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PLEASE give book recs! (I will never shut up about fandoms. You've been warned)

Currently dating Percy Jackson ;)
Bsf with my WTW twin exilityy.jay, go check out her page!

My fav things that are NOT books: Hamilton, SNL, Greco-Roman Myths, 30 Rock, Marvel, Stranger Things, music, archery (it's a real sport people)

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ok I'll stop talking about myself now

Peer Reviews

I don't want to be called smart


VERY powerful piece! You're an amazing writer and a great online friend (didn't use smart! XD)

about 21 hours

A Voice for The Voiceless

PROMPT: Speechwriting Competition 2020

Great speech! Good luck in the competition!

6 days

Forms of North Korean Oppression

PROMPT: Speechwriting Competition 2020

GREAT speech! Good luck in the competition!

7 days

2020 is History

PROMPT: Speechwriting Competition 2020

Hi! This is a great start, like an outline. Keep writing, and I'm looking forward to the final draft! And Welcome to WTW!

9 days

Be who you are

PROMPT: Speechwriting Competition 2020

Keep writing! You've got this!

11 days

My Blood Isn't Me


Great job! If this is an idea you want to expand on I'd love to read more!

18 days


PROMPT: Speechwriting Competition 2020

Amazing job!! Looking forward to the final draft!!

19 days

I Sing A Song Of Sadness||Review for review


This is beautiful, honest, and heartbreaking. Well done. Lmk if u need anything. My comment section is always open <3

23 days

Sitting at Delphi


All in all, I think this is a great piece! Well done!

27 days

How Do I Know If I Am in Love?


The formatting really made it pop. Love it!

29 days


PROMPT: Sci-Fi/Fantasy Story: Draft Two

The story is well written, but a little hard to follow. You make a lot of references that I didn't recognize, some of which weren't explained over the course of the story (i.e. Vade, "Find me, Sol", why Solace had lost his memories in the first place)

4 months

The Truth About Humans (Fantasy)

PROMPT: Sci-Fi/Fantasy Story: Draft Two

Wow. This was amazing.

4 months

Genesis (Sci-fi)

PROMPT: Sci-Fi/Fantasy Story: Draft One

Great story!! I can not believe this is 600 words- it felt so short and I want more details!

4 months

Reader, We Have A Problem

PROMPT: Reader, We Have a Problem

WOW! If I read this on the back cover of a book at Barnes and Noble, I would buy it in a heartbeat

4 months

Arcset Tour Guide

PROMPT: Out of this World

Great idea! Definitely keep going with it

4 months

Flaming City - Down The Rabbit Hole

PROMPT: Down the Rabbit Hole

This was amazing! I'd love to read this story; I want to know how the world got like this, and what Zai's backstory is. I would read this book.

4 months

Character Prompt, Tav

PROMPT: Protagonist Profile

Such an interesting character! I'd love to read more about him

4 months


PROMPT: Say What?!

I really enjoyed reading this! You're a great writer.

4 months

Writing Streak Week 2 Day 1


All the writing streak pieces I've read have been the same things: eat, sleep, write, Netflix, repeat. I love how yours actually mean something.

7 months

A New Experience- PLEASE REVIEW!


soooo poetry isn't my strongest suit but I think u deserve a few reviews in return for the 60 that ur doing for other people.

7 months

small town Café


I actually have a piece similar, but I haven't posted it. I don't think I will. ...maybe work on grammar?

8 months

Hey Everybody Please Read!!!


Question- is every paragraph a different scene/setting? That's totally fine, but it's kinda dense. And make sure you point out that transition.

8 months

dehydration / you



11 months