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Most of my stories are based off of my dreams (weird right?)

School, sports, and work keep me busy so I don’t post a ton :(

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Know yourself, your mind, your body, your soul

We are only human, and we all make mistakes :)
Don't let yours define you.

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Queen of the Seas CH. 2 - North
Coming Soon!!

Prologue Coming Soon too!!

#writerswords Contest CLOSED

#apoemaday Contest UP!! :)

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#writerswords RESULTS PT. 1

Hey everyone! I'm so so sorry for the delay, I got back from break and had to go right into exams, and on top of that started working part time. So it has been kind of crazy. I'm trying to get done as much as I can and I''m not finished reading everyone's results yet for Category 2. So, here are the Category 1 results:

Prizes —— Category 1
1st - Dmoral13
2nd - The Great Gabs-by
3rd - AmberFlame
Thanks to everyone who participated:

  • Dmoral13
  • Sabine of the Galaxy
  • The Great Gabs-by
  • Princess Maria
  • PureHeart
  • AmberFlame
  • Jilly17Bean
Please refer to my original contest post for the prizes, and specify what pieces you would like reviewed, liked or commented on below.

A Month of Poetry #apoemaday

Your Humble Hosts: Aurelia.Valus & BurningMidnightOil

Important Requirements & Information— 
Hashtag— #apoemaday(prompt number) 
E.g. If I did Prompt #1 = #apoemaday1 

The contest is simple. Each day in the month of January, you must write a piece based on the given prompt associated with that day. You must go through the prompts in order. E.g. if it is January 8th, you must do prompt 8; if it is January 22nd, you must do prompt 22. No skipping around! 

We will keep track of points in the message box! 

Whoever has the greatest number of points at the end of the month will receive first prize. Second and third will go to the users with the next largest sum of points. 

  • Stick to the prompt
  • There must be a minimum of 10 words, no maximum
  • Can be real story or fantasy, your choice
  • No explicit words or sexual content
  • MUST be poetry (One-liners count)
  • Your piece must...

#writerswords CONTEST CLOSED!!

Thanks to everyone who participated in the contest!! This contest is now closed for submissions :)

Since I am still out of country I will get results up shortly after I return. But please don’t rush me since I quite literally return six hours before school starts (nice right) so I’ll be jet lagged and I have tests and stuff the same week T-T. 

Once again, thank you to everyone who participated and I’m very happy with all the entries I got for this!! I hope you enjoyed writing to these prompts :) 

Look forward to something special in Jan with me and @BurningMidnightOil VERY soon. 

NEW CONTEST!!!! #writerswords

Hello! Welcome to this contest page :D
I think I will try something a little different this time, so here are the rules:
  • No explicit words or sexual content
  • Each person may enter up to 1 entry per category, for a total of 2 entries per person
  • Use the # in your title #writerswords and add the number of the CATEGORY after it (Ex. #writerswords1 for category 1)
  • The title of the poem must state the prompt # (Ex. A summers day (1) #writerswords2) 

Category 1 - Write a poem to one of the 4 prompts listed below, these can be a true story or fiction. This must be between 10-150 words.

Prompt 1 - Armada
Prompt 2 - Wither
Prompt 3 - Rogue
Prompt 4 - Compass

You may write to these however you like. I realize there isn’t much to go on, but that may give you some more free reign. If you want to write to more...

READ IF YOU ENTERED #writerswords!!

Currently, the due date for this contest is Saturday, December 21. Well I’ll be traveling out of country this week and most likely won’t be able to go over submissions for this contest till January. 

This being said, I’ve decided to extend the due date for this contest until Sunday, December 29! 

But seriously, don’t expect results to be up immediately or even soon after that. I still have exams and stuff :)
Hopefully this gives everyone more time, if you need or want it. If you have any questions about this then feel free to ask! 

The Moon In Her Eyes #quickrhymes2

Her melancholic tears find their way into the sky
Oh how she solemnly wishes she could fly,
Soaring so high into the malignant claws of night
The scorching stars relinquish their might 
And give in to the luminous moon in her eyes,
as their knight.
And will shower her lies up high
She may only sing the sorrowful tune of her alibi
The glistening moon in her eyes
Will cover up the prismatic sunrise.

#tirelessregret CONTEST RESULTS!

Hey everyone! So sorry for the late results (Coach made me practice a ton this week for upcoming competitions) but anyway, you don’t care about that :D on to the results.

In all honesty this was really hard to judge. You all did so good T-T
I will first list all the entries I got: 

I Wish it Never Happened - EI1678
Lost Friendship - Julia Warnock
#tirelessregret - DaBolo
Minnows - zalma
and i’ll perish by hellfire; I’m sorry -BurningMidnightOil
Lost Love (Poem) - Joey M.
#tirelessregret - A Rose
Ghosts of Regret - HelpMe512
Please - HermoineGranger67
i regret never telling you - Dmoral13 
The day we met - Fernweh
Useless regret- we’ll have - Tushar Mandhan

Thanks to all of you <3


1st Place - #tirelessregret (A Rose)
2nd Place - and i’ll perish by hellfire; i’m sorry (BurningMidnightOil)
3rd Place -...

The Pool of Luminous Horizons

Step after step
Into the pool of luminous horizons
Further Down she goes
Until the iridescent vista,
disappears before her
The water fills her eyes
Reflecting the paintings in the sky,
Daunting vermillion shines
With careless scarlet stains of her crimes
They scar the worlds flawless canvas,
As the heavens bow down once more
To ethereal darkness.

#tirelessregret Contest CLOSED

Thank you to everyone who submitted a piece for this contest! With 11 submissions total, I should have the winners up by the end of the week, or earlier (depends on my schedule). 

Remember that there will be 1st, 2nd, 3rd and honorable mention places given. For honorable mention, I may do more than one person, but that only means a max of three. Who knows :)

I can’t wait to read (then reread) your amazing pieces. Thanks again to everyone who entered!!!

First Contest!!!! #tirelessregret

Careless thoughts
Lead to 
Reckless ideas
Which lead to
Impetuous actions
That lead to
Merciless consequences
Which leads to
Tireless regret.

**Please Only like this post if you are going to enter!

Hello!! This is my first ever contest and I'm pretty excited. I really hope that you will enter, and if you do, I can't wait to see what you write! Recently events have happened in my life where I had to really think about consequences, so I came up with this!

Prompt - Write about a time you did something you deeply regretted and the consequences of your action. If you learned anything from your experience, include that as well. It can be ANYTHING. 
  • No explicit words or sexual content
  • Only one entry per person please :)
  • Write it as a poem, short story, long story, however you want.
Deadline - November 15th, 2019

Use the hashtag: #tirelessregret

1st Place - 3 likes 2 reviews (your choice) ...

The Shattered, Dark Shells Beneath Me #timeofthetide

The high tide rolls 
Under the black sand beach 
Where my parents used to take me.

In foreign lands I walk,
Step after step remembering the sapphire blue seas
The deep diamond moon displaying its wondrous opulence
Wearing its midnight cloak with pearl-white sequins.

I hear rogue, churning waves reacting to my touch
And the crackling laughter of thunder telling me to surrender to its glorious, doomed light
Its angelic shine is reflected within my eyes.
I feel the brisk wind of the icy breeze grazing my dark chocolate hair
Caressing the smooth curves of my body and enveloping the perished skin I so mournfully wear.
As the oceans pool of desolate tears fills up to my knees.

I sink into the shattered, dark shells beneath me
Further and further
Until my broken-hearted soul is touchable no more,
The high tide creeps in once again
And covers up what sorrowful trace of me was left.

Queen of the Seas - Midnight

    “Excalibur, huh.” She said to the man next to her. He was old and looked incredibly shady because of the black cloak he wore. 
    “Yes. I’ve heard that nobody who has gone looking for it has come back alive, ‘cause it’s in the heart of the triangle,” he paused, “near the Krakens den.”
    She flinched. The Devil’s Triangle, the most feared place in the seven seas. “What would a sword like that even be doing underwater?” She asked the man. 
    He shrugged and looked around, “Beats me, must have gotten lost or something.” 
    The two were sitting on a bench in the middle of a town. She refused to meet in a back alley, to avoid prying eyes and other shady characters. It would be suspicious for someone like her to be seen there.
    “That’s all I have for you,” he held out his hand and waited. 
she sighed, dropping ten gold coins into his hand. “For...

Midnight Encore #Wonderland

She looks to the sky. Hope and sorrow glisten in the moonlight of her silver eyes. They wander to those who have nothing. Who merely hang onto scraps of their forgotten lives. It’s all but a thought away. She can expunge the hunger and strife that plagued them day and night. She wants for nothing, her empty heart filled with meaningless tools made only for regret. 

She dances to the rhythm of her once beating heart. Her careless movements touch the earth, breaking it apart. Her delicate arms make the fluorescent flowers rise. The radiant sun shines as she hears the birds start to cry, and accepts it as her forsaken prize. 

Her song is a soft, sweet melody that soothes the air around. She loves those whom she cannot help. Enticing them into their vital sleep. Yet, her only wish is that she were singing a duet. Cool and crisp the air around her sings her songs to the...

Cipher #deepthought

There is only hustling in the land of dangers

You will see my crestal skin and softer colored vines

If you take me from my heart 

I will surely writhe and die

What am I?

This might be a bit confusing. There are six words, which are bold and italicized above. You must take the letters of these words, and form them into new words that make sense with the riddle. All the letters from each word should be used.

To solve the riddle you must:
1. Find the 6 words
2. Solve the riddle's question

Try your best to solve it without using the internet. If you think you solved it, post your answers the comments below! And be sure to time yourself too ;)

Good Luck!

Nemesis #blackandwhite

I call upon my catastrophic wind of fury 
I tear the earth with razor sharp doom
She looks to me with impossible fear
As every time I strike her heart
I send her back into her endless abyss
Where her dreams cease to exist
My hysterical rage cannot be countered
Not by her mortal wish or foolish aspirations
I embody the darkest part of her soul
And the cruel, malicious shadow of her doubt
Casting her into a sunless spiral.

For the sun is her savior.

Her savior will envelope her with her light
And will nourish her hope into an exquisite flower 
Of her passion
Her savior’s benevolence will caress her love
And utilize her devotion.

Then her warmth will shine through me - 
her savior’s nemesis.

Six-Word Story

After Oblivion

Her oblivion leads to endless dreams.

My (Very) Ambitious Friend

Oh my ever so ambitious friend
How we should all aspire to more like you
However eager
However determined
However committed.

Your ambition sparks 
Turns into a dazzling inferno
Of your visions and desires.

Interrupted when your mind explodes
With expression
Merging into a single form
A being of imagery and emotion.

How you scribble your heart onto a page
Your ink spilling into the form 
Of your innocent motivation. 

Oh my ever so ambitious friend
How we should all aspire to be more like you.

Next Year #festivities

The cold, crisp air
Envelope our bodies
Forcing us to feel
A frosty chill.

White tears 
Fall from the sky
Angelic and divine.

We sing melodious songs
Out of tune and coarse
And the result is our weary voices
Singing so softly into the night.

We drink ethereal champagne 
Bubbles filling our coarse throats
With its daring taste on the tip of our tongues.

We dance into the night
Moving our bodies to the sirens rhythm.

Till the ball drops.

All is now silent
Our bodies still and voices unheard
But our radiant smiles exchanged

Then we all go home
And wait till next year.


World Within My Heart #this_is_my_world

This is my world
Where I hate feeling isolated
But love being alone.

This is my world
Where bows are strung 
And glamorous medals are won.

This is my world
Where divine music is made 
And melodies are stuck in my head.

This is my world
Where words come alive
And fill my dreams with vivid adventures.

This is my world
Where struggles are never-ending
But I come out immensely stronger.

This is my world
Where the pearl-white snow 
Glistens on the grass
Where the cars speed by
Engines roaring and tires skidding
Where the buildings touch the stars above
And look down 
On my whole world .

Our Eyes

As long as there is light
We can see in the dark.

A single drop of light
Is all it takes
For our curiosity to be peaked
And the wonders and luminosity
Within the tiniest speck of light
To forever gleam.

A single drop of light
Is all it takes
For our desires to be realized
And the hopes and aspirations
Within the tiniest speck of light
To forever glow.

A single drop of light
Is all it takes
For the darkness to cease
And the motivations and ambitions
Within the tiniest speck of light
To forever shine.

As long as there is light
We can see in the dark.

The Crime of Dreaming

Is it a crime to dream
Of the elegant sky 
And the sun rising 
On a path that leads only to infinity.

Discovering castles and leading adventures 
into the sacred dawn
Flying away with all but faded hopes
Of a world that lasts only in a dream.

Endless lakes of secrets and love 
Filling hearts till they can’t hold another drop
Though dreams fill up the entirety of the mind.

Imagine a benevolent night
 Of Moonlit flowers and masquerade balls
Getting lost in a serene sea of forever sleep
And drifting off into the afterlife and oblivion.

Cruel and abhorrent judgement 
Of the world in a dream
Atrocious and ruthless punishment
And it was believed 
That it was not a crime to dream.

Lunar Rise - Prologue

    Screaming was all she could hear. The battle cries were drowned out by it, and it made her head spin. No matter how much she tried to ignore it, the screams continued to echo in her ears. Although she refused to acknowledge the fact that those cries of agony belonged to her comrades and that one may as well have belonged to a loved one of hers, the fears still made its way into her head.
    “Position half the eastern wall defenses at the southern gate,” she ordered a messenger.
    “The Earthlings have set fire to the buildings near the western gate” another messenger reported. 
    Gritting her teeth she said, “Send some soldiers from the palace guard.” He bowed quickly, then hurried off to obey the command.
    “Commander!” A voice hollered, and she recognized it; a man ran through the double doors of the war room. It was Atlas, her second-in-command, and most trusted adviser, though he was not but...


The Power of Words

Our fists may start fights, whereas our words can start wars.