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A queer mess who only speaks in gibberish.

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more often than not I will not make any sense
i dont know read my poetry i guess
but beware that everything that I write
is so infected with love


Miloe (United States) published:

Myself in the Words of Others


"And the universe said I Love You, because you are Love"
I don't know why but all my world is made warmer by the words at the end of a video game about creating and living, all the world is warmer.

"If art is how we decorate space, music is how we decorate time"
I spend my days filling and coloring space, and by the time I'm done, time will be filled to the brim with color and decorations and...
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Miloe (United States) published:

A short burst of unrequited Love


I thought of you,
You know.

I wrote poems,
I made art,
I spoke for you.

Sometimes I still do.
Right now,
I think of you.

But we were
For each other.

I went 
Too slow for you,
You went
Too fast for me.
I thought 
You would be more like me,
You thought…

I don’t know what you thought about me.

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Miloe (United States) published:

me, unfiltered

PROMPT: August Grab Bag

about a time when everything felt just right. (Raven Elite)

I think the first time,
In a long time,
I was truly and remarkably

It was 11 at night in my bathroom.

I stood in the mirror,
staring at the frizz in my hair,
the exhaustion in my eyes,
and my red face.

and I smiled.

I smiled 
And I doubled over laughing
and almost crying.
And my face wouldn't drop my broken grin.

Because what I saw in...

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Miloe (United States) published:

cloud nine


You know how I told you,
that I love things that make me feel like

Because I love the 
the weightlessness.
how it feels like I can finally,
breathe again.

You don' t make me feel like that. 

oh, darling.

You make me feel like

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Miloe (United States) published:



At first
I was too soft,
Too quiet,
Too alone in my own world.

That's what they told me.

I cried too much,
I was too brittle,
I needed to toughen up.

So I did.

I’m loud,
I’m fast,
You’ll never see me cry.
I’m better,
And stronger,
But still it’s not enough.

I’m embarrassing,
They say.
I’m too loud,
I talk too much,
I need too much.

I changed for you,
Was it the wrong direction?
Is it...

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Miloe (United States) published:

Everything, Singing


I step onto the stage,
Gripping the neck of my guitar
Like it’s my only lifeline.

Sometimes it is.

And as I start to run my fingers
Across the taut strings,
The way I have 
A million times before,
I feel the rumble of my voice,
Start to sing.

It’s sobbing,
The cry of the caged bird
Begging for freedom. 
It’s laughing,
The sound of the wind 
Rushing past your ears.
It’s shouting,
The faint echo
Of a girl crying...

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