Alexa M.

United States of America

"May the odds be ever in your favor."
-Hunger Games

Message from Writer

I admire those who inspire me, those who write with passion, and admiration towards their work, I strive to write like those who change people lives with ink and paper.

Published Work

Novel Writing Competition 2019

After they messed up

The wind is frosty. 
The water is to my shoulders.
 I'm crying not intentionally, But out of fear.

Am I dying?
I did this. No, I didn't.
It was them,
all of them.

The water continues to rise
I take breaths as if they were my last.
I'm treading water, my feet move quickly
not too quick that I tier easier and burn out
only for the water to swallow my whole.
For the water to let every animal feed off of me till I die.

I can't die not now. 

People around me shiver and sob till there is no energy to use
their drained.
Drained to the point there is no way of keeping their heart beating.
Drained to the point they would rather die than suffer.
Drained to the point someone fall asleep 
Leaving others to feel the need to carry them or let them drown.
Drown to the bottom of the ocean where only...

Novel Writing Competition 2019

After they messed up

    “Ice Age, a point in time were the world got warm, way warmer than ever before.  There were pros and cons to this such as, we got new species but lost many, we lost a lot of ice but  gained warmth and land. Many years passed after the next period occurred. Unlike the Ice Age this period was provoked by humans. They polluted the earth which caused a loss of many things. Land from flooding, species, civilizations, over all this wasn’t a pro, but a con in the earth’s history,” she stops and examines the classroom, a white block with students listening. “ Our species did this! They screwed up our lives and left us to fight for our lives,” the classroom is silent, all whispers in the back have left and all I hear now is complete silence. “The waters rose and lands sunk, no land remained, no land except North America.” The tension in the room has risen...