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Coralynne (United States) published:


PROMPT: Quartet

She tied her hair in a messy half-pony, penned important notes and senseless doodles alike on her hand, laced her converse up the wrong way, and always painted her nails an electric blue, never letting them chip. It was her seemingly ambivalent attitude toward her appearance, exemplified in the former tendencies of hers, that made her obsession with perfect, strikingly blue nails so bizarre. Yet nearly every night, she could be found sitting on the edge of the bathtub, touching...

Seeking Peer Reviews

over 3 years ago

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over 4 years ago

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Coralynne (United States) published:


PROMPT: Seventh Sentence Story

In time, she would come to realize how important that day was. The windy October Monday hadn't seemed out of the ordinary, at first. The weather was cold, but not too cold; people were tired, but not too tired. Nothing had changed-- but everything was about to. There was no celestial sign-- no lightning flashing down from the heavens, no dewy double rainbows, no unsettling earthquake that could make your heart stop-- it just sort of, well, happened. It was...

almost 5 years ago