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Please check out my contest: #feb
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Prompt 1:
.amelia. "Kitsune"
Princess Maira "Letters From the Trenches"
Dmoral13 "Pretty Birds, War Soldiers"
WishfulKittyKat1 "Falling"
Writing4Life "Biscuits"

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February Competitions! #feb 4 DAYS LEFT!


    Although I have only been on here about a month, I have definitely seen an improvement in my work, and I feel much more solid now in my place as a writer. I'm very grateful to everyone on Write the World who has encouraged me and reviewed my work.
    In return, I would like to do a contest like many of the fascinating competitions I've seen around here (although I have not taken part in any)....

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A German family came over centuries ago, hoping for a new life in a New World.
One of the men married a Delaware princess.

An English family came as well, and one day these two families would join through a marriage.

Meanwhile, a family in Syria suffered, persecuted because they were Christians. Eventually one of their daughters made it to Spain, and then the United States, where she met a handsome young man from Puerto Rico. The man had left...

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The Future

PROMPT: Writing Resolutions 2020

I intend to connect more with other writers and get feedback on my work. I rarely discuss my projects with other people (especially not strangers) and I believe it would improve my work a great deal.

I hope to begin a novel, perhaps. I am not exceedingly into writing (compared to everyone else on here); I only really do it as a side thing and for school, but I think that writing a longer work would help me...
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Dear Beloved Person


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Like Earth

PROMPT: One Home

Like Earth, we change

Like the mountains crumbling, we fall apart
Like the howling wolves, we cry out in pain
Like the tempestuous seas, we crash against rocks
Like the raging winds, we scream our ire
Like the pattering rain, we release our sadness

Like the newborn sun, we smile in joyous renewal
Like the bright-eyed falcon, we fly in jubilance
Like the whispering grasses, we settle into comfort
Like the silent doe, we find peace
Like the babbling brooks,...

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Adventure Calls

PROMPT: Word Collage

I know not all that may be coming
The adventures first
Seek hazardous adventures
Unending, endless quest
The hope of the hopeless resides in a quest

Some, however have
No use for adventures
Even the mediocre have adventures
If we perish in the seeking, why, how small a thing is death!
To die will be an awfully big adventure

This is the way adventures begin

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