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Sorry for being so inactive for the past month! I technically broke my hiatus, so I figured I should update this. I might come on here a bit more now, but I probably won't be on here regularly until summertime. But I think I can remember to update my shoutouts once in a while.

If you've come to my profile, say hi! I'll check out you and your WtW pals.

Here are some amazing writers that I think deserve a shoutout. You should totally checked them out! If you haven't been on here yet, but you want to, let me know!

anemoia (#words)

Please check these writers out!

Remember to smile! And a huge thank you to the 90+ people that follow me. It means a lot! :)


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Rose A(hiatus) (United States) published:

Soil Under My Fingernails


I don't want to think

the soil under my fingernails is poisonous...

the waves and depths I've spent my life admiring are now lifeless...

                  nor do I wish to think

the birds that fly above me have filled their empty stomachs with bottle caps...


one day the brilliant blue sky I live under will pale into a sickly gray.

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Rose A(hiatus) (United States) published:

ii. oceans unknown


the waves have a way of frightening me
something about that blue is too peaceful
something about its constant movement makes me nervous
the sun shines high overhead
the sand sparkles below
maybe one day i shall explore oceans unknown
fear will be left on each shore I depart from
for now though...
if you will simply hold my hand
i might be able to take the first little steps
into the massive waves in front of us
all i...
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Rose A(hiatus) (United States) published:

a fountain of youth (Chicago)


colorful lights flash around me
in the distance a crowd hums along as the band plays the classics
i've always enjoyed dancing in the rain
but the last drops have left us...
come and join me
for a fountain is almost as good
as the rain that once blessed this barren place
it's not quite a fountain of youth
but the faces around me are filled with the happiness that overcomes the young
however filled they might be
there is...
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