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You don't write because you want people to like you; you write because you want people to listen.

Published Work

All Talk


"Look at me."
"And then what?"
"Then listen."
"Okay, I'm listening."
"Listening to me or hearing me?" 
"I'm listening."

"I need to go and fix things, okay? Then I'll come back for you."
"But what if they come for me?"
"I'm sure they will, but he won't hurt you. I promise."
"What if he does?"
"...Then I would never forgive myself."

"When will you be back?"
"As soon as I can." 

"You promised that you would protect me."
"I promised him too."

"I need you
"No you don't."
"I need you."
"...I'll come back for you..."

"I love you, too."


Time Traveler

Think Forward

The minute hand on the clock has passed
The four, the five, the six
And I do wish that I could just go back
To live the ones I've missed

The past is broken
Though I've healed
And time keeps moving 
Our fate is sealed

We can't rewind
We can't go back
We can't fast forward
Through the bad

In the present there is sorrow
But lift your chin
There's a tomorrow

Learn to live inside the present
Learn to know the good
Tomorrows here before you know it
Today came and went

There is a moral to this story
Let us not forget
The past is past, the future's now
Don't sit in your regret


Shot in the Dark

She could no longer feel 

Apathy consumed her like a wave
Yet self-pity was the water in which she drowned

All other problems felt 
Just like she told herself she was. 

No one else helped
They thought she was too far gone
Her shallow screams never reached their ears
And those who heard turned away

She was alone

All she wanted was to be heard
But no one would listen.

Open Prompt


Jack slowly slipped into his khaki pants and buttoned up his blue dress shirt, slipped a belt through the stretched loops, then tucked his shirt into the rim of his pants. He picked out a gross looking tan tie and fastened it around his neck. He did this every morning, then when he got home he would un-do it and lounge around in some pajama pants like none of the day had even happened.
Every day was the very same—except for Sundays of course. Jack had Sundays off. When he wasn’t working, the only thing he did differently was avoid getting dressed. He wasn’t married, of course. If he was, perhaps he would have been held to a higher standard of living.
But as I said before, he was not—therefore he was not.
When he would go to work in the mornings, he would slick back his hair and check himself in the mirror to make sure there weren’t any...



Her hair and heart were black, the same. It wasn't that she was cruel or ill-willed; she was just too vulnerable. She had been, at least. Now she had walls. The walls were so high and tall that not a single soul dared to enter. That was the problem; she built walls to shut people out and then cried when she was alone. She was always alone. She was always tired. All she wanted was for someone to climb the walls; but no one was brave enough to see her for who she was; broken. 


In the eyes of a child, the world is perfect. We are oblivious to flaws and tragedy. We have no concept of war or humanity. We are innocent. We are happy. We are blissfully ignorant.
Eventually, though; we grow up.
It is an unavoidable pain. Our blind eyes are opened. We see the flaws in those we once thought to be flawless. We experience tragedies and become aware of our sinfulness. We embrace it. We start to see war; we experience our own battles. All innocence is gone.
However, there is a concept that some of us never understand. This is sonder; the realization that each person has a life that is just as vivid and complex as the one you are experiencing. It is a concept that, throughout the earlier years of my life, I did not understand.
I could barely comprehend the complexity of my own life. Not until that day.
If people were animals; she was the...


Warped Dreams

What is wrong with this world?
Tell me what have we become?
When all our lives we try our best
But nothing's ever done

We build towers to the sky
We take chances
We tell lies
Anything to be the best
All it takes to have success

Dress any way
Be who they want
Do what they like
See what they've done?

In the shadow of these lies
We build up towers in our minds
Brick by brick we build it high
Stone by stone and lie by lie

Why is it that all this time
We could see but remain blind?

We chose darkness over light
We chose lose instead of fight
Die every day and never live
Always take and never give

No one knows a thing at all
Reach for the sky; cry when it falls
Push others out; hate being alone
Walk by yourself; fear the unknown

The chances we take are in fear
Throw away...

Six-Word Memoir


People don't know what is unseen.