Hi, I’m Elena! I’ve wanted to be an author since I was 5 years old. I'm a Best Peer Review winner! You can usually find me writing, doing homework, or procrastinating.

Peer Reviews

A Simple Travesty

PROMPT: Environmental Journalism Competition 2020

Overall, I really enjoyed reading this piece! It was informative and inspiring to see what people of Findlay are doing to help minimise their impact on the environment. With a bit of revision, I'm sure you can make this even better!

about 1 month

Life in the Stars

PROMPT: Writing for Children Competition 2020

Overall, this piece has a lovely message about being unique. Something else I like is how you’ve included interesting facts about space, since they flow as part of the story, but kids can also learn something new when they read this. The narrator has a distinctive voice and personality, and their character develops and learns throughout the piece. Great work!

3 months

Painted Mask (edited)

PROMPT: Turned to Stone

Overall, I really loved this piece! The descriptions were vivid and very effective, the idea was interesting, and it was haunting and mysterious.

3 months

Tragicomedy: Wedding Cake (Revised)

PROMPT: Comedy or Tragedy?

I think this piece works really well, and the way you have combined the sad present with the happy memories is very interesting. There are a few sentences that could be improved, but overall, everything is well written and engaging!

3 months

He'd certainly lived a life #ArtofCompression


This was a well written piece, and it surprised and moved me. Overall, I really liked this, and it’s amazing what you managed to do in so few words. Hopefully I’ve managed to provide some useful feedback!

3 months

the things we love


This was very touching. The overall message was clear, especially with the father’s words at the end. I also love how you used dialogue to show Rebecca and her father’s personalities. There were a couple of grammar mistakes such as misplaced or possibly missing commas, but overall, well done, especially since you haven’t published anything for a while! (Also, this is my first review, so I hope it’s ok!)

3 months