Goodbye, Nostalgia

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Published Work

Simply Mint

The sun had just begun to shine through the tinted windows when the storefront doorbell chimed. I wiped the sweat from my forehead on the back of my leather gloved hand. Who’s coming to a flower shop at 7:17 on a Thursday morning? 

Stepping back from the greenhouse in the farther part of the store, I meandered towards the front, my leather gloved hand running along the dew-coated metal racks of plants, tracing the long shelves that ran the length of the shop. Slipping, my pointer finger caught the edge of a pot, and it dangled over the edge before falling-


-right into the hands of the most beautiful person I have ever seen. Short locks of bright teal hair fell across their face and they faced the pot of mint that I’d been so careless about. Flipping their lip up, they blew it out of their face, revealing bright, taupe eyes sparkling with curiosity. 

“Y’almost dropped this.” With...


You never know the whole truth
If you do, you don’t care
It soaks my skin, the rain
The rain won’t understand, I cry
I wrap my hands in gauze
I ache, I yearn to sleep

I never did go to sleep
Pounding windows, keeping me awake, rain
The rain soaked through my gauze
Melting from my skin, you care
I replace them as I cry
The gauze is not the truth

You can’t comprehend the true rain
And because no rain, no sleep
In the bed you made, cry
Because you can’t handle the truth
And you didn’t ask, didn’t care
About what is behind the gauze
My scars shine under the gauze
Softened by the cold, clear rain
I try my best to care
Stand tall, no time to sleep
It comes into the light, truth
There’s no more tears to cry

Oh, child, come. Don’t cry
Peel it from your skin; gauze
Hidden under lies, the...

Lyrical Stratum



it bleeds through the fabric of your mind. staining the mental image of perfect. you can't escape the grasp of what is really in front of your eyes. and what is inside your head. banging on the inside. scraping against the hull of your brain. begging to be released. 


tormenting. it pulls on your skin. your body shakes. stirring something deep within. it drips down your skin. black. you are sick. it rubs raw flesh together. begging to be released.


you wrap your eyes in it. tearing through the thin membrane of your thoughts. it is protection. it is daunting. it pleads for forgiveness. for it has wronged the ones who lie to blank faces. it begs to be released.


you know the truth. you have felt the rain. the gauze causes you pain and pleasure and you dare not remove it from in front of your eyes. and you release it. 

Homage to the Sun

8:13 A.M., the 16th of November and the Sun dapples the soft layer of snow on the driveway.
Two sets of tire tracks lead in and out of the unpaved road, down a path clearly made for a vehicle much smaller than a car.
The lights in the cabin were off, but the house does not need light. Inside that rambleshack old house are two old dogs, legs entangled as they lay on a couch they know they should not be on, amber eyes open to watch the Sun.
Most eyes stop to watch the Sun, including Theirs.
Dark honey eyes rimmed with dark circles accompany a messy head of dull, grey hair as They turn to pay Their dues to the only thing keeping Them alive.
Twisting, They look down at the small form still asleep on Their chest.
Her chest rises and falls at an even pace, the ink under the paper of Her skin runs smooth, ready...


Nothing glowed in the bitter pitch of these watery depths. Silence was common, seeing as life moved smooth and slow. The open stance of clear ocean floor beckoned him, but he lay quiet, half-buried beneath the thick layer of sand. Sinking slowly, the sand buried him, but he did not move. Waiting. Watching. 

Shifting from beneath the way, a small figure slipped out of its only safety, scampering low across the floor. Eyes wide, glowing slightly, they were wary, darting up and around the bones of their fallen foes. Young. Innocent. A child, carrying the burden that the sea has placed on their shoulders. Partially predisposed as permanent prey.

Clawing his hands forward through the heavy earth, he slunk low. Skeletal remains of the vibrant life that filled this space not long ago sunk into the ground, pushed down by his slick belly, never to be seen again. His eyes followed the dim light that cast slight shadows on the...