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my teacher told me to enter a competition so yeahhhh....READ MY STORY! (plz)

Published Work

Novel Writing Competition 2019

The infection by Kotomi Jones

I walk down the hallways of my high school. At every step there's candy wrappers and people missing assignments. I pick up a piece of paper that was crumpled up. When I unfold it there's a lot of eraser marks, I look up to the name. Written in cursive it says Edith. “Who's homework did u find today?” Charles says walking up to me from behind.
“Edith,” I reply slightly confused.
“Wait you mean like witch girl?” Charles asks as we continue to walk down the hallways. 
“Witch girl is a mean name but yes her,” I reply.
“Ash she doesn’t even come to our school anymore after the incident,” Charles says as he approaches his locker. I roll my eyes.
“Okay well see you in 5th,” I say as I walk away. I put her homework in the empty recycling bin then open my locker dark blue lockers. Miles has the locker next to me he smells like a...