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Say, what is "time"?

Is it the present of existence? But then it would make the past a reminiscence and the future non-existent.

Message from Writer

Hi~ this is Kii, yours truly.
I'm always tired and always sleepy. Apologies beforehand, I think I might be narcoleptic.

Published Work

My Heart was Broken in March

Heartbroken in March
New yet scary ending
Admiration and loss
I've been blue and colder

Heartbroken in March
Fear running amongst
thrashing of tennis balls
how we we were laughing

Heartbroken in March
You don't say anything
thoughts dazed and blank
When you left that night

In March I was heartbroken
Left to feel blue and colder
Wish I love you

That Sort of Person


She mends your heart, mistakes, and your cry for attention
She offers you a home that makes you never want to traverse to another dimension
She'll even take the burden that comes like a rapid flood
She is ready to drown out all the things she loves
She's tender with care for her arms are used for hugs
She'll even make tea using her porcelain cat mugs
She is not one without you because in the end you are the one to her

YOU in threes

The "me" in three's

Three quirks or idiosyncrasies.
  • Over-obsessive coffee drinking(which is terribly bad for me, but I still crave the taste of strong espresso.)
  • Twirling my pen/pencil around whenever I'm thinking
  • I always have cold hands
Three communities to which you belong (these can be unusual).
  • Anime. I don't know many people who like anime, but I'm a super avid otaku.
  • Hoarder. In my room, I can't bare to count or fumble through the amount of pens I use and don't use anymore. I have papers scattered everywhere. Some being music sheets from arrangements or classics.
  • Writer. I write a lot, but I don't post. I fear for what others think of it.
Three adjectives your peers would use to describe you.
  • Mysterious
  • Quiet(If you don't know me personally)
  • Intelligent
Three adjectives your family would use.
  • Weird
  • Diligent
  • Forgetful
Three adjectives you would use.
  • Lazy
  • Self-conscious
  • Nervous
Three things about you that very few people know.
  • I enjoy all types of music even...

God just left

If you’re looking for God,
He just left
Our hopes, 
and prayers won’t be answered

Without a God
To guide us
We are

Abandoned by our sole creator
We seek to sanctify the mistakes
Of this world
And ourselves

Us born of the lost and wandering
Alas the imperfect of ourselves
Relinquishing the holy sins

God can’t save you,
We can’t be saved

The diminishing light fades
A new tomorrow opens
The final tomorrow of us

My December Competition 2019

My loathsome seasonal feelings

Time felt endless from each step I took. The deep snow reached above my 6-year-old knees and the slush that rubbed against it was the worst sensation I ever felt. My eyes grew wearier and I grew tired. The numbness pounded against my fingers that tightly clutched around the plastic bag from Safeway, almost causing it to go blue. Each time I couldn't, I was pulled swiftly by my Mom's hand, tugging me to go forward even if I knew I couldn't. 

A memory of the unwanted filled with images that I vividly and cannot forget.

The winter snowstorm whispered against our cheeks. Numbing our soft-flesh with every drop from the snow. My 6-year-old tiny palm grasped tightly with my Mom. The only heat that connected us through that traumatizing event. The snow reached all the way to my 6-year-old-knees, proved to be quite burdensome for me. The cold slush tickled my legs and accelerated the numbing and coldness that...

My December Competition 2019

My loathsome seasonal feelings

    I've lived in multiple places, mainly ranging in the north part of the U.S. and I've had my fair share of experiences with the weather. Although, after moving and living down south, I begun to notice how weak I actually was. Before I could appreciate the cold and hot weather up North. In the south it is usually hot where I live and the temperature stays static. I have thrown away those longing feelings of returning to the North. Instead I'll opt for the nicer unchanging seasonal temperature and weather. Alas, nothing stays forever, unless forever stays nothing.
    Throughout my 6 years of living in the south, the state I reside in being known as Arizona, I have been enchanted by the state's natural beauty. The disturbance of the wintry season being the absolute despicable weather. I hate it.
    Whenever I think back to the winter seasons and cold weather, I am reminded of so many things I can list...

Six-Word Story

Our calling

Winter snowstorms whisper against our cheeks.

Walk a path without chains

Sometimes I walk straight, curved, backwards, or not walking at all
I continue onward, knowing how deep I may fall
metal chains that cling to my legs that break me down
Onward is the only path you must go without a frown

Paths in different styles, multitudes, and colors;
Stony, smooth, rough, soft, red, patchy, and continuous.

Following what I believe is the best path
Soon put down by others stating their wrath
I follow to please the people so I will not fall
The words are to appease me, but instead drop like a ball

Parents always nagging and asking for things.
Longing to escape the image of others, 
especially my brother

Unable to fulfill promises to my friends
Unable to follow through with their amends.

Having to work hard without motivation
Living on without any reason

I stop before it is completely gone.
I know that if I continue, I'll be wrong.

Him, who always tells me to...