Hailey Duggirala

United States

My name is Hailey, and I'm messy in love with everyone.

Message from Writer

I'm glad that we can all be here together in one place in the universe. There is something tragically beautiful about the lot of us, and something cosmic about the gathering of our combined minds. I hope I write something that makes you question yourself, and hope that I may glean the same understanding from you. Godspeed.

Peer Reviews

A Character's Philosophy On Life, Pt 4


Love it love it love it

over 3 years

Imagine This

PROMPT: Imagine This

I assume you are the Grandchild writing this story? It truly is incredible, and I love your tone that speaks nothing to the speculation. There is always something striking about a story told purely in facts, in the detail so many people writing the story would have looked over. YOu opted for the more honest approach and I adore it.

about 4 years

I Just Can't

PROMPT: All Talk

You have a lovely style, and I would love to hear more about this character. Are you planning to continue?

about 4 years


PROMPT: Quartet


over 4 years