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Hi everyone, I am a high school senior who is trying to improve her writing skills day by day. I love to read because often there's a lot you can learn from picking up a book. (Also it's nice to escape reality every once in a while.) I also love to write (of course) because my brain is always going and I have an abundant amount of information, ideas, and creativity to share with the world:)

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The Unknown

PROMPT: Open Prompt

Sadness, or maybe emptiness even. These two emotions I feel or the most complicated to understand,even to ourselves. It's easy to blame certain people or blame certain situations as to where our sadness/emptiness has come from. But is that really the whole story? Sadness/emptiness can develop at anytime and can continue to grow from there. Sometimes it's easy to be engulfed by such emotions and feel there is no way out. It's like your in the middle of the ocean...

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British and American, yet there couldn't have been a better match | #Whatislove?


Overall awesome job on this! I absolutely loved it!

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This is Me, Jumbled into Three's

PROMPT: YOU in threes

Three quirks or idiosyncrasies
1. Double jointed in my legs.
2. Strong instincts.
3. Permanent light blue bruise that's been on my forehead for 11 years.

Three adjectives you would use(to describe me)
1. Empathetic.
2. Reckless (not ALL the time).
3. Outgoing.

Three beliefs you hold
1. What goes around comes back around(Karma).
2. The Law of Attraction.
3. God/The bible, Christianity.

Three questions you have
1. Why choose hate over love?
2. Is mind over matter(telekinesis)real?
3. What...

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