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Hi! I'm Kate, I'm 15 and I've been writing for as long as I can remember! My favourite thing is to find new styles to write in, since I do a lot of academic style and technical writing, so I'm always looking to improve my creative writing. I like to do historical fiction, coming of age, and LGBTQ-themed stories. I love writing peer reviews almost as much as I love receiving them!

Happy writing everyone :)

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The End Beginning

PROMPT: Playwriting Competition 2020

Scene 1
Inside a plain, average house. Bed on stage left. Doorway in center, perpendicular to lip of stage. On stage right: a small wooden dining table with two chairs, a kitchen counter with cupboard. Teenage LIZZIE is lying in bed, sheets over her head. Lizzie's MOM is seated at the breakfast table. 

(shouting in stereotypical singsongy mom voice)
Are you awake, sweetie? You’ve got a big day ahead of you!
(LIZZIE yawns, then opens her eyes...

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Thoughts on Love


I used to think
was this perfect fluffy thing
all giggles and blushing
hearts and happy endings

I wish I could tell you now
what I think about

What I can tell you
is how
when you’re fifteen
and angry with the world

feels like suffocating
drowning in the air
It's reaching out your hand but
hers isn’t there

It's an endless hunger
a pang inside of you
And you know the only way to...

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the words of my inner guilt


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