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Would love to do some peer reviews for you all but never know who really wants a review on their piece fast. I've been on WtW for two months now and received two reviews so far and know how helpful they are. 

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tall and confident like a palm,
a laugh an infectiousness epidemic,
long flowing dress, emerald green with flaxon yellow pineapples,
sparkling blue eyes, a deep and mysterious ocean,
freckled skin, kissed by the sun a million times,
a smile like raspberries with a fragrant so beautiful.

sweet like vanilla frosting,
a ray of sunshine on a blue skied day,
dreams like a brightly shining star,
hopes higher then the mountains tops,
calm like a sea urchin on a sandy sea bed,
a passion stronger then the wind.

she's purple's and greens,
donuts and ice creams,


Vibes (Going Crazy)

(Verse 1)
once upon a time, 
had a plot twist over you,
falling in the dark,
where I couldn't see you through,
you were holding me, holding me, yeah yeah, 
hoping that it'd turn out right, baby, yeah,
now you're turning to the lies, (your lyin', lyin')
suddenly it's raining and im falling down, oohoo,
yeah, yeah, yeah.

(Chorus x2)
why'd you have to take away my time?
thought you wanted to be by my side, baby,
you flipped me on my back, yeah yeah,
nd then you stabbed me twice, baby,
got no room for lyin'
when I thought that we were vibin', oh yeah,
took my time to cry, oohoo,
now I'm showing up, baby
don't need someone else's wings to tell me how to fly, oh yeah
i aint lyin', 
all I want is to be vibin' (going crazy) .
yeah, yeah, yeah.

(Verse 2)
why do I feel like I've seen this same place before,

my inner fire

it burns,
the flames,
the embers,
sparking at my soul,
its just waiting for me to let go.

its trying to take the fight out of me,
when i least expect it,
but i know its plan,
its just waiting for me to let go.

but i am strong,
and have the courage,
to defeat the obstacles,
that its using to wait for me to let go.

but there are days,
that everyone has,
where it doesnt seem possible
to keep holding on.

thats the time,
it gets the better of me,
when i lose my fight,
thats when, the fire inside of me.

Reality. Is it really the best?

My name, my legacy, my home. Tarnished, pushed away, forgotten. Hidden for no one to see or know ever again. Soon it will be forgotten, all of it. All the badness, the horror, all to be forgotten. But is this the right thing? To throw away our legacy, to scrub clean from it? Maybe, starting over isn’t going to be the best we can do. It’s the easiest option but is it necessarily right? What if we polished over it, started over, but not have to throw everything away, hide it. Is that possible? Or is it already too late?

This Is What I Think

1: Slowing Down.
Lets slow down. Why the rush? Why keep pushing for the next thing in life? The next social event, the next post on your Instagram? Don't keep rushing to the next, why don't we just live in the moment
2: Judgement
Next time you see someone do something, don't judge. Instead of listing everything they are doing wrong, think about the rights. 
3: Enjoy
Life's so short, so enjoy you family and friends. They are the people who are always there for you, no matter what, just enjoy life. 
4: Be Kind
Be kind to everyone even if you don't know them. You never know what going on in someone's life. Your kindness, could keep them going, even in the harder times
5: Bravery
Crying doesn't mean your weak. Crying means that you are showing you are afraid, your hurting, that you are brave, that you are strong. 
6: Keep on Going
Never let anyone get in your way, never...

Pass It On

The Most Useful Advice I've Received About Writing

Don't worry about what the others think or say.
  • When I was younger, I never told anyone that I wrote as I was scared my friends would judge me. If they were truly your friends, they wouldn't
  • After I heard this, it inspired me to write even more which opens more creative pathways
  • I received this advice from one of my closest friends, who from just those 14 words, forever changed my perspective

The Man Whose Story Should Have Been Told (Version 2)

He was an interesting man. Anyone who watched him would have thought of him as a quite peculiar soul and, really, he was. At least, from the outside anyway. He was bald, with not a hair on his head except for a bushy little moustache that grew from right under his nose. He wore a leather pork pie hat to hide his pale head from the sun, accompanied by brown leather shoes that were incredibly pointed at the end. And all he ever wore was that navy suit, with the tie that was completely black, except some strips were lighter than others, but it was still a solid black. His eyes were blue, which was surprising. For an unfriendly, cold man like himself, you would expect them to be grey. To top it off, he wore a bright golden watch on his left wrist, which shimmered in the sunlight, reflecting each and everything.
Every morning at exactly 9am, on the...

The Man Who's Story Should Have Been Told

He was an interesting man. Anyone who was watching him would have thought of him as a quite peculiar soul and really, he was. At least, that was from the outside. He was bald, with not a hair on his head except for a little bushy moustache that grew from right under his nose. He wore a leather pork pie hat to hide his pale head from the sun, accompanied by brown leather shoes that were incredibly pointed at the end. And all he ever wore was that navy suit, with the tie that was completely black, except some of the strips were lighter than others, but still a solid black. His eyes were blue, which was surprising. An unfriendly, cold man like himself, you would expect them to be grey. To top it off, he wore a golden watch on his left wrist, which shimmered in the light, reflecting everything.
Every morning at exactly 9am on the dot, he...

Just a Pencil

There it was, on the long, wooden desk. I stare at it, the temptation rising. There had been so many disbelief's and unknown theories about it. Just at a glance, it was an ordinary pencil. A very light brown, with small indentations of what once was a logo, but had slowly deteriorated over the many years of its existence. Except there was one small noticeable difference. At the tip, a metallic infinity symbol. There had been hundreds of theories of its purpose. Some of the most common were getting transferred to the underworld. But there was one theory that lured me. The idea of power. I close my eyes, the temptation increasing, my hands tensing as I make my decision. I take a deep breath deciding my choices. Memories flash through me at the speed of a creek. I have made my decision. I close my eyes and wait for my fate.

Finding Fate.

Night after night, piercing cries come from the abandoned mansion. In my opinion, its haunted.
“How come no one can hear them but me Gracie?” I raise my left eyebrow as I question my twin.
“I don’t know Tash.  Maybe we should explore? It’s not like Nan would hear us…”
I smile excitedly. Tonight would be fun.
Looking out from our bedroom window, Hiro the cat is stretched out beside me. I sigh, the mystery of the mansion stares at me, possessing me. It’s the hill next to our town, Elavia. Too much mystery, itching devilishly at my skin.
A balmy summer’s night, a few minutes pass midnight. The wind a howling wolf, the thunder a mighty lion, the lightning a shrieking possum. A windy path twists up to the mansion, covered by overgrown bushes, whose leaves reach out like children’s fingers at a toy shop. I shiver like an ice cube in a cold shower. I never thought that...

Start of a piece I'm writing

Sixteen-year-old girl, inhabiting the coast, living what anyone would look at her for a glance, just a normal teenage girl. A perfect one in fact. Tall and tanned, weighing 54 kilos, measuring 155 centimetres tall. U.S 6 in shoe. Tanned skin, chestnut brown eyes and hair. To tail it off, vibrant face, friendly manner, wide smile. But please may I add one of my very favourite sayings? ‘Never judge a book by its cover.’ So yes, the complete stereotype of what a girl should look like, but is appearance really everything? Does it lay out the past? Or is just another trick?


I am falling,
Just down.
That’s really all there is,
This so called, ‘Unknown Mystery’ of life.
That’s all,
I’m just falling,
Into darker and darker depths,
Of the mysterious unknown.
The unknown crawling,
Round and round,
Faster and faster
Blurring at my face,
Just blurring.
Until it becomes just the reality.
The reality of life.
It stings like a wasp,
And hisses like a snake,
Wraps around you,
 The vine on a tree,
That is life for you,
Just us trying to be let free.

moon wishes

"come on oliver!" grandmother calls rather tight, strict tone. "are you ready?" 

eight-year-old me runs down the twisting garden path, beaming a smile.

"lets wave to mummy," grandmother tells me. grandmother and i wave to mummy and returns our waves with a smile. grandmother grabs my hand, like preschool children do to one another. we walk in silence, along the drive, out of my street, down the paved path with weeds growing in the cracks and down to the beach. eight-year-old me skips along beside her.

"now oliver," she says in a relaxed tone, a grandmotherly one. grandmother kicks of her sandals and i follow. grandmother lets go of my hand now we are on the beach. it is quiet, with only a seagull at the waters edge. grandmother rests her hands on my shoulder. "what do we have to do?" she asks, almost like an instructor.

"find  moon!" i cry excitedly, looking up at her. we both look up...

sky, my guardian

caressed in protection,
sky picks me up,
holds me tight,
just like you hold a cup.

sky always tells me,
everything will be alright.
that was until,
one fateful night.

it was any old night,
sky picked me up off the ground,
my toes pointed,
my hands raised, flying all around,

sky sends me to the top,
until we come to a stop.

this is until,
we reach the clouds.
that is when,
sky decides to stop.

"why have we stopped sky,"
i ask with a whisper.
sky smiles at me,
her soft voice beginning to speak.

"ally," she says with a pause,
"tonight is when i say goodbye,"
she looks at me, sadness glimmering in her eyes,
i stare in shock and fear.

"but don't worry ally, sky tells me.
"no matter where you are,"
'i am always your guardian,"
"nothing, changes that."

and that is when,
sky lets go,
so smooth and soundless,
like sand in fingers.

#Gorwell3 Bullies

We all know a bully,
The person that you choose to avoid,
The person that you go out of your way,
Just to keep them happy.

Bullies are found everywhere,
Some at school,
Some at your work,
Or even in your own home.

Have you ever felt the feeling,
When you watch someone be bullied,
But just stand and watch,
To scared to say anything at all?

Or have you ever agreed with the bully,
Just so you escape,
Their 'picking on radar'?

So how about this,
What if you were getting bullied?
What if you saw your friends just watching,
Staring with their mouths wide open,
And then when you look at them,
They turn their head abruptly and slowly move away.

What would you do?
Would you be brave and be a real friend?
Or would you chose to just run away?


Perspective 1: Man on the outside ground

I glance down at my watch, 23:44.
"You ready Ben?" A gruff voice says through my headset, one which I don't recognise.
I swallow before I answer. 
"Yes, I say, more fear envelopes me as I speak, continuing to look around. "I'm ready." 
I slip my hand into the inside of my jacket, unzipping the hidden pocket, my hands finding my gun.
"Prepare for the signal."
I stand at the wall of the building, blending into the shadows.
"Move in," he commands. "Now!"

Perspective 2: Man in the Tower, waiting to shoot the man on the ground

"He's at the southern wall," he says in his monotone voice, not giving any expression.
I place my left hand on the trigger, waiting for the right time.
"Shots not clear."
"Ok, but be ready to fire, he may move."
"Copy," I repeat for the second time, my fear increasing. I grip the side of...

The inside is what matters most

"Hey," a masculine voice says.

I close my locker in surprise, and am even more surprised when I see who it is. Alex, the guy in the drama club. I stare at him for a few moments, completely confused. Then the reality comes back. Here we go again.

"If your here to make fun of me then go away please," not making eye contact. I start to slowly move away.

"No wait, Liz please I wanted to ask you something."

"Yeah what?" I snap now feeling annoyed. "To ask me why I have two dad's? Or why my glasses are so ugly. Wait no you're probably here to tease me in general of how I am."

"Liz no," he says softly, eye brows raised. "No I'm not here to be mean. I've been thinking a lot lately, and I think you would be perfect for our next play if you were interested..."

I stand there in the hall, so many...

Everything has two sides #LightShadow

I can choose the top,
But I could decide on the bottom option,
I want to go up,
But my friends want me to go down,
Which way should I go,
Or Right?

There is light,
But dark has so many possibilities,
We have a choice,
Or Evil

Just like these objects, we all have two sides. Its all about choices. That defines who we choose to be.