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2 Haiku

Heat like fire burns deep.
Scars memories deep inside.
My fire, set on me.


The Moon
Round, fat, and glossy.
An orb of purest magic.
Moon shines secretly.

who i am #whoamyou

i am a latvian girl.
i am a middle-schooler in eighth grade.
i am an astronomer.
i am a capricorn.
i was born on the last day of 2005.
i flip my head to the sky,
an let nothing define me.

for once, this is not something i wrote for school #whoamyou


what i want you to do is write a poem about who you are. it should be non-fiction, but there is no limit to what you can include. the only rules are as follows:

  1. it (doesn't have) has to be true
  2. word count: min 1, max 500
  3. most be in the form of a poem
  4. must tag #whoamyou
i will be reading these, and giving out prizes, but i'm not quite sure what they are, yet. wait! i got it. i'll follow anyone that enters.

galactic_dreamer signing off!

haiku: my family

my family’s odd.
we like to tease each other,
we are aliens.

haikus and sonnets (a haiku)

haikus are silly.
sonnets are worse (stupid rhyme scheme).
this is my haiku.

haiku: drauks

drauks creep through the floor,
they bite people from their beds.
drauks are very good.

haiku: night-bright

night-bright is truly
the msot beautifullest time.
people fall and die.

haiku: the stars

cosmos, galaxies
might be the mightiest but
i most love the stars.

sonnet: the flames

the flames, they are cold as they whip my hands.
they do not return to me when i call.
i thought  that i had forced them to stay canned,
but i was wrong for they now burn the hall.

i wish i had listened to my worry
but I did not, i simply rushed ahead.
now to expel the flames i must hurry
or all those that i have loved shall be dead.

with spear and staff in hand i shout my words,
"go, you must leave here and never look back!"
and struggle slowly through the frightened herds.
with my golden spear, through charred wood i hack.

the flames look at me, a glint in their eyes,
“why, daughter, this is a pleasant surprise."

haiku: wyrds

wyrds are kind creatures
they eat other people's souls
they're very helpful

haiku: my family

my family
my family’s odd.
we like to tease each other,
we are aliens.

a war sonnet

who wins a war that's never truly fought?
whom is the victor, who falls, bled and dead?
and the swords and the shields, by many forgot,
still burn in the souls of those who lost their heads.

the scars of the battle, they are still here.
the sad faces of the ones that lost it all
and never breathed the freshest clean air
or entered with happy faces in the hall.

they would never escape the killing blow,
and their life was short and miserable.
escaped the pain they would have had to hoe,
never again would their bodies be livable.

so if you think of that past war with joy,
let me tell you, that sword is no toy.

Krakatoa Rap

Hey, I’m Krakatoa,
Just like the Mauna Loa.
Except I’m stratovolcano
And not a shield, yo.
And Loa’s in Hawaii
But I’m here in
Just a broken caldera

The last time I erupted,
Was in 1883.
I killed so many of yee,
I destroyed me.

My island was broken 
into so many pieces,
Even created my child
Who erupted in --- 2018.

But back in 1883
When I lived in the Dutch
I erupted for two days
And killed 36, 417 people.
Oh, wow, did I amaze

Now I live by
Near Java
And Sumatra
The king of my country.

So in summary,
I’m Krakatoa.
The Mauna Loa of
Indonesia, yo.

i am here for you

i am here for you:
i pour you water
in your favourite jar,
and when you come home,
with that thick black hair
and those tear-stained cheeks,
i tell you how everything that we feel
leaves scars.

like that sword of sadness,
stabbed into our back.
or that arrow of hate,
that we thought had left us when we let it fly,
but it came back,
to make us bleed.
and i hand you your favorite jar,
full of water that tells no lies.
and i tell you
i am here for you.

For you

i live for you,
i pore for you,
return to me.
let me live