I enjoy poetry and the occasional cheesy romance novel.

If you ever can't find me check my mind, nine times out of ten i'm lost in there (:

ceo of soggy cereal :D

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Comfort In A Cuppa


It was a rainy, blustery and horrifyingly cold Tuesday evening, around 5pm. Lily-Mae had just reached her doorstep when the rain started to get even heavier. The 15 year old girl quickly placed her dainty fingers on the door handle and pushed it open, setting her bag down by the shoe-rack before taking a deep breath and screaming, "I''M HOME!" Her mother emerged from the kitchen and greeted her with a hug and telling her to go change out of...

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happygiggles (Ireland) published:

The Unseen Killers

PROMPT: The Unseen

Small, violet killers is what they are,
Living a life without morals or laws,
Latching onto anybody, near or far,
Oblivious to the terror they cause,

Quickly travelling through the air,
Forcing the world into lockdown,
Taking innocent lives, it's not fair,
Rapidly racing through every town,

The root of the Earth's big problem,
The health service's worst nightmare,
The killers that left the world solemn,
The droplets of COVID-19, that live in the air.


Seeking Peer Reviews

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