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mwah! incapable of writing normal footnotes. wtw’s resident soft knight in shining armor. wave a hanky to say hello—i’m always eager to converse!
legend has it that i'm notorious around here for: well, ask me and find out.
can be seen trying my best to be sweet in comments OR wielding daggers. please do not interact with me if you: support bigotry (racism, misogyny, homophobia, etc), demean movements such as BLM, glorify Trump, or anything that goes along with these. i've discussed such stances in my pieces already and want no part of them.
talent manager is joella. she’s a sweetheart—go greet her!
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letter to the ones going into 2021


dear all going into 2021: this year went about as well as my cousin’s birthday party, which is to say, most things were on fire, and we all collectively got steamrolled by a very large truck.

dear 2020: wow. not to juice the joke, but i think it goes without saying that none of us expected how much of a dumpster fire this year could be. i could list everything that happened here, but we’re all tired of it. so...

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merry, merry spirit


tinsel & bells just to / keep quiet. today stays devoid of / squeals & surprises & family & / mistletoe. winter wonderland, yeah? / candy canes on my neighbors’ front lawns, right, / but all is still quiet, unless i turn the music on myself. / today stays devoid of / people. i’m the little green monster that stays alone and / feels like she has a heart five times too small. / today is supposed to be warm...

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to want and want and want


what is the term for
when your heart gnaws at
your ribs? am i ill,
or just a girl made
of want? what is to
want? to want, to want:
to long for so much
that your chest falls in.
to grow sick with a
dream that you are the
one that plagues me ’stead
of this. this, just a
beast that seeks to claim.
a wolf and a gleam
of the moon and a
plea to the sky. let ...

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venus, planet of love


venus, planet of love, was destroyed by global warming.
did its people want too much, too? did its people want too much?” -- mitski’s nobody.

by the cobalt couch, on the floor,
i have your things laid out. they
are so many. i wish they were few.
by the cobalt couch, on the floor,
i think i laughed with you. i think i
pressed your hand to my chest and
was not afraid. i wish you’d at...

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if i love you, i love you not


And what divine absurdities you say:
Till all the world, and I, and surely you,
Will know I love you, whether or not I do.” --Edna St. Vincent Millay

if i am good and i am brave, then it should follow that i should be able to hold things in my hands without worrying i could crush them.

i should ask you to stay for dinner without breaking
 the skin of my lip a thousand
times over to...

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