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beauty is ____


i took the stars and crushed them under my feet
and as i ground them against cheekbones,
i begged for their radiance.
it burned.

i caught the comet's tail and bend its will to my own
and as i strangled it against waistline,
i begged for it's delicacy.
it was suffocating.

i could find the universe
every little planet and nova and moon
i could harness it all         it all
but when i stand in front of the looking...
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us bitter shamans of ink and spell


by candlelight, crush your broken heart between fingertips/with the blood of your lovers but the tears of your sorrow/carefully, carefully/with the crackle of the fireplace/dip your pen in and write/revenge may be sweet/but its a swift poison/draw it out/letter by letter/all the more savory/oh, it's witching hour, alright/play those heartstrings like ukulele chords/
/well, writers may be dreamers/and dreamers might forgive/but who said they forget?/who said they forget/try to charm me with your words/enchant me with your smile/oh, did it...

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