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Nicolas P. Evans is an ambitious 17-year-old who fell in love with writing via interests in theatre. Writing, now, poetry, short stories, a novel and a musical, he plans to spend his upcoming years in college perfecting and honing his craft.

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Hey all! Please, please, please feel free to comment and suggest edits. I am, like most of you, writing so that someone can read; let me know, as a fellow writer and audience member, what you would like to see more of or what you think I can do better. I will be sure to return the favor (if you would like). Thank you! Can't wait to read from you.

Peer Reviews

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Also, I would like to compliment your devotion to iambic pentameter all the way through. I would, however like to perhaps suggest that you now follow the rhythmic stresses as well. Although you filled the syllables correctly, try choosing words that would naturally be read like da DA da DA da DA da DA da DA. (Also line 3, because you made "would not" a contraction, does not meet syllabic requirements; "wouldn't" would be read as one syllable in that case so you can go ahead and make it two.) I found lines 10 and 14 executed this rhythmic stress the best as they sound natural when read aloud so I know you are capable. Try matching future sonnets to this as well. But overall, good job -- tackling Shakespearean sonnets is not an easy task and you're doing it well. Keep it up!

7 months

December Rain

PROMPT: My December Competition 2019

Perhaps delve deeper into metaphor. I recognize this is a piece that expounds upon simplicity and timid character, but in future works maybe consider the thematic building of superobjective through a larger, overarching body of comparison. Just a thought. It may vary your work and make for a more impactful ending with depth if you ever wanted something more three-dimensional. Great work.

7 months