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I am AnOnYmOuS to all mankind, accept to those that I'm not,
then doesn't that mean that I'm not anonymous to all mankind, something to think about

Message from Writer

Hi-ya guys, my name is Sarina and I am 14. I just though you would like to know thanks to my Bio not "really" being a Bio. B>
Anyways I got some pretty hysterical sayings that will get stuck in your head. but hey, lets get real, you're not allowed to use them because it is trademark. so DON'T YA DARE THINK ABOUT USEING THEM! ;}

#1 Emmets a cookie so hard you can't even bite into it because Emmets a chainsaw.

#2 Soup from a bully is poisoned broth. BUt bully turned friend is friend to the end.

#3 Bada-boom Bada-bang you go in with a boom you go out with a bang.

Well that's it, I hope ya all are doing A-o-okay. Keep on hugging :-}}}}}}{{{{{{-: