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I have seen what fantasy worlds, crime adventure stories, ride or die romances can do to people.

Published Work

My December Competition 2019

Something Magnificent

    "Well, this is very unfortunate." Ophelia itched her head. 
    "Yeah, it is." Tommy kicked a rock toward the cliff. 
    "Do you remember where we came from? I think it was the pine trail or was it the sycamore trail." Ophelia put her flat hand to her forehead as she searched far into the distance.
    "I think my group started at the Otter trail." Tommy copied Ophelia, her every movement. 
    "We should go left." Ophelia confidently started down the mountain. "And if we are wrong, then we will come back the same way and go right." Tommy mimicked her arms sway. He knew that if he were to get lost with anyone, he is so very thankful it was Ophelia. Her long pink hair made her stand out. And besides, tons of people cared about her. Tommy was confident that the whole camp and the sheriff was looking for her. Tommy knew that only his leader probably...