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when our children tell our story
they'll tell the story of tonight

hurts like hell - fleurie
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oh it suits me, to feel strong

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this last poem of yours

PROMPT: Flash Fiction Competition 2021

if i believe in you
and set you free
will you look back one day
and think fondly of me? 

She folded the piece of paper and put it back into the locket just as her daughter came back into view. The soft ground squeaked as the six-year-old approached.

"Mummy, where's Daddy? You said he'd be here. But I waited for hours!" she said, her hands moving to exaggerate her thoughts.

"Daddy's here sweetheart," she said, pressing the mushy grass,...

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SunV (India) published:

you will be almost (but never quite enough)

PROMPT: July Grab Bag

dear me,
    you will be almost, but you will never quite be enough. and i think you should accept it. the stars inscribed it eons ago, that you will always be never quite enough. 
    and that's okay. it's okay to never be quite enough. to be able to get the ball in the basket, but never in a match. to be able to talk to people, but never make a true friend. if you weren't that person, someone...
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SunV (India) published:

Are We Truly Free?


They say I am truly free
Free in every way I was meant to be
But what about those who line the streets?
And those who are looked down upon because of their history?

We can't call ourselves free
We can't say we have achieved liberty, 
Until all these unjust, unfair understandings are put right
Until we tell people that, hey, it's okay to be who you are
We won't judge based on your skin, your culture, or who you...

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Expecto Patronum (Message box!)

PROMPT: Synapses

Title: Expecto Patronum

Tagline: What makes you happy?

Genre: Reflection

Prompt outline: 

In the wonderful world of Harry Potter, the spell 'Expecto Patronum' creates a Patronus. This Patronus can only be formed from a happy memory, a very happy memory. A Patronus helps fight off dementors, that J.K. Rowling made based on her experience with depression. What does this say? It says that with a single happy memory, you can battle depression. All you need is one happy memory.


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let me dream


Hey cookie.smuggler! I had so much fun reading and reviewing this piece, and I hope the feedback was helpful. Remember, all my suggestions are simply suggestions, feel free to consider them or ignore them. -SunV

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