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Aries INFP-A
she/her, but not important
Daughter of Apollo District 7 Dauntless Slytherdoor Downworlder Hunter of Artemis
Black and LGBTQIAP+ Lives Matter
Feminist (pro-choice, pro equality)
Fangirl 4 Life

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PLEASE give book recs! (I will never shut up about fandoms. You've been warned)

Currently dating Percy Jackson ;)
Bsf with my WTW twin exilityy.jay, go check out her page!

My fav things that are NOT books: Hamilton, SNL, Greco-Roman Myths, 30 Rock, Marvel, Stranger Things, music, archery (it's a real sport people)

Percabeth Solangelo Fierrochase Sizzy Malec Snowbaz Jily Hinny Spierfield Sukka

ok I'll stop talking about myself now


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