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A lover of books, poems, hot tea, simple things, and rock music.

Published Work

Glorious Flame

I am a flame,
Not a fire.
A small, little flame.

Flicker and waver.
The slightest breeze is a threat,
But I will not be put out.

Each day I grow stronger.
A degree hotter.
Determination is gasoline.

Try and blow me out.
I'm shining bigger and brighter.
I am a fire.

The River

Oceans, lakes, creeks, and streams
Glorious water
The best is the River
Vicious, then calm
Rocky or sandy
Speeding through the bends of earth
By my feet
Down my cheeks
Shining in the sun
Sparkles in every drop
Gushing rapids
Gentle and slow
All are unique
Oceans, lakes, creeks, and streams
Beautifully designed
The inescapeable River


Scraped a knee
Chasing me
Run and hide
Scream and cry
It's changed its form
Stroking my cheek
Salty and wet
Falling from my chin
Slipping through cracks
Underneath the door
All around
I breathe it in
It is in my blood
Forever and always

The Alphabet of Why I Love You

A: astonishing, amazing, awesome, alluring, angelic, awe-inspiring

B: beautiful, bright, bighearted, brave, beguiling, bodacious, bedazzling

C: comical, cute, cheerful, captivating, caring, cathartic, chirpy, chivalrous

D: daring, dapper, dandy, delicate, dashing, defiant, desirous, delightful

E: eccentric, eclectic, effervescent, efficacious, electric, empathetic

F: fabulous, fantastic, facile, friendly, funny

G: gallant, generous, grateful, glorious, graceful, game, game-some, gang-buster, genial, gentle, genuine

H: handsome, handy, hilarious, helpful, honest, happy-go-lucky, heedful

I: incredible, inspiring, idealistic, irresistible, intelligible, illimitable, illustrious

J: joyous, jazzy, jaunty, jestful, jiggish, jocose, jocund, jolif

K: kind, keen, kempt, key, kick-ass, killer, kind-hearted, kingly, kissable, kittenish, knightly, knockout, knowledgeable

L: loving, likable, large-hearted, larruping, lavish, lenien, lepid, level-headed, loyal, luscious

M: magnificent, magical, majestic, melodious, mature, meritable, mighty, mindful

N: natty, nervy, nifty, nitid, noble, novel, numinous

O: oblinging, odds-on, olympian, omnicompetent, one, optimal, opimistic, outstanding, out-of-this-world

P: palatable, paradisiac, parnassian, passionate, patient, peaceful, peppy, perspicacious, pert, polite, powerful

Q: quaint, quick-witted, quirky, quixotic, quintessential, quemeful

R: respectful, reliant, rational, rapturous, receptive,...


From those I love
Eating away
Always looking down
Rarely ever talking
Spaced out
Don't call on me
I do not want attention
Forget my existence
Like everyone else
You are wasting
Time and energy
Trying to see me
What isn't there
No one can tell
What is wrong with me
I have disappeared
From all their minds
I am trying my best
To leave yours too
Let me go
I will not be seen
Fading away
Like a week old dream
Almost vanished
Completely forgotten
I am no one
Equivalent to nothing
No attachments
Free like wind
I am unseen

The Man Preys

A classmate went missing
No friends to  mourn
Never will be found
The Man has got them

He lures you in
The most hurt and broken
No one will care if you vanish
The Man has made his mark

He's made his claim
You can not escape
Run, run, cry, and scream
The Man is on his way

Begin losing sleep
Food won't stay down
He wants you weakened
The Man doesn't like a fight

Piercing cold
Chills down your spine
His eyes are paralyzing
The Man is here.

Atrocious Dreams

They're getting to me
The nightmares
Afraid to close my eyes
Shut off my mind
Terrified of what I'll see
Do not let me rest
I can't take the stress
Day and night
Equally a fright
Sticks and stones
May break my bones
Words will surely hurt me
Sleep is a new pain
My dreams will slowly break me
Night after night
I awake in a panic
Soaked with fear
Drenched in anxiety
Pillow of death
Blanket of depression
Can't rest
Won't sleep
The monsters escaped hell
And now reside in my head
A permanent settlement
Consuming my sanity
Losing control
Kicked out of my own body
I've lost my bed
Now I am losing me


A puzzle, I am
Solve me if you can
Twists and turns
Pieces that don't fit
Numbers, letters
Colors, and more
Which hand am I in?
Left or right
I'm up your sleeve
Behind your ear
All fun and games
Until I'm not
Pull it, flick it
Spin it if you would like
You cannot solve me
A puzzle, I am
and will remain

Me, Not You

I am me
I am not you
Me is not you
I make my own decisions
I have my own skills and talents
You obviously do to
I was born to be me
And you were made to be you
I will never be someone I'm not
Natural over plastic
I am me
I am not you


So full of wonder
So full of curiosity
Lost and struggling
I cannot swim if i am not taught
I will not learn without a teacher
Craving new information
I am a flower
A flower lacking water
An enlarging need to grow
Hurt and confused
No questions asked
No answers to receive
Too worried of opposing opinions
Will not speak of thoughts
May not have any clue
Will never be rescued

I Think I'm Quite Beautiful

I think I'm quite beautiful,
Like a glorious sunrise.
I shine far and wide.
I do not reach everyone's eyes.
Some are not aware of my beauty,
Some find me appalling,
But I am still beautiful.
I continue to shine.


His personality draws me in.
His eyes wont let me go.
His smile makes me except it.
His voice creates my contentment.
He is my new home.

His heart is pure as gold.
His presence brightens my day.
His love is overwhelming.
His laugh warms my soul.
He is my one and only.

His lips are sweet as candy.
His perfection is so imperfect.
His language is all I understand.
His choice was me.
He is mine.

Dedicated to Him

Silence is the Solution

She is hurting.
Eyes filled with pain.
Out of her control.
Craving comfort.
Greeted with a warm hug.
Tranquility takes over.
Silence is the answer.

Friends questioning if she's okay.
Strangers browsing for gossip.
She just wants space.
Thoughts are scrambled.
Need more time to recollect.
Peace and quiet.
Silence is key.

Laying upon her bed.
Staring at the ceiling.
Headphones out.
Music paused.
Struggles replaying in  her head.
Becoming improved.
Silence is the way.

Able to think.
Begins processing.
Understanding the situation.
Excepting fate.
Real smiles erase the fake.
She no longer feels pain.
Silence is the solution.

Dedicated to Rayven

In My Mind

In my mind, all is gray.
A repeating question, why.
With these thoughts, ends another day.

All I wish for is to be far away.
Bid farewell, say goodbye.
In my mind, all is gray.

The winter wind makes the trees sway.
I enjoy the breeze with a quiet sigh.
With these thoughts, ends another day.

Children playing, merry and gay.
'Cause of my actions, I'm questioned why.
In my mind, all is gray.

Wading in flowers, watching them fray.
I see a translucent man, an invisible guy.
With these thoughts, ends another day.

No more than a cliche.
At my grave, my spirit will lay.
In my mind, all is gray.
With these thoughts ends another day.


We can't always erase the past,
Because me make an indention.
We aren't always sharp and ready,
There are some exceptions.
We don't always leave a mark,
But doesn't mean we can't.
We are not pencils,
But we do have similarities.

Permanent Scars

Those salty tears drip,
Staining your round little cheeks,
Never be the same.