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Well, Paint Me Impressed

Maribelle utterly despised Connor Henway.

Everything about him was exactly what she hated. She couldn’t pinpoint one exact thing.

But it had a lot to do with first impressions.

They were assigned together, on the first day of Cadet Academy, to research Gwenyth’s Pigs in the field. The animals were horribly noxious, and ventilation helmets were needed to even get close enough for the required pictures.
Connor, in no way ignorant of the stench, purposefully irritated the pig-like plant by spraying it with butane he produced from who knows where.

The pistils, formed in a shape resembling a pig’s nose, framed by petals in the shape of pig’s ears, gave a violent shake. The plant’s liquid pollen, responsible for the terrifying odor, flew off in all directions. It was an evolutionary technique used to ward off the Gwen Pig-eating Hoffulus, which salivated something similar to the archaic lighter fluid.
Connor had jumped away to avoid the worst of it, but...