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Jakarta: The Modern Atlantis

PROMPT: Environmental Journalism Competition 2020

The street lies below turbid, brown water; it carries the trash that usually adorns the sidewalks and leaks under the doorways of the 9.6 million residents that occupy Jakarta. The makeshift tables and stalls of the street market littered the landscape. They watched as the water carried away things they once held dear, they watched as their homes, their work of many years, wash away as if it were nothing. 

On December 31st, heavy rains poured over the city, triggering...

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Negro Swan: The album that dared to explore the fragility of everything human.

PROMPT: Album Review Competition 2019

The first thing I noticed when I heard Blood Orange's Negro Swan wasn't the rhythm of the music or the percussive resonance of the drums; it was the feeling that it generated from me, it was the raw, genuine emotion that exuded from Devonté Hynes' lyrics. 

Negro Swan allows Dev to address his past struggles as a young black man in the UK. He continues to delve deeper into the collective mentality of the black community, focusing on their ethnic...

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