be if none of them had even a chance of coming true? Would they be just hallucinations? Or maybe something along that line?"
    "Stop!" Zain's heart was in his throat....

Eight People To Go Part 18 #boredwriter

    "Doing what?" Boss repeated when Maria didn't answer.
    Maria took a deep breath. I have to tell him. "I-"
    "I hope that you're not thinking of backing out, are you?" Boss raised both his eyebrows. "After all your hard work, you only have eight more people. Eight more people and your brother walks free."
    Maria squeezed her eyes shut. "I can't-"
    "You have no choice. All those people you you want their deaths to be for nothing? You have no friends, no family except for your brother...without him, what's the point of your existence? Wh-"
    "OK!" Maria glared at Boss. "I get it. But is it necessary to kill Drake? I mean-"
    "I hope that you're not letting your personal feelings get in the way of your job, are you? Don't you remember what happened last time?"

The Academy of Minds Part 11

    Zain's heart dropped. No, no, no. I can't let him see my visions; I don't even know what they mean! He might cause panic and the opening of the school could be postponed and I'll never learn to control my visions and I'll never be able to protect my loved ones and I-
    Roger shook his head. "No. I can't. And even if I could, I wouldn't."
    Daniel rolled his eyes. "All of you are such losers. You can even control your abilities? You'd be better off in another academy. One more fitted to your...caliber."
    "Oh, shut up," Gina snapped. "Don't mind him, guys. He's just upset 'cause he's got so much competition."
    "So...what's your ability, Lora?" Zain asked, trying to change the subject before Gina and Daniel started fighting again.
    Lora's eyes widened and she turned pale. " confidential."
    Daniel snorted. "What a load...

Eight People To Go Part 17 #boredwriter

    "What do you mean?" Drake asked innocently. 
    Tristan harrumphed. "I'm not stupid, you know! I covered your back when we were with the paramedics, but what happened to your neck? Why didn't you answer the paramedic's questions?"
    "Nothing happened to my neck."
    "Don't lie to me! I'm your brother; do you think I can't tell when you're lying?"
    "Look, I-"
    "Just tell me the tru-"
    "I can't!" Drake was breathing heavily. "I can't tell you."
    Tristan frowned. "Why not?"
    "Because...because if I tell you, something bad could happen to Ashley."
    "Wait, you don't mean-" Tristan's eyes widened. "Did she try to murder you?"
    Drake's jaw dropped. "What? How-"
    "I mean, it's pretty obvious. She just popped up out of nowhere and went to a restaurant with us, even though we were complete strangers. And...

The Academy of Minds Part 10

    "What's your ability?" Zain asked.
    "Boys and girls! Quiet down!" Dean Xenia was standing on a podium, a stern look on her face. Once they had sufficiently quietened down, she spoke. "I have a list of five students that exceeded expectations and will not have to go through any more tests. If you hear your name, please step forward.
    "Gina Haverford!
    "Lora Vandell!
    "Zain Evans!
    "Daniel Smith!
    "Roger Zenta!"
    As one, the five students whose names had been called out stepped forward. Zain felt a wave of relief wash over him. Thank goodness I got in.
    Dean Xenia gestured to an empty classroom on her left. "Please wait in there until your parents arrive. The rest of you, follow me to the Testing Area."
    The five students filed into the room and sat down. Zain chose a...

Eight People To Go Part 16 #boredwriter

    Seven hours earlier...
    Drake stared at the paramedic, his heart pounding in his chest. "Th-this? Uh, I'm not sure," he lied."
    The paramedic frowned. "It almost looks like somebody tried to-"
    "S-sir? Could I and my brother accompany our friend in the ambulance?"
    "Yeah!" Tristan chimed in. "We don't want Ashley to go to the hospital all alone!"
    The paramedic nodded. "Of course, but-"
    "Great!" Drake exclaimed before looping his arm around Tristan's and dragging his brother toward the ambulance.
    "What's going on?" Tristan whispered, bewildered. "What's the rush for?"
    "I just don't want the ambulance to leave without us," Drake told him, praying that Tristan wouldn't see through the falsehood.
    Tristan gave him a suspicious look, but nodded. "Sure."
    They reached the ambulance just as the paramedics inside were closing the doors. "Wait!" Drake cried, running forward....

The Academy of Minds Part 9

    "I don't know what you saw," Elias began, "but it must have been pretty terrifying. And you've been relatively honest with me this whole interview. So...I think I'm going to let you in the school."
    Zain felt his heart leap. "Really?"
    Elias held up a finger. "On one condition. I want you to go see a therapist, OK?"
    Zain frowned. "Why?"
    "Because you need help in developing this power. And dealing with it, in general. Looking at your report, I can see that you've had some pretty traumatic experiences in the past. I don't want you to let this stuff start affecting your life; in school or out of it. So as long as you agree to daily therapy sessions, then you can attend this school."
    I'm not sure I want therapy, but... "Of course, sir. Um, is that all? What do I do now?"

Eight People To Go Part 15 #boredwriter

    "-she's going to be fine. We've already fixed up her wound...what did you say her name was? Ashley? Well, we can't find an Ashley in our database. Do you know of any way we can contact her relatives?"
    It felt like someone was smashing a hammer against Maria's skull. And her leg burned like it was on fire. The bright lights made her eyes water. "W-what's going on?" she croaked.
    She looked down to see that she was in a hospital bed, dressed in a hospital gown. Surprisingly, there was no trace of ash on her and her throat, though dry, had no soot in it. Drake was speaking to a nurse in the corner of the room and Tristan was staring at her, his eyes wide.
    "Ashley! You're awake!" he cried.
    The moment Maria met Drake's eyes, she remembered every second of that disastrous moment when everything went wrong....

Eight People To Go Part 14 #boredwriter

    Drake stared at Ashley disbelievingly. She...she just tried to kill me. And she almost succeeded!
    Ashley now lay on the ground, a huge black burn on the side of her leg. Her face was covered in soot and ash; her hair (which had been red previously) was now a dark brown color, hints of red still showing; her right eyes was a blazing blue and her left, a shining green.
    "W-w-w-" Drake paused. His throat was still sore from where Ashley tried to throttle him (and his throat was filled with grainy ash). He coughed.
    "Go," Ashley told him. "Leave me here."
    Drake couldn't answer for the life of him. Should I leave her? She could very well try to kill me again.
"Leave!" she shrieked; then she collapsed into a fit of coughing.
    From outside the room, Drake heard Tristan's shout. "Drake! Get out of there...

The Academy of Minds Part 8

    The man's eyes widened. "Uh, should I go get so-"
    "No! Don't move! Stay right where you are!"
    "Um, if you say so."
    And then, the visions began to flood his brain.

    "Sir, I-"
    "Please, call me Elias," the man interrupted.
    "E-Elias, what happened to my mother?"
    Elias's face was grave. "I'm afraid that is confidential for now."
    "Is she going to die? Please, si-Elias, I need to know at least that."
    Sighing, Elias looked down at his hands. "The Healers say there's a 75% chance that she will."

    Zain shook his head. "No. Elias, you can't ask me to-"
    "I have no choice. Don't you see? This is my only option. I need your help with this; please, Zain."
    Tears streamed down Elias's cheeks. "You know I wouldn't ask you to...

Eight People To Go Part 13 #boredwriter

    "Do you have a plan?"
    "Yes, Boss."
    "Care to enlighten me?"
    "Actually, I have to go right now. I'll report to you after I've finished." Then, before Boss could say anything else, Maria hung up. She checked her watch. "Five more minutes. In the meantime, I'd better get prepared."
    Maria put on gloves and studied her apartment. She had packed anything and everything into her suitcase except for a crowbar, a lighter, a tank of gasoline, and an exceptionally sturdy length of rope, all of which lay beside her. She had already dusted the place of fingerprints and cleaned it until it was sparkling clean, though it wouldn't matter much (she didn't plan to leave the place intact).
    "Two more minutes." She took a deep breath. "Easy. He'll come for you, and if he doesn't, I can always try again later."
    Suddenly, she heard a scream...

The Academy of Minds Part 7

    Zain sat down across from his examiner. "Um, sir? What should I call you?"
    The purple-haired man grinned. "Sir will do, for now. Anyway, this is supposed to be about you. Let's old are you, Mr. Evans?"
    "Thirteen...but I'll be fourteen in a few weeks."    
    "I can see various futures."
    The man's dark blue eyes flashed. "Is that so?"
    Zain shifted uncomfortably. "I..I think so. It's kind of hard to tell because I've only had it activate once."
    The man studied him carefully for a few seconds before leaning back and sighing. "I see. Mr. Evans, I will now ask you a few true or false questions. Answer them as honestly as possible please. What do you value more: justice or being a law-abiding citizen?"
    What? What kind of question is that? How am I supposed to answer that? Should I...

Eight People To Go Part 12 #boredwriter

    "Hey, Ashley! Um, before you go in...I have something I need to talk to you about."
    Drake was standing outside Ashley's apartment, his arms folded. Ashley gave him a curious look. "Oh. Sure. What is it you want to talk about?"
    OK, here goes. "I just wanted to apologize for claiming to be your boyfriend."
    "Actually, I'm kinda glad you did that. I just got out of a long-term relationship and..."
    She's not mad?! Drake breathed a sigh of relief. "D-don't worry, you don't have to explain anymore. I understand."
    Ashley smiled. "OK...good night, then."
    "Bro, what in the world?"
    Drake sighed and sank onto the couch, clutching a Coke in his hand. "I know...I'm sorry I abandoned you."
    Tristan plopped down next to him. "That's not what I'm talking about. I mean, what was the whole thing with...

The Academy of Minds Part 6

    "Bye, sweetie!" Zain's mother leaned down and kissed him on the cheek. "Good luck on the Test! We'll see you in a few days."
    Zain's father nodded. "You can do it, son. Don't give up! And even if you don't pass, we'll still be proud of you."
    Before Zain could beg them to stay, his parents joined hands and disappeared. He sighed. "Bye, Mom, Dad," he mumbled to himself.
    Just then, a sharp voice cut through the chatter of parents saying goodbye to their children. "When you're done, come here so I can take attendance!"
    Zain couldn't see the speaker, but he did see the flow of children heading toward the left corner. He followed them.
    A petite lady with blonde hair in a bun and square glasses examined the crowd, a sheet of paper in her hand. "Alright. You all know how attendance works. But do not,...

Eight People To Go Part 11 #boredwriter

    Maria's heart was in her throat. Does he recognize me? "No," she replied a little too quickly.
    "Really?" Fowler squinted at her. "Because I'm almost certain that I've seen you somewhere before..."
    "Hey! Back off! Can't you see you're making her uncomfortable?"
    Drake had his arms folded and he was glaring at Fowler. "Whether you've seen her before or not, which I'm sure you have because you work in a restaurant, she's my girlfriend! And I don't appreciate you ogling at her!"
    There he goes again with that whole "girlfriend" thing. But it seems to be working!
    And indeed, Fowler had turned back to Maria with an apologetic look on his face. "I am so sorry, ma'am. I didn't realize that I was making you uncomfortable. I, um, I'll ask another waiter to take over this table for me." He scurried away, eager to avoid further scolding from...

The Academy of Minds Part 5

    "Mr. Evans? Mr. Evans!"
    Zain blinked at Xenia. "Sorry, what did you say?"
    "Would it be OK if your parents left? And I talked to you alone?"
    "Yes, of course."
    Mrs. Evans gave Zain a concerned look. "Alright, honey. We'll be waiting outside."
    His parents took each other's hands and disappeared.
    Xenia sighed. "Mr. there any particular reason that you are so eager to go to this school?"
    Because I want to learn to control my that what happened to Irene never happens to anyone ever again. I don't want to be responsible for another person's death... But he didn't say that out loud. Instead, he said, "Because this is the best school for people with abilities like mine."
    "Is there any specific way I could confirm that you have this ability, Mr. Evans? For example, maybe if you recalled the...

Eight People To Go Part 10 #boredwriter

    Drake felt like smacking himself. Why did I say that? I'm such an idiot. Is it too late to take it back?
    Joe sighed. "That's too bad...the pretty ones are always taken," he remarked, looking down dejectedly.
    Tristan raised his eyebrows at Drake and mouthed, "When did you and Ashley become a couple?"
    "Never," Drake mouthed back.
    Joe looked up and they quickly looked away from each other. Drake didn't dare look at Ashley. What must she be thinking? Argh, I feel like such an idiot now. Why is it any of my business if Joe hits on Ashley? He seems like a nice guy anyhow.
Just then, the waiter (Fowler, was it?) returned holding a platter of drinks. "Two watermelons," he said, setting them down in front of Tristan and Ashley. "And on blue raspberry."
    Drake sipped from his blue raspberry slushie as Joe ordered his...

The Academy of Minds Part 4

     The visions continued to flood Zain’s mind. 

     Irene laughing awkwardly. In her hand was a glass of red wine. She wore a sparkly golden dress that really made her stand out.
     They were in a party. People were dancing, there was loud music...Zain took a sip out of a cup in his own hand. “Want to leave?” he muttered into her ear.
      “Yeah, I don’t see my cousin anywhere,” Irene replied.
      The two of them began making their way toward the exit, but they were stopped by an burly man. “Where ya going, sweetheart?” he asked Irene, swaying on his feet.
      “Hey.” Zain stepped in front of her. “My girlfriend and I are leaving.”
      “What are ya talking about? This here girl’s mine!”
      Before Zain could say another word, BAM-
      The man had hit him in the face. Zain’s nose stung...

Eight People To Go Part 9 #boredwriter

     The next day, Maria was sitting in jail, her hands handcuffed to each other. Don’t freak out, she told herself. You got here on purpose, remember? To make sure the police weren’t suspicious of you. You have a fake identity prepared. Don’t freak out.
     Suddenly, she heard a sobbing from across the hall. A woman with short brown hair and blue eyes turned red from crying appeared at the end of the hall, led by a kind-faced policewoman.
     “I can’t believe this...who would do such a thing to my husband?”
     The policewoman patted her on the back. “I am terribly sorry for your loss, ma’am. I promise that we’re doing everything we can to find your husband’s murderer.”
     A little boy and what looked like his older brother came out of a room next to the mother. The little boy let go of his brother’s...

Eight People To Go Part 8 #boredwriter

     “Ma’am? Are you alright?”
     Maria quickly forced her face into an emotionless mask and stood up. “Yes. I was just wondering if you could point me to the nearest restroom.”
     Fowler nodded. “Right down there,” he said, pointing.
     Maria walked away as slowly as she could, but even that was pretty fast. She entered the empty bathroom and latched the door shut behind her. 
     Calm down...there is no way he recognizes you. Maria tried and failed, to slow her breathing.
     Poor, little Maria, a voice in her head replied scornfully. Your nightmares are finally catching up to you, aren't they?
    No, no
, Maria felt the beginnings of a panic attack. "Stop," she said aloud. "Don't freak out on me now."
    But before she could stop it, the memory flashed to the forefront of her mind.
    "Dad? Where are...

The Academy of Minds Part 3

    Zain's heart was in his throat. Reject me? Why would they reject me? He gulped. Did I do something bad in the past that I've forgotten about that has now come back to haunt me?
    Mr. Evan's brow was furrowed. "And this problem is...?"
    Xenia walked behind her desk and sat down before gesturing for the three of them to do the same. They all sank onto the plush armchairs. Xenia's red eyes scrutinized them carefully. "In the application, Mr. and Mrs. Evans, you claimed that your son has the ability to see all possible futures. As I'm sure you're aware, this is a very bold c-"
    "Are you saying that you think we're lying?" Mr. Evans thundered.
    Mrs. Evans placed a hand on his shoulder. "Honey, I'm sure that's not what she's saying."
    "Actually, I am."
    Mr. Evans stood up so fast that the plush...

Eight People To Go Part 7 #boredwriter

    "Ma'am? Are you alright?"
    Drake watched as Ashely stood up. "Yes. I was just wondering if you could point me to the nearest restroom."
    "Of course. It's right over there," Fowler told her, pointing.
    As Ashley hurried away, Fowler turned back to smile at them. "So, what will it be?"
    "Hmm..." Drake raised an eyebrow at Tristan. "Do you think Ashley would mind if we got her a slushie?"
    Tristan snorted. "What kind of question is that? What kind of person doesn't like slushies? She'll be overjoyed!"
    "If you say so. Two slushies, please. One blue raspberry a-"
    "And one watermelon," Tristan interrupted. "Actually, make that two. We'll give one to Ashley."
    "Does she even like watermelon?"
    Tristan shrugged. "Again, who doesn't?"
    Fowler nodded. "Two watermelons and one blue raspberry slushie. I will bring that out for you...

The Academy of Minds Part 2

     Zain’s mother appeared in the doorway. Behind her towered a bulky man with a wide smile on his bearded face. He had dark blue eyes with just a tiny hint of green eyes and long brown hair that fell to his shoulders. His tanned face was quite out of place compared to Zain and his mother’s pale ones.
     “Father!” Zain cried, running over to hug him. “What are you doing here?”
     His father sighed. “The meeting was cancelled.” Then he smiled. “But it’s not all bad. This way, I can take you there immediately. And I get to say a last goodbye to you.”
     “Go get ready now,” Zain’s mother ordered. “We want to be there early.”
     Zain let go of his father and ran up the stairs. After grabbing his bag (which had all his school supplies in it), he sprinted back down the stairs. “I’m ready!”

Eight People To Go Part 6 #boredwriter

     “Where is my dress?” Maria muttered, digging through her suitcase (it had been hand-delivered by one of Boss’s cronies the day before).
     Maria pulled out a sparkly red dress. She sighed. “Well, I guess this’ll have to do...”
     She changed into the dress and hurried to the bathroom to do her makeup. After making sure that her brown hair still looked red, and her blue contacts covered her green eyes completely, Maria grabbed her purse and went out into the hallway. “Ready!”
     Tristan’s jaw dropped and Maria had to resist the urge to roll her eyes. Compose yourself, she hissed. And if you can’t, at least stop being so obvious about ogling!
     Somehow, he must have heard her because he quickly looked away. “Let’s go, then!” He marched down the hallway toward the elevator.
     Maria raised an eyebrow at Drake, who gave her an apologetic look. “Sorry,”...

The Academy of Minds Part 1

     “Wake up, sweetheart!” his mother’s voice called from the first floor.
     Zain sat up on his bed, rubbing his eyes. “I’m awake, Ma!” he called back to her.
     “Good. Hurry and get ready. You’re starting at the Academy today!” 
     “In a sec, Ma!”
     Zain closed his eyes and pretended to enter the room of his mind. He hummed as he knocked on the door labeled, “Top Secret Ability,” and waited. And waited. And waited. Finally, he gave up and opened his eyes again.
     “Hurry up, honey! Wait, you’re not trying to access your power again, are you?”
     “So what if I am?”
     “Sweetie, I’ve told you time and time again: don’t force it! It’s unhealthy and unnatural! Just be patient and eventually, it will come to you!”
     Zain groaned. “Ma, just leave me alone and let me get ready!”

Eight People To Go Part 5 #boredwriter

    22 hours earlier...
    Maria lay on her bed, massaging her forehead. "That can't be right..."
    She quickly got up and whipped out her phone. After turning the volume on her TV to its max (I'm such a hypocrite, she remarked silently), Maria dialed Boss's phone number. He picked up on the first ring. "My dear Maria. What can I help you with?"
    "You're information is either outdated or false."
    "What?" Boss sounded flabbergasted. "How do you know?"
    "I went to speak to the target...I wanted to scope him out. I noticed that he had a pair of size 12 boots by the door."
    Maria sank down onto her couch. "His feet are size 10 at best. There is absolutely no way he could wear he must have someone else living with him."
    "It could be a gift from...

Eight People To Go Part 4 #boredwriter

     “Hurry up, Tristan,” Drake called out. “If you take any longer, we’re gonna lose our reservation!”
     “OK, OK, I’m coming.” Tristan stomped out of his room. “They had better not give it to someone else. I’ve waited seven months to go there, and I’m not going to wait any longer!”
     Drake heard Tristan’s pocket buzz. Tristan held up one finger before taking his phone out of his jeans and answering the call. “Hey, babe,” he greeted. “You ready to go?”
     “Sorry, sweetheart, but something came up.”
     “Can’t you cancel?”
     “Not unless I want to be unemployed. I’m really sorry; I’ll make it up to you. Bye.”
     Tristan ended the call and started a long, fierce bout of cursing. Drake waited a whole five minutes before finally speaking. “It’s OK, Tristan, just the two of us can g-”
     “It’s not OK, Drake! Do you know...

Eight People To Go Part 3 #boredwriter

     Drake smiled at the strange lady before closing his door and heading to his bedroom. Once there, he sank down on his bed and pulled out his phone. He hit the phone app and scrolled through his contacts.
    Such a simple word, yet it had taken him forever to decide on it. What should I call her? he had thought. Mother? Angela? Ms. Harris?
    Drake's thumb trembled as it slowly clicked the call button. He listened to it ring. After a few minutes, a voice, female in nature, spoke. "If I haven't answered your call already, either I'm not here, I don't have my phone, or I couldn't care less about talking to you. You can leave a voice message at the beep but I won't guarantee that I'm gonna listen to it. Beep."
    "H-hey, Mom." Drake's voice shook and he quickly cleared his throat. "It's your son,...

Eight People To Go Part 2 #boredwriter

    Maria sat in the back of the taxi, studying the file. "Drake Summers," she muttered under her breath.
    "We're here, ma'am," the driver told her.
    Maria looked out the window at the apartment building to her right. "Yes, thank you, sir." She paid the taxi driver and got out of the taxi. She waited until it drove away before entering the apartment building.
    She smiled at the receptionist. "Hello, ma'am," she greeted, using a British accent. "Could you show me to the loo?"
    "The what?"
    Maria felt like smacking herself. I should've known better than to use a British accent in the middle of New York City. "The loo," she replied. "You know, where we take care of"
    The reception stared at her for a while before understanding dawned on her face. "Oh, yes. You mean the bathroom. That's what we call it here...

Eight People To Go Part 1 #boredwriter

    "How many more?"
    Boss stroked his mustache. "Hm...I think we need eight more. Why? Bored already?"
    Maria gritted her teeth to stop herself from ripping out Boss's throat with them. "Don't even pretend like I do this because I want to. You of all people know that this is the last thing I want to be doing."
    Boss sighed. "Yes, it's a pity. After this eight, I will have no choice but to release your brother. Honestly, I don't understand why you don't just give up on him. It's his fault that he failed to fulfill his end of the deal. One should know that if you make a bargain with the most powerful person in the slums of New York City, you need to be able to pay up."
    "Just tell me who the next target is."
    Boss slid a piece of paper across the table to...