Genesis Hernandez Banda


Just your adverage girl trying to become a writer.

Published Work

Young girl

Young girl out for revenge, they all believe that. 
But people believe what they want to.
They wish to know my limit, my edge.
everytime I step into the mat.
I fight for my life. 
I don't fight for pride.
I grew to learn hatred.
I am not a young girl out for revenge.
I am just a young girl out for the people who though they could own me, for the people who believe they could keep me down.

"Go Back to Where your From"

Has it been my skin colour, or maybe my dark hair.
But I do not understand why my cuture has been potraied as criminals, rapists, and even drug lords. 
As a young kid I was told to go back to where I was born.
To jump over the border.
How has society built this barrier agaisnt cultures.
How has society portraut o skin colour to be less the others.
How does one person have to strenght to look at a youg innocet kid. and tell them "Go back to where your from."

I am Very Ugly

I am very ugly
so don't try to convice me that 
I am a beautiful person
Because at the end of the day 
I hate myself in every single way
And I'm not going to lie to myself by saying 
There is beauty inside me that matters
So rest assure I will remind myself 
That I am a worthless, terrible persom.
And nothing you will say wull make me believe that
I still deserve love
Because No matter what
I am not good enough to be loved
And I am not in a position to believe that 
Beauty does exist within me
Because when ever I look in the mirror I always think
Am I as ugly as people say?

The Great Unknown

The great unknown future whom we eagerly rely on
There is this desire that lays deep within her mind to escape.
To run away to an unknown future.
To carve a new path 
to start a new life
to create a new adventure
to forget
to go somewhere where no one knows her.
It's always there, just beneath her skin, through her veins a shudder on her bones.
to neve look back 
always within grasp
To never go back.

The Truth Behind a Smile

On August 8 2019, bodies were hung from a bridge in Mexico." "A decade of murder and grief." These are examples of the articles you find when you search Cartel war in Mexico. But the amount of cartels in Mexico will always be greater than the amount of articles about it, because the society we live in today would rather listen to the latest celebrity break up than the amount of deaths happening in a country.
My name is Genesis Hernandez, I will open your eyes to the truth of what's happening in Mexico because this is a story of a six year old who grew up in grief, and witnessed the horror of death due to the cartel war. Most people have not heard this story, due to the fact that she is afraid to say it aloud, she is frightened that people will look at her differently due to her past. She was around the age of six...

Our First Love

They were your first love, the one who introduced you to everything, made you love them, but you also loved them just as much, but they broke your heart. But no matter how hurt you are, you will always love them, you will not notice it but deep down you will compare every other person to him. And no one else will live up to him. Because they where your first.
Then after onths of letting go when you finally think you are okay with letting them go, they will call you, or you will the song you claimed with them, you'll pass by the place which was important to both of ou guys, and you'll finally realie that you are not completely over this person as much as you hoped.

You'd never though you'd be without them, they had gicen you this little shred of hope, you always though it would be you adn them, but now you opened...

Heart Break

March first 2018, I met my first love, he stood tall, golden brown skin, dark brown eyes, uneven stubble, a smile that lit up my day. We met as I search of new peers.
I walked with joy in my steps. I saw a group of three boys and I decided to approach them, and to be honest I just wanted to talk to him. But to make it all a little bit less awkward I decided to ask all three of them for thier snapchat. As I walked away my heart started to race my cheeks became red, and I could not re,ove the smile on my face. Days had gone by, but I did not talk to him. I was sofrightened by the though of rejection. But one day while scrolling instagram I saw he had posted on his story and I decided to reply. We began talking, adn I slowly started to notiec that he began to...