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「 17 」
「Genderfluid 」
「 They/Them」
「 Earrings」
「 Anime」
「 Drums」

Message from Writer

My real name is Zenith. Feel free to call me Zen!

- Not really a writer, but I'll write anyways. I like to give feedback though. I like to help others.
- Huge k-pop fanboy ;;w;
- Earrings are my favorite thing aside from tat's, but I can't get any ):
- Bubble tea <3
- I'm non-binary ;p
- I play drums because why not lol

Published Work

Our own winter wonderland

​Tiny, small, and frail to be—our own little world of make believe.

Inside this glass sphere, this is our paradise. There's a house for two. Continuous snow everyday. Also a cage if you've considered it. We don't mind. We don't care. As long as we're safe from fear.



Snow globe

A snow globe of beauty and treachery.

I'll sleep through it

I'm surrounded by warmth from my covers. I'm at my apartment still lying in bed at 11 o'clock PM. I would get up by 10 o'clock AM by now, but today was different. I'm tired like any other day. I just felt tired more than usual. I was sad. I wasn't as sad as usual. I wanted to stay in this cozy small warmth. It wraps me up and tells me I'm okay. I don't want to get out of bed. I want to stay in this warmth. Ding. Ding. Ding. It was my phone's notification bell. I groaned and didn't want to pick it up. Ding. Ding. Ding. Ding. Ding."Annoying," I scoffed. Reluctant, I pulled out my right arm and grabbed the phone on the black nightstand. The phone reacts as I move it and the screen flashes. They were all messages from the same person. I squinted my eyes and tried to read the messages. I couldn't...

Six-Word Story

My best friend, caffeine

Drink coffee, solves all your problems.

Why I Write

Writing is hard

Why do I write? What's the point of putting words on paper, documents, or notes? I purposely don't have a reason to write, but I do have a purpose. I write to preserve my humanity, I write to convey myself, I write to use as an outlet. Most people write because they like writing or want to say something. I don't think I have the same drive as others. Writing is hard. Before, I explain why and the meaning of writing to me, I'll state beforehand that I've never written before; a lie. I have written before. I have written essays, sentences, and letters. So what do I mean by writing? I'm talking about the purpose and the reasoning behind writing. I never seem to have a point to writing, but do you need a point to writing? can't you just write whatever you want? 

In the society and community I'm around, it's not the same. Things that I'm restricted...