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she/her | asian | jester of wtw’s court
running off into the sunset with circe
est. april 27, 2020

sword-wielding protector of all minority groups | satire sorceress & heliocentric heroine

prose: sunnyv | ig: sunny.the.wordsmith

Message from Writer

an otherworldly, mystic creature incapable of writing normal footnotes. mwah.
wtw’s resident apollo and soft knight in shining armor. wave a hanky to say hello—i’m always eager to converse!
can often be seen being overenthusiastic and trying my best to be sweet in comments! or otherwise, wielding daggers.
my talent manager is ★ white mountains ★. she’s a sweetheart—go greet her! and i’m the wtw wife of Vinter Vejen (gummy bear marriage) so go say hello as well!
pfp by tofuvi, a wonderful artist that you should check out!


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