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Beauty Note

The presence of beauty in the world is the greatest proof of the existence of perfection. Beauty, for everyone, comes down to a distinct mixture of characteristics that is only held by said person. Personally, beauty is the courage to be who you are, to peruse to improve others' lives to an equal or greater quality than your own, and to be creative and try new things that may seem outlandish to both yourself and others. True beauty comes when those outlandish ideas captivate and transcend the world. They inspire others to be like you, and in turn, give others the encouragement to follow. For you specifically, it is your self-confidence and honesty that entrances those around you. It is your willingness to express yourself for all to see that astonishes all that know you, and motivates them to want to be like you. By writing this, I intended to encompass the words of the very supportive group of friends...